Tour to Eastern Kazakhstan (6-10 days)

Day 1: Ust-Kamenogorsk - the lake Yazevoe

Lake Yazevoye is located in the SNNP "Katon-Karagai" at an altitude of 1685 m above sea level. From here a magnificent view of Belukha opens, which in clear weather is reflected in the lake. Its size is relatively small: 1 by 0.4 km. The bowl of the lake is encircled by a coniferous forest, which goes to the mountains, passing to the tops in alpine meadows. The lake runs into two small nameless tributaries and keys. Flows from the lake - the Yazevaya River, which, approximately, 2 km downstream, formed several waterfall cascades. On the eastern shore of the lake is the tourist base of the Katon-Karagai park, in small houses that can accommodate up to 15 people. On the territory of the base there is a real Russian bath.

This is a bright place. And even in the description from the national park there is such phrase "This Alpine lake is unperturbable by its calmness".

Day 2: Oz. Yazevoe - Lake Kok-Kol

Lake Kok-Kol is located in a surprisingly beautiful mountainous area in the south of Kazakhstan in the Karakistan valley. This small reservoir is included in the list of abnormal zones of our country. At night, the lake produces incomprehensible noises - wheezing, moaning, crackling, and sometimes powerful bursts of water are heard. People believe that there is a huge creature unknown to science.

The water here is always clean and transparent, although not a single brook and a single river flows into it and does not flow. It is believed that it is bottomless. Hydrologists did not, in fact, detect the bottom in some areas, but found channels and channels. These facts led them to the version of the existence in the lake of Kok-Kol mysterious system of underwater caves. This is also said by scientists who have repeatedly fixed on the calm water surface the sudden appearance of huge funnels sucking everything in a row.

Day 3: Belukha Mountain

The Altaians revere Belukha and consider it a sacred mountain. Altai names of Belukha are Kadyn Bazhi (the top of Katun), Ak-Sur (majestic), Musdutuu (ice mountain). Many people believe that Belukha is a difficult mountain, it is an antenna that receives information from the Cosmos, transforms it, and spreads it to the whole Earth. People trained, harmonious, in connection with nature, can "communicate" with Belukha and "read" from her the information she carries. Belukha has a harmonizing influence on a person, increasing his sensitivity and love of nature.

Belukha Mountain is a snow-white queen of Altai, the highest point of Siberia. It is a two-headed vertex, divided by a hollow. Removed at the same distance from the three oceans - Pacific, Atlantic and Indian. Famous philosopher and artist Nikolai Roerich visited these places at the beginning of the last century, studying the roots of Buddhism, and glorified them all over the world. In 1998, the mountain was included in the list of World Natural Heritage sites of UNESCO "Altai - Golden Mountains".

Day 4: Return to Lake Yazevoe.

Day 5: Lake Yazevoye - Bukhtarma reservoir

Bukhtarma reservoir is formed by the dam of Bukhtarma HPS on the Irtysh River. The largest reservoir of Kazakhstan. It is one of the five largest artificial reservoirs in the world. The reservoir area is 5490 km ², the average depth is 9.6 m [2]. The absolute minimum temperature in winter is -52 degrees, the maximum in summer is +46 degrees. The reservoir creates a deep-sea route and improves the conditions for vessels to sail along the Irtysh to Omsk. The fishery is developed on the reservoir (carp, bream, sturgeon, etc.). In some places sitting on the shore at the water's edge, looking out into the distance, you see how the opposite edge of the lake merges with the horizon, and the sound of the surf gently caresses your ears.

Fancy cliffs, picturesque landscapes, sandy beaches and thoughtful tranquil bays create an unforgettable coastal panorama and a wonderful environment for your holiday.

Day 6: Bukhtarma reservoir-  village Urunckhika (Lake Marcakol)

In a picturesque place on the shore of Lake Marcakol, in the east of the country is a small village of Urunckhika. Time seemed to stop here. The inhabitants are engaged in ice-fishing, hunt the hares in the vicinity and use the reserves postponed since the summer. Life in this village is severe enough, Urunhays are used to surviving by their labor and household, as well as their ancestors did for hundreds of years.

This small village is not so easy to get to. The only way is to drive along the treacherous mountain serpentine - the Old-Austrian road, built by prisoners of war almost a hundred years ago. On the way you pass beautiful passes, green valleys and fast mountain rivers. This is one of the most interesting and picturesque parts of the Kazakh Altai.

