Road tripping from Moscow to St. Petersburg (5-days)

IMPORTANT: We have a scheduled tour for 14-18 May.



  • Road-tripping from Moscow to St. Petersburg
  • Ecotour along the Volga River
  • Real Russian countryside
  • Underground adventures in limestone quarries
  • One day in a traditional Russian village: plowing the soil, helping with livestock, horse riding and local people
  • Novgorod The Great: the oldest town in Russia


About the Russian countryside tour

There is a great difference between