Classic Loops Gobi, Central Mongolia and Khovsgol Lake

Day 1.  Drive to Baga Gazariin Chuluu –Rock Formations. It is a huge granite formation in the middle of the Mongolian sandy plane. We will visit the picturesque ruins of a small monastery that are hidden in a nice little-protected valley.

Day 2.  Drive Tsagaan Suvarga - white stupa. It is the sheer slope and was an old seabed with the sedimentary structure created by millions of years and the different colors of the ground represent different times. The formation is over 50 m its highest point and continues 400 m. There is no clear date of geography research work.

Day 3.  Drive to Yol Valley- Vulture Valley. A wonderfully picturesque place surrounded by sheer rocky walls, forming incredible canyons that are the narrow canyon of a river. Only two people can pass in the narrowest part. These areas are situated in the Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National Park.

Day 4.  Drive Khongor Sand Dune. One of the most spectacular sand dunes in Mongolia. Dunes of Khongor are known as the «singing sands» and rise from the plain reaching a h of 400 meters high, stretch from East to West over more than 100 km behind the sand dunes we will see the impressive black rocky mass of the Sevrey Mountain. The spectacular dunes are bordered by lush green vegetation supported by a small river Khongoriin gol.

Day 5. Drive to Bayanzag-Flaming Cliffs. Bayanzag - the biggest saxaul forest and Flaming Cliffs, where you will find the paleontology place when Roy Andrew Chapman discovered fossilized dinosaurs skeleton and eggs in 1920s surrounding landscape is a beautiful combination of rocks and red sand.

Day 6. Drive to Ongi Monastery. At the entrance of beautiful mountainous region ruins of two Monasteries are there. This monastery has 28 temples and other buildings. This monastery had about 1000 lamas. Ongi monastery was founded in 1660 and consisted of two temple complexes on the north and south banks of the Ongi River.


Day 7. Drive to Orkhon waterfall. At the waterfall we will enjoy spectacular view of the waterfall and surrounding area, where we will have chance to take some beautiful photo shots of Orkhon Waterfall. H of waterfall is 20m and width is 10m. It’s originated by volcanic eruption and earthquake over 20000 years ago. And prepare for horse riding.

Day 8. Drive to Kharkhorin. The oldest and one of the most attractive monasteries Erdene Zuu locates in Kharkhorin. The Erdenezuu monastery was established in 1585 by Abtai Sain King and built by Mongolian, Tibetan, and Chinese architectors.


Day 9. Arrive at the Tsenkher hot –spaTsenher is a natural hot spring flows out the whole year from the ground at 85 Celsius degree; country's second hottest. The water has high mineral content and containing everything from simple calcium, sodium to sulphuric. Folklore claimed medical value some of this springs have. The spring produces water that is good for health reasons and water is effective for joints, nerve system and considered good for many other diseases. 


Day 10. Drive to Terkh White Lake. Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake is an astonishingly beautiful lake with relatively pure fresh water. Torrents of lava issuing from the Khorgo volcano blocked the north and south Terkh Rivers, so forming the dammed lake of Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake at an altitude of 2060 meters above sea level. The lake is 16 km wide, 4-10 meters deep with its deepest point at 28 meters and over 20 kilometers in length. It flooded 61,1 square km. The lake supports Pike and other fish.

Day 11. Horse trip or hiking to the Khorgo Volcano near White Lake

Day 12. Shine Ider

Day 13. Drive to Khovsgol Lake. Khovsgol Lake is one of the largest lakes of Mongolia, known as “The Dark Blue Pearl”. Try to imagine a 2760 sq km alpine lake, with water so pure you can drink it. Khovsgol Nuur is in the surface area this is the second largest lake (136km long and 30km wide) in Mongolia. Khovsgol Nuur (Khuvsgul Lake) is the deepest lake (up to 262m) in Central Asia, and the world's fourteenth largest source of fresh water - containing between 1% and 2% of the world's fresh water (that's 380,700 billion liters of water). Geologically speaking, Khovsgol (Khuvsgul) is the younger sibling of Lake Baikal. The lake is now part of the Khovsgol Lake National Park (established in 1). Amazing 96 rivers flow into the lake, while only one river Egiin Gol flows out. Khovsgol Lake freezes in winter with 120cm of ice (and may not completely thaw out until early June)


Day 14-15. Enjoy Khowsgol Lake Area.Horse trekking by day. Hiking, trekking and renting a boat by the hour.


Day 16. Drive to Selenge River. The Selenge River drains into Lake Baikal in Siberia. The Selenge River is kilometers long, of which 593 kilometers flows through Mongolian territory. Baikal Sturgeon, Taimen, ok, Sig, Umber, Pike, Siberian Roach, Ide, Bull Ide, Golden Carp, Mirror Carp, Amur Catfish, Burbot and River Perch are the main fish in the Selenge River. The Selenge river basin is important for arable farming.    


Day 17. Amarbaysgalant Monastery. The Amart Monastery was built between 1727 and 1736, it is one of the very few monasteries to have partly escaped the destruction of 1937, after which only the buildings of the central section remained. The monastery was originally built to house the remains of Zanabazar. 


Day 18: Back to UB

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