17-days trip with Trekking in Fann mountain & Wakhan to Osh,

Tour Dossier

Tajikistan and the Pamir Mountains have long been known as 'the roof of the world', a region of utterly breathtaking scenery and home to a fascinating melange of cultures.

Follow in the footsteps of ancient traders and pilgrims,and Victorian explorers in discovering a region largerly isolated from the World beyond,a land where each village speaks its own different dialect and local traditions have been maintained for centuries.

Traveling in the legendary Pamir Highway

This trip starts in the Tajik capital Dushanbe but quickly leave the modern world behind as you wind your way along difficult mountain roads and high passes,in the shadow of some of the highest mountains on our planet.we vizit ruined forts from the days of the old Silk Road,and pass gem mines mentioned by .spending many nights in home stays in small communities,we are able to gain a great insight into what it means to live in this harsh but majestic region.

This trip ventures to a remote and enchanting land that has remained hidden to the rest of the world, a land of towering peaks , turbulent rivers and fascinating people.

Travel with us on one of the most amazing journeys you are ever likely to make.


Day1 Dushanbe -Guitan 260km from dushanbe to guitan village 6-hours driving

Guitan is village west-north Tajikistan which is situated in Zerafshon Range Fann mountains.there we will prepering for trekking.overnight in home stay.meals BLD

Day2 Today we will start trekking to Chukurak lake 8/9hours walking

Our staff and things will care donkays.we crossing Zurmech pass3260m.camping near the lake2200m meals BLD

Day3 We start our trekking to Kuli kalon 7/8hours walking.

We cross the Gouhona pass 3300m. On the way we will meet local shepherds.we will camping near the Kuli kalon lake2530m.meals BLD

Day4 Kuli kalon- Alodin-Marguzor

Today we will cross Alodin pass 3800m.7/8hours wolking.we will see Alodin lake2280m.today will wait for us our driver we will drive to Marguzor village overnight in homestay.meals BLD

Day5 Marguzor-Iskanderkul-Saratog 52km

today we will driving via villages down and again up to Iskanderkul lake2190m we can see amazing view of lake.overnight in Saratog village homestay.meals BLD

Day6 Saratog Dushanbe 120km

today we will back to capital of Tajikistan Dushanbe city,Dushanbe is a relatively modern town that rose to prominence during the Soviet era.when it was made the capitalof the Tajik Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic and named Stalinabad.its name means Monday in the Tajik language,arising from the fact that this was the day that the market was held when Dushanbe was still a small and fairy insignificant village.the ousted Emir of Bukhara,fleeing from the Bolsheviks,stayed in Dushanbe and cooperated with Enver Pasha Basmachis until he had to leave the region.from  Dushanbe,he fled to Afghanistan in 1921,the year the town was feed from the Basmachis as well.after we will vizit Choy Khona (tea house)"Rohat" Hotel or Guest house.meals BLD

Day7 Dushanbe Kalaykum 360km 9/10hours driving

We set off east towards the Pamirs and Kalaikum.driving through beautiful scenery and interest villages en route.this area is a little more conservative,and we see many men with beards and women wearing traditional dress.we cross the Shurabod pass 2200m arriving Kalaikum in the early evening.overnight in homestay.meals BLD

Day8 Kalaikum Gizev 218km

from Kalaikum we leave for Bartang valley with some of terrain ahead of us.and the promise of some spectacular scenery along the way.afternoo walking up to Gizev 2hours wolking.we will meet with local people there and overnight in homestay.meal.BLD

Day9 Jizev-Yamg 260km

Continue via Ishkashim to Yamg.on the way stop for hot spring  at Garm Chashma.after that we reach the mouth of the Wakhan River valley.this is where the 19th centure Gfeat Game ended.between the Russian and British empires.from here the road continues up along the north side of the river.there are amazing views of the Pamirs to the left and the Hindu Kush to the right.we will stop along the way for a scenic picnic.we will admire the Khakha fortress.dating from the third centure B.C and rising from a platform of natural rock just 300m.futher on is interesting Ismaili mazar(tomb) of Shahi Mardan Hazrati Ali.after that we move to next Zoroastrian Fortress of Fire Worshipper.futher up the hillside are the hot spring at Bibi Fatima.minerals and very silty.the water at hot spring is crystal clear.overnight in homestay.meals BLD

