Discover Mongolia in 7 Day

Duration:            7 day

Group Size:         2-12

Tour Operator:     Andy and friends

Activities:            Hiking, horse trekking, wildlife sightseeing

Destinations:       Terelj National park,  Genghis Khan Statue & Khaan Jims camp




Day 1: Visit Genghis Khan statue and explore Terelj national park


1. After meeting in the morning we will explore Ulaanbaatar city, visiting places such as Genghis khan Square, Zaisan memorial and National History museum.

2. In the afternoon we will head to Genghis Khan statue. Here you can explore the statue complex as well as walk up to the statue's head where you can get good panoramic view of the surrounding Mongolian steppe.

3. In the evening we will explore Terelj National park on a horse trekking trip. Camp near a local yak herding family.

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Day 2: Sand dunes and homestay at a local camel herding family

1. Visit Elsen Tasarkhai Sand dunes and Oasis that covers more than 70km

2. In the evening after dinner as the sun set, we will have a camel ride trekking through the sands of Elsen Tasarkhai sand dunes and visit local oasis. 

3. Camp with a local camel herding family. Learn about culture and life style of Mongolian nomadic family.

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Day 3: Explore Karakorum and Chuluut River



1. In the morning, after breakfast we will visit Karakorum city, ruins of the ancient capital of Mongolian empire. 

2. Here you can explore the ruins of the old city as well as Erdene Zuu monastery and historic museum that was built upon the excavations of the old city.



3. In the afternoon, after lunch we will head to the mythical Taikhar rock, explore the Volcanic charcoal fields of central Mongolia and Chuluut or " Rocky River ".

4. In the evening we will head to Khorgo Volcano and Tsagaan Nuur lake, where we will camp for the night. 

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Day 4: Horse Trekking through Tsagaan nuur lake and Khorgo volcano

1. After breakfast, we will explore the Tsagaan Nuur lake and it's surrounding forests and volcanic charcoals springing from the lake.

2. Horse trekking among the Tsagaan Nuur lake. 

3. In the evening we will hike above the Khorgo volcano and explore places such as the volcanic ash forests, ice caves and caverns. 

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Day 5: Visit Ugii lake and Tsenkher hot springs

1. Visiting Tsenkher hot springs, local hot springs which is famous for it's health benefits. 

2. After a long journey we will have the chance to relax in hot springs in a open steppe fields of Mongolia, with fresh of air. 

3. In the evening we will head to Ugii lake, where we will stay for the night.

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Day 6: Meet Przewalski horses and explore Hustai national park

1. In the morning we will head to Hustai National park.

2. Here you can have a chance to meet with the Przewalski horses, one of the few wild horses remaining in the world as well as other species of Mongolian wildlife. 

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Day 7: Hike around Aglag khiid and return to Ulaanbaatar

1. In the morning after breakfast we will visit the Aglag Khiid complex, with it's beatiful forests and buddhist monuments, it's a great place for a hiking and refreshment after a long trip.

2. In the afternoon we will return to Ulaanbaatar as our tour has come to it's conclusion.

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Number of days: 7
Covered regions:
Central Mongolia
Gobi Desert
Western Mongolia
Northern Mongolia
Eastern Mongolia
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