Singing dunes-mountains Aktau-Charyn-Lake Kolsai-Lake Kaindy

The tour is so called, because of its great saturation, all or at least the most important sights of the Almaty region.


This includes the Altyn Emel National Park. Where we will stay 2 days and visit unforgettable places of nature such as "Singing barkhan", Chalk mountains of Aktau, then, for the remaining 3 days we will see Charyn canyon and Kolsai and Kaindy lakes.


The first day

Morning 08-00 departure from Almaty


Before the Altyn-Emel pass about 3 hours


Stop for lunch at a roadside cafe.


Further moving to the village of Bashshi in the main office of Altyn-Emel and buying tickets to the territory of the nat. Parka.


13-00 departure to the "Singing Barkhan"


14-00 arrival to the dune


2 hours walk


16-00 return to the hotel in Basshi


17-00 dinner at the hotel free time at the request of the bath for a fee.



Second day

Morning 08-00 breakfast


09-00 departure to the chalk mountains of Aktau


70km in the National park outside the road


Approximately 2 hours on the way


11-00 arrival to the mountains


2-3 hours walk


14-00 departure back to the hotel


17-00 dinner at the hotel, free time, sauna at will for a fee



Day Three

Morning 08-00 breakfast


09-00 departure to the Charyn Canyon


12-00 arrival to Charyn canyon


2 hours walk


14-00 departure to Canyon Temirlik


15-00 arrival at the confluence of two rivers - Charyn and Temirlik


16-00 departure to Sata


18-00 arrival at the guest house


Dinner and free time



Day four

It is discussed individually


There is a passive option:


Morning 08-00 breakfast


09-00 departure to Lake Kaindy


10-00 arrival to the lake Kaindy


2-3 hours walk


13-00 descent to the guest house


14-00 Lunch


After lunch, you can visit the first Kolsai Lake or ride horses


There is a second option, active - go on foot on the second lake of Kolsai, which will take 5-6 hours.



Day five

Visiting Lake Kolsai or Kaindy, if it was not done yesterday.


And return to the city of Almaty


Or option - if you visited Lake Kolsai yesterday and there is a desire and strength to travel to Almaty through the mountains of Assi. This is for a fee


It is discussed individually individually


The road back will take 5-6 hours on the asphalt.


Through the mountains is not faster, but much more interesting!


For this route through the mountains of Assi, the landscape will change at least three or four times.


Approximate time of arrival in Almaty 20-00



Altyn National Park - Emel

This tour of Kazakhstan will not leave anyone indifferent. Among the white and motley mountains you will feel like in another world.


In the heart of Central Asia, 160 km. Almaty, among the southern spurs of Jungar Alatau, is the largest in the Republic of Kazakhstan State National Natural Park "Altyn-Emel". This reserved place holds dumb evidence of events in the life of nomadic tribes. In the park are various archaeological sites. The most impressive of these are the so-called royal barrows of Besshatyr (five tents). These huge hills, reaching 20 meters in h and 100 meters in diameter, are the graves of Saka leaders VII - III centuries BC. The mounds are surrounded by rings of menhirs, megalithic structures reminiscent of the famous monuments of Stonehenge in Britain.


The territory of the park covers a variety of landscapes: from the desert and the semi-desert to many mountainous areas, up to the highland. Here is a rare opportunity to get acquainted with the unique natural phenomenon - Singing Barchan. This sandy ridge about 3 kilometers long and 80 meters high has an extraordinary property. Sometimes in the summer, when the sand is disturbed by the wind or people, the mountain begins to emit a powerful continuous buzz, like the hum of an airplane.


The flora of higher plants has 634 species, 41 of which are rare species, and 29 plant species are endemic. In the floodplain forests grow poplar turanga, jida and various types of shrubs. In the desert there are parts of the forest from the black saxaul, and on the slopes of the Singing Barhan - thickets of white saxaul.


Here you can meet herds of large ungulates, once inhabiting the expanses of Central Asia. These are kulans, arhars, gazelle and Siberian mountain goats. Wild boar and Siberian roe deer inhabit the park.


The mammalian fauna includes more than 50 species, including rare species such as the snow leopard, wild Pallas' cat, Central Asian otter, marten.


On the territory of the park there are about 250 species of birds, of which 22 are rare. In the mountains nestle golden eagles, snakeheads, bearded - lambs, falcons - Saker Falcon and others. In the desert - black-bellied fennels, sajis and bustards-beauty. In the wetlands, herons, ducks, sandpipers and other birds live. The Ili River and the Kapchagai Reservoir are rich in such fish as carp, white cupid, catfish, pike perch, asp and other species.


The central office of the park is located in the village of Basshi 250 km from Almaty


The park itself is located from south to north more than 50 km and from east to west more than 250 km


Once, according to the Kazakh legend of 1219, the troops of Genghis Khan made their way through this valley to conquer the whole of Central Asia. Seeing on the horizon of the mountain, the commander screamed "GOLDEN SEDO". If you look at the pass, you can really see the saddle.


Singing barkhan.


The main attraction of the reserve is the dune called "SINGING BARKHAN", on the slopes of which there are thickets of the rarest white saxaul. Singing barkhan is a mountain of sand of light tones, it has a length of up to 3, 0 km and a h of 150 m. Barkhan is located in the corridor between the crests of Dzungarian Alatau - the Big and Small Kalkans, 182 km northeast of Almaty. Singing barkhan - a phenomenon of nature, is famous for the fact that in dry weather the sands produce a sound similar to the melody of the organ. The reason for the sound of sand is the friction of grains of sand when it moves (wind, walking along it, etc.). The more moving mass of sand, the more expressive the sound - from a weak squeak to a melody of the organ and even a rumble. Only sounds dry sand mass.


From the top of the barkhana you can see the river Ili stretched by a snake. Also seen are the red mountains of Boguty and the purple mountains of Sogety. From the west closes the view of the precipitous side of the mountains of Kalkan. In the north you can see the Jungar Alatau, Chulak, Matai, Altyn Emel mountains.


Barkhan entered the short list of 7 new natural wonders!


Mountains of Aktau.


The mountains of Aktau represent a spectacular spectacle of a variety of shapes and shades. White clays, bluish-gray limestone sandstones, pebble and gypsiferous tertiary deposits.


For miles stretch the stone galleries. The texture of the stone changes for each new twist of the meandering gorges. The mountains then go up the Gothic towers and columns, then break into narrow labyrinths, where hardly two men will part.


 The mountains of Aktau are a world famous paleontological deposit. There are remains of ancient animals, whose age is estimated at 25-30 million years.


The mountains of Aktau are translated as white mountains - Cretaceous mountains of different colors, mostly white. The mountains are interesting for their amazing landscape. The age of the mountains is about 60-70 Ma. Mountains, consisting of many layers of lifeless stones, colored paints that are a mystery of nature. You can meet representatives of the subtropical forms of ancient plants.


 The view of these mountains is called a lunar landscape. The reason for this landscape was that the mountains rose from the seabed, south of the ridge,

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