Day10 Yamg-Langar-Alichur 190km

early morning at Yamg vizit the reconstructed home of Sufi mystic Mubarak Kadam.who died in 1910.near his house there is stone pillar with a hole in it which he used to calculate a solar calendar.drive from Yamg to Langar.there are several places of interest to stop.above the village of Vrang on a cliffside pitted with caves stands a Buddhist complex dating from 4th 7th centuries.drive up to Khargush pass 4300m.vizit Yashilkul 3700m and Bulungkul3730m.overnight in Alichur homestay.meals BLD

Day11 Alichor Kengshiber

from Alichur we continue our trip on the Panir Highway to Kengshiber summer pasture.the terrain here is desolated but grandiose.on the way Akbalik holy lake and to Bashgumbez village there we will see very old Chinas tomb.overnight in yurt with the nomadic herders in Kengshiber summer pasture.meals BLD

Day12 Today we will hike up to Belairyk pass 4900m easy walking 5-hours till pass.

From pass will see Zorkul lake and Afganistan.viwe of great mountains.nature is beautiful.after picnic back to the same Yurtstay.meals.BLD

Day13 Kengshiber Gartygumbez 60km

Today will drive in side of the mountains to Gartygumbez hot spring.takeing hot spring wolking around.overnight in Kuban homestay.meals BLD

Day14 Gartygumbez Murghab 125km

on the way will stop for vizit Shakhty rock paintings 4200m. three very similar figures are placed underneath the last animal.this representation has been compared to the so called clavicorn figures of Paleolithic art.it dates 8000-5000B.C. continue to Observatory viwe point.than drive to Meteorite crater.reach Murghab have a lunch.stay in Filura homestay.this afternoon free time.meals BLD

Day15 Drive to Karakul lake 3914m.130km

The highest salted lake in Central Asia.north over Akbaital pass4655m.Karakul to highestpoint of the journey.nomadic Kyrgyz herders inhabit this region.overnight in homestay.meals BLD

Day16 Karakul Achiktash (in peak ) base camp 210km

We depart today to base camp of in peak.our final Pamir Highway high passis the Kyzylart pass4280m.which essentially forms the border between Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.border formalities take place shortly after crossing the pass.with 20km of no man's land to cross.be warned.at Sary tash will turn to the west and continue to drive through stunning mountain scenery to the Alai mountain valley along Kyzyl suu river and then to Achiktash camp site.Base camp of peak in 7134m the second highest mountain in Central Asia is situated on eaisen meadow between two steep river valleys.the ground is a carpet of wild garlic and alpine flower.overnight in yurt camp.meals BLD

Day17 Achiktash Osh 260km

On route we will cross the Taldyk pass 3554m. and enjoy some beautiful viwes.Osh is ancient various sources date it back around 2500years. and legend abound over who founded it.including Alexsander the Great and King Solomon.on the edge of the Fergana Valley it is home to both Uzbek and Kyrgyz people.with its position on the border giving rise to an extremely lively market.one of the most interesting in Central Asia.the rock known as Solomon's Throne is an important place of pilgrimage for Muslims.and a 15th century mosque on the top has now been reconstfucted.with exellent viwes of the surrounding countryside.overnight in Eco house. meals BLD

We have three options in our itinerary according to tourists possibilities and desire.

  • 1.Start from Osh and finish in Dushanbe.
  • 2.Start from Dushanbe and finish  in Dushanbe.
  • 3.Start from Osh and Finish in Osh.


Or change the itinerary program number of days etc.


Price per person per day :155$.17 days:  2635.
Discount over 3-pax

Included services:
Accommodation (Hotel/Guesthouse)
Accommodation (Homestay)
Entrance tickets (e.g. museums, parks etc.)
Beverages (non-alcoholic)
Car (with driver)
Fuel, Petrol
Bus/Train tickets
Domestic flight tickets
Not included: Alcohol drinks.viza permit.
What to bring: Flashlights.warm sleeping bags and warmer clothes.shoes.sticks.sun cream.first aid kit.
Transport: SUV 4x4
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