Western Mongolia expedition 13 days (Altai mountains tour)

Tour highlights: Altai Tavan Bogd, Tsagaan gol-shibeet hairhan, Horseback riding, Khar-Salaa - Ak su, Tsagaan Gol river, Humdi bulak-Hurgan nuur, Khoton nuur

Day 1

Our guide will pick you up at the Chinggis Khaan airport and go to the reserved hotel. Then have a Mongolian traditional meal at the restaurant , after that you will go sightseeing at Ulaanbaatar city. You can shop for traditional clothing and souvenirs at department store, go to one of the oldest monastery temple Gandan, in the evening see the nightview of the Ulaanbaatar city at Zaisan square (the highest point in the capital).

Day 2

Flying from Ulaanbaatar city to Ulgii town

Flight will last about 3,5 hours. Our ger camp settled near the Hovd river in which you can have hot shower, nice traditional kazakh lunch or you can stay at our home. After that you will go to shopping Bazaar, see the best western museum of Mongolia and muslim mosque or you can see whatever you want.

Day 3

Going to Altai Taban bogd (With 4x4 russian jeep)

With 4x4 russian jeep, Going from Ulgii to Tsagaan gol and staying at local ger camp. In the evening we would visit a local Tuvan family. This very little population of Tuvan people are keeping their old tradition as it was. They believe on Shamanism. According to situation we would have chance to meet a Tuvan Khomii throat singer.

Day 4

Tsagaan gol-shibeet hairhan (Horseback with local guide)

Heading downhill we will trek to Tsagaan gol valley following the white glacier river and beautiful deep canyons, Near the tuvan gers we will cross the glacier Tsagaan gol river trough bridge. On the way, you will see petroglyphs, a recently uncovered site in remote terrain featuring more than 1O thousand images of hunting and combat scenes, mythological figures, and symbolic sacred art. This day staying at Khar-Salaa at tent.

Day 5

Khar-Salaa - Ak su (Horseback)

Horse riding and trekking as well for this travel 17km, and you will be amazed by the beautiful nature and forests. Overnight in tent. On the way you will have chance to see some waterfalls .

Day 6

Ak su-Asker tove

We will trek trough forest heading down to the mouth of the Ak su valley. After trekking not far from mouth of Ak su valley we will set up camp on Asker Tove which is one of the beautiful spot and is the junction of the Arshaani and Ak su rivers.

Day 7

Hulindi-Humdi bulak

We cross over to the east side of the Tsagaan Gol river, and continue down through the river valley and on horseback we cross a few rivers as we follow the lakeshore to Hulindi. We would set up our camp in a very beautiful spot on khoton lake shore. It is possible to fish here. This evening we would meet our horse guides and tomorrow we are going to ride horse. it is optional, if you prefer trekking instead of riding, just let us know.

Day 8

Humdi bulak-Hurgan nuur, hoton nuur (with 4x4 jeep)

Staying at local ger camp. You will see there very beautiful two lakes.

Day 9

Hoton-nuur, hurgan nuur

Staying at local ger camp or tent at this night. Trekking to one of the biggest waterfall in the western about 5 km and go back to ger camp.

Day 10

Hoton-nuur- Dayn-Nuur (4x4 russian jeep)

Overnight in tent. Seeing very beautiful nature and dain lake. We will camp on the magnificent lake shore

Day 11

Dayan-nuur –har nuur-Zoost

Staying at nomadic Kazakh family, Nomadic Kazakh families are very friendly and hospitable people.. Today we would have Kazakh traditional dinner in one of local families.

Day 12


On the way we will go to eagle hunters family, having information about eagle and hunting. We have little good bye party and staying at ger camp or our home.

Day 13


Today, we'll transfer to Ulgii airport. It takes approximately 3 hours to get to UB. Once we arrive, we'll be transferred to Hotel and have some time to settle in.

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