Exploring Eagle Hunters & Reindeer Breeder Tour, 28 Days

Day 1. Drive to Mongol sand dune. After breakfast, we will drive to Mongol sand dunes where semi-desert, Rocky Mountains, small lake etc…, beautiful landscape. We are going to ride camels and hike around the sand dunes. We can possibly see the sunset brilliantly in the area.


Day 2. Drive to Kharkhorin - the oldest and one of the most attractive monasteries Erdene Zuu locates. On the way to Kharkhorin, we will have lunch at the local restaurant. The Erdenezuu monastery was established in 1585 by Abtai Sain King and built by Mongolian, Tibetan, and Chinese architectors.


Day 3. Drive to Terkh White Lake - is an astonishingly beautiful lake with relatively pure fresh water. Torrents of lava issuing from the Khorgo volcano blocked the north and south Terkh Rivers, so forming the dammed lake of Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake at an altitude of 2060 meters above sea level. The lake is 16 km wide, 4-10 meters deep with its deepest point at 28 meters and over 20 kilometers in length. It flooded 61,1 square km.  

Day 4. Start horse trip to volcano around White Lake.

Day 5. Drive to Telmen nuur Lake in Zavkhan Province. This salt lake is at an altitude of 1789 meters above sea level and covers an area of 194 square km.

Day 6.  Drive to Khar Lake and Sand Dunes. to see the wonderful joining of a fresh water lake and sand dunes. Khar Lake is at an altitude of 1980 meters above sea level and covers an area of 89 square km. Enjoy climbing the sand dunes, hiking, and admires the natural beauty.

 Day 7. Drive to Khyargas Lake - is one of the largest lakes in Mongolia and is located in the Great Lakes Depression that is a globally important wetland area for migratory birds and is a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. Khyargas Lake is a huge inland sea 75 km long, 31 km wide and 80 meters deep. The water is brackish and has rare fish such as Mongolian grayling. 

Day 8. Tsambagarav Uul National Park. Admire the outstanding view of 4202 meters high Tsambagarav Mountain that is one of the 13 highest and snow-capped mountains of Mongolia.

Day 9.  Ulgii Town, center of Bayan-Ulgii Province. The province is famous for its untouched snow-capped mountains and the Kazakh nation that makes up nearly 5% of the population with their rich, unique culture.

Day 10. Drive to Khurgan Lake and Hoton Lake. Lake Khoton Nuur is located in an intermontane tectonic depression in the northern portion of the Mongolian Altai. Surface area is 50.1 km2; the average depth is 26.6 m; the maximum depth is approximately 58 m. Khoton nuur has one Iceland which is covered by woods.

Day 11. Khurgan Lake and Hoton Lake stay with Kazakh family.

Day 12. Drive to Ulaan hus. We will drive to Ulaan hus village to get permission of Altai Tavan Bogd National Park.

Day 13. Drive to Altai 5 Bogd - are the highest mountains in Mongolia, with Khuiten Uul ('Cold Peak') at 4374 m (14,201 ft) being the highest. These permanently snowcapped mountains form a bowl around the Pontuninii Glacier, which covers 23 square km.

Day 14-15.  Hiking to Altai tavan bogd overnight in Mountain side 

Day 16. Drive to Tsagaan Nuur village

Day 17. Drive to Uureg Lake. Large and beautiful Uiireg Nuur (1425m above sea level) is surrounded by stunning 3000m- plus peaks, including Tsagaan Shuvuut Uul (3496m), part of the Uvs Nuur Strictly Protected Area.

Day 18. Drive to Uvs Lake - is the largest saline lake (3,350 sq. km) in Mongolia and forms unique wetlands in the Great Lakes Depression. Its salinity varies between 3 and 35 g/l. With its reed beds and freshwater river deltas it provides significant nesting and resting areas for numerous migratory species. The shallow lake lies at an altitude of 759 m.

Day 19. Drive to Bayantes Village. We will spend a night at the Shore of Tes River in the forest. There we will see interesting tree which has real horn. When tree started growing it has horn like sheep. Horn gets bigger when tree grows.

Day 20. Near Tsetserleg Village.

Day 21. Moron which is the capital of Huvsgul aimag

Day 22. Drive to Khovsgol Lake

Day 23-25. Horse trip around Khovsgol Lake

Day 26. Drive to Selenge River.


Day 27. Drive to Amarbaysgalant Monastery. The Amart Monastery was built between 1727 and 1736, it is one of the very few monasteries to have partly escaped the destruction of 1937, after which only the buildings of the central section remained. The monastery was originally built to house the remains of Zanabazar.

Day 28. Ulaanbaatar


The Tour Price includes:

  • Accommodations
  • Driver + 4WD Vehicle + All Petrol
  • English or Korean speaking Guide
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner (Vegetarian or vegan meal are possible)
  • Water 1.5L daily
  • All entrance fee
  • Camel & Horse Riding


The Tour Price doesn't include:

  • Accommodation in Ulaanbaatar
  • Tips
  • Personal items and toiletry
  • Optional activity costs
Number of days: 28
Included services:
Beverages (non-alcoholic)
Car (with driver)
Fuel, Petrol
Bus/train tickets
Domestic flight tickets
Entrance fees (i.e. parks, events)
Accommodation (Homestay)
Accommodation (Hotel)
Not included: special drinks, toiletry, optional activities cost
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