Real Russia Guide

G'day, mate! Do you want to travel the REAL Russia? My name is Tony. If you find the boring guides who wander the million-times-beaten tracks spouting numerous facts about Yuri-who-is-that-guy-Dolgoruky, you have come to the right place! We are sick of such old-schooled Russian tours, too.

Hello! My name is Tony, I am not only friendly and knowledgeable guide but also an owner of the very authentic Russian offroad minivan – UAZ “Buhanka”. Initially, this vehicle was designed in 1950s as a support vehicle for military forces. Now it‘s still being produced, just as it was sixty years ago… And, surprisingly, it looks almost like it did in 1965!

Actually, I am a licensed physician and doctor with 6 years’ of experience. Nevertheless, one day I decided to change my way of life and start doing what I really want to do – travelling, meeting new people and broadening my view and horizons!

I know a lot about bustling Moscow, its secret places and their stories. Even more I know about Russian countryside, where epochal monuments neighbor with abandoned churches and desolated villages showing you severe traces of 20th century.

Do you want to explore one of the most complex, confounding and contradictory countries? You came to the right place. Make the most of your Russian holidays!

Join me and let's... Travel the real Russia!