Tour to Lake Kolsay, Lake Kaindy and Charyn Canyon, 3 Days

The first day

Departure at 08-00 from the city of Almaty

12-00 arrival to Charyn Canyon, 2 hours walk

15-00 transfer to the canyon Temirlik through the lunar landscape 

16-00 amalgamation of two rivers Charyn and Temirlik from a h of 400 m

17-00 descent into the Temirlik Canyon itself to the camp 

Free time, bonfire, dinner 

Second day

Morning 07-00 breakfast, collection

08-00 departure to the Kaindy lake

10-00 arrival to the lake Kaindy 

3-4 hours walk

14-00 descent to Sata to the guest house

Lunch free time 

Next to the guest house is the river Chilichka, along which you can walk or just meditate.

Third Day

Morning 08-00 breakfast

09-00 departure to the lake Kolsai

10-00 arrival to the lake Kolsai

2 hours walk 

12-00 departure to the guest house 

13-00 Lunch at the guest house

14-00 departure to the city of Almaty

Approximate time of arrival is 20-00


Charyn Canyon is one of the most unique places in Kazakhstan. The incredible magnificence of this fabulous place will not leave anyone indifferent. Tour to the Charyn Canyon takes one of the first places in the rating of the best tours in Kazakhstan!

The Charyn Canyon (Sharyn) is a canyon stretching for 154 km along the Charyn River.

Canyon Charyn is located 190 km from Almaty, 3 hours drive from the city. A very amazing place on the planet is the earth. It is similar to the world Grand Canyon Grand, which is located in the United States, second only to the size, but its beauty captivates the hearts of thousands of tourists who visit this fabulous place from different parts of the world every year. 

Charyn Canyon is a natural monument, built of sedimentary rocks, whose age is about 12 million years. The h of the sheer mountains of the canyon reaches 150-300 m. 

Visiting the majestic canyons, called "canyoning", has become one of the most popular types of active and productive recreation. The most interesting place for tourists is the so-called Valley of Castles, whose length is about 2 km, width - 20-80 m.

Here grows more than 1500 plant species, 17 of which are listed in the Red Book.

62 species of mammals, 103 species of nesting birds, 25 species of reptiles.

Lake Kaindy

Lake Kaindy is located about 290 km from Almaty (5-6 hours drive).

Lake Kaindy is one of the main attractions of Kazakhstan in the Almaty region. This tour is attractive because the lake is unusual - the tops of withered firs rise above the water surface.

Here come visitors - tourists from different countries. This lake was formed in 1911 as a result of a strong earthquake. On the 23rd of February 2007, the place of Kaindy together with the Kolsai lakes became the National Natural Park of Kazakhstan. The lake is called still dead. there are no fish in it. Fish (trout) is found in the river Kaindy below the lake. 

Also the place is popular among diving. The depth of this lake is up to 30 meters of clean water with a summer temperature of +6.

The lake is in the forest zone at an altitude of 1,662 meters above sea level in one of the gorges of Kungey Alatau. 

The lake still has dead remains of fir trees rising right out of the water. These trees are the decoration of the lake itself. The water has a beautiful blue-green tint, depending on the month of the year.

This lake has no similarity with other lakes on earth.

On the territory of the lake there is a parking place, where there are yurts where you can also taste Kazakh cuisine. There is a rental of horses. 

From the parking you need to go down to the lake, about 10-15 minutes. 

Going to the source of the lake, where the river flows in, one can photograph a good panoramic view of the lake itself.

Kolsai lakes.

Kolsay lakes are located 290 km from Almaty (5-6 hours).

Kolsai Lake consists of three lakes in the Kolsai gorge, connecting the mountain ranges of Zailiysky Alatau and Kungei Alatau. 

In February 2007, the place of Kolsai together with Lake Kaindy became the National Natural Park of Kazakhstan. Nearby is the Republic of Kyrgyzstan, 10 km to the north. 

The first lake is located at an altitude of more than 1800 meters above sea level. The depth of the lake reaches up to 80 m, the width is 400 m, the length is up to 1.8 km 

The second lake is about 8 km from the first lake at an altitude of 2252 m. With a depth of 50 m. And is considered the largest lake of all three lakes. You can reach it by two options: on foot, which will be from 2.5 to 4 hours or on a horse, which will be 3-3.5 hours.

The third lake is located about 15 km from the first lake, which borders already with the border of Kyrgyzstan at an altitude of 2850 m. It is also called the upper Kolsai. 

It is because of its inaccessibility, because you need to have good physical training and time, remains wild and untouched. 

There you need to be extremely accurate, because it's a border zone.

Above the lake the passage is HIBITED!

The temperature of all lakes in the summer does not exceed 6-8 degrees Celsius.

Also in the two lower lakes there is Trout fish in abundance, except the coldest third.

Kolsai lakes are a border area and being in these places requires you to have passports and special documents that are issued at a specialized post at the entrance to the park.

On the territory there are a large number of Tien-Shan firs. They complement all the beauty, these places emphasizing the status of a heavenly corner. 

The lake is very photo-hygienic, right from the parking lot from the observation deck. It is difficult to distinguish between the difference in the sky and the lake in the photographs. Very clean air and water in this paradise of Kazakhstan. 

On the parking lot of the first lake there are also yurts, cafes, guest houses, as well as Horses rent for a walk to the second lake or the local neighborhood.

You can also rent a boat or a catamaran and with a romantic ride on a calm lake to the end of it and back. 

You can also just make a picnic on the upper reaches of any mountain and just lie on the green soft grass, dream and meditate.


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