Lake Marcakol is one of the most beautiful lakes in Kazakhstan. It is located at an altitude of 1447 m above sea level. Nature around the lake is fascinating at first sight. It is surrounded by dense forests, since the lake is located in a mountainous area, then partly the shore of the lake is cut off by steep slopes, and in some places covered by meadows. Lake Marcakol is located in Marcakol hollow, surrounded by the ridges of Kurchum and Azutau.

Day 7: river Kara-Koba

Along the river bed, in the Marcakol State Nature Reserve area, the Austrian road passes. From Urunhayk through the taiga and alpine meadows the path runs through a picturesque gorge in the valley of the river Kara-Koba, crossing it several times by small bridges.

     The river is a watershed of the Tarbagatai and Southern Altai ranges; ridges Southern Altai and Kurchumsky. And it originates from the spurs of the ridge of the Southern Altai.

The valley of the river Kara-Koba is one of the most beautiful places of the Kazakh Altai, it is an interesting object for tourists. In the river there are many fish, in the vicinity there is a marmot. In the gorge of the river there are marals, roe deer, moose. On the mountains in the valley of the river grow cedars, larch; peony steppe, rhodiola rosea, Siberian Altai, differently tulip, Siberian kandik, Krylov feather grass, Altai onion, Kotukhov violet. The farther to the south, the more banks are represented by deserts or semi-deserts.

Day 8: The road to Ust-Kamenogorsk

Day 9 and 10:

- One extra day can be used in the campaign on Belukha.

- The second is to return to Ust-Kamenogorsk.




3 meals a day

accommodation in a guest house and tent


special passes

camp equipment

kitchen equipment


Tour program:

Day 1: Ust-Kamenogorsk - the lake Yazevoe

Meeting in Ust-Kamenogorsk. Purchase of products.

Transfer to Lake Yazevoe. 8-9h. taking into account the stops for lunch, photos and receiving passes.

Stop at the guest house on Lake Yazevoye.

Dinner. Bathhouse. Recreation. Sleep.


Day 2: Oz. Yazevoe - Lake Kok-Kol

Up. Breakfast.

Fees and preparations for a horse trek.

Acquaintance with horses. Departure to the route.

Transfer by horse to the Lower Camp (Lake Kok-Kol). 32km. Lunch on the road.

Dinner on the shore of the lake. Kok-Kol.

Overnight in a tent or house.


Day 3: Belukha Mountain

Up. Breakfast. Camp charges.

Transfer by horse to Belukha 10km.

Lunch, walk.

Return to the Lower Camp (Lake Kok-kol).

Dinner. Sleep.


Day 4: Return to Lake Yazevoe.

Up. Breakfast. Camp charges.

Return to Lake Yazevoe.

Dinner at the guest house.

Bathhouse. Recreation. Sleep.


Day 5: Lake Yazevoye - Bukhtarma reservoir

Up. Breakfast. Camp charges.

Moving to Bukhtarma reservoir 6h.

Stop for lunch on the road.

Installation of a tent camp on the sandy shore of Bukhtarma.

Bathing. Recreation. Dinner. Sleep.


Day 6: Bukhtarma reservoir-  village Urunckhika (Lake Marcakol)

Up. Breakfast. Camp charges.

Transfer to the village of Kurchum. Refueling.

Stop for lunch at a roadside cafe in the village of Kurchum.

Transfer to the village of Terekty.

Arrival in the village of Urunckhika on the shore of Lake Marcakol

Stop at the guest house.

Bathhouse. Dinner. Recreation. Sleep.


Day 7: river Kara-Koba

Up. Breakfast.

Free time.

If desired, you can ride along the Old Austrian road to the first ford on the river Koba.

Lunch on the road or in the guest house.

 Dinner. Bathhouse. Recreation. Sleep.


Day 8: The road to Ust-Kamenogorsk

Up. Breakfast. Camp charges.

Transfer to Ust-Kamenogorsk through the Kaznakovsk ferry crossing.

Lunch at a roadside cafe.

Travel time including stops 10-12 hours.


Day 9 and 10:

One extra day can be used in the campaign on Belukha.

The second is to return to Ust-Kamenogorsk.



Applications for participation are accepted at least 14 days before the planned date of departure.

With you must have waterproof shoes, jacket, pants.

The transport is equipped with satellite navigation, satellite phone, fuel and water supply, as well as all necessary equipment for long autonomous travel.

We provide technical and navigational support to tourists wishing to perform a similar route on their cars. The payment for escort services is negotiated individually.

Number of days: 6 - 10




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