Experiencing Kazakh Nomads and Nature of Altai Mountains

Day 1. Fly to Bayan Ulgii Province and Lakes

Fly from Ulaanbaatar to Bayan Ulgii province. Upon your arrival our expedition team will welcome you. You will go to the Kazakh traditional restaurant to have a cup of tea and small meal. Start driving to Khoton and Khuragn Lakes. Driving takes about 5-6 hours.

Stay with Kazakh family

Day2. Visit local families

Today, you will be visiting local nomads. Visiting each other and your neighbors is part of Kazakh tradition. Feel the nomadic hospitality. Each family welcomes you and offers what they have. White tea with meals, homemade yellow batter, dairy products and some families offer fermented mare’s milk. You will be sitting in the Tor which is the place for guests. They might prepare you authentic Kazakh meal the Kuirdak or other traditional dish.

Stay with Kazakh family

Day3. Stay with the family and experience their lifestyle.

Whole day you can experience their daily lifestyle. You can go the lake and swim. Go after baby goat as sheep. Traditionally little children look after baby herds and try to not join them to the big ones. Why not join them because in the evening they like to milk the animals.

Stay with Kazakh family

Day4. Today you are a herder ( Horse Ride)

After breakfast, you will accompany the man of your host family. Early in the morning with him, you will go to the steppe with herds. Whole day you will be looking after herds on the mountains and steppe. Get the experience of how they herd their animals. Late afternoon come back with the herds. Big Kazakh traditional meal is waiting for you.

Stay with Kazakh family

Day5. Petroglyphs and Balbal stones ( Horse Ride)

Today you will visit petroglyphs which are goes back to few hundreds to thousands of years old. Those are curved pattern on the stones. They represent the life of our ancestors and animals lived at that time. You will ride a horse along the lake to petroglyphs.

Stay with Kazakh family

Day6. Drive to Turgen Waterfall

Today you will drive to Turgen Waterfall. Hike up to waterfall and experience the scenic landscape of Altai Mountains. Visit another family and stay with them.

Stay with Kazakh family

Day7. Drive to Dayan Lake to an Eagle Hunter

Today you will drive to another beautiful lake the Dayan lake. You will be visiting an Eagle Hunter whose name is Tauekel. It is time to experience a golden eagle. You can have information about how they train, when they hunt with eagles. How they catch animals with eagles etc. You can hold the eagle and feed her. Again big Kazakh traditional meal is waiting for you.

Stay with Kazakh family

Day8. Stay with the same family to experience their daily lifestyle and rest.

Learn how house ladies make dairy products from milk. They make yellow butter, white and red cheese and other products. Each have different techniques and methods to make. Learn about how they make traditional embroideries and handcrafts.

Stay with Kazakh family

Day9. Go back to Ulgii via Black lake

Today you will drive back to Bayan Ulgii. On the way, you will visit another eagle hunter’s family. In the evening arrive to Ulgii.

Stay in a ger camp or hotel

Day 10. Fly back to Ulaanbaatar

Early in the morning, your guide and driver will take you to airport. They will help you to arrange your luggage and with your tickets. After you are ready to fly back, say goodbyes and big hugs.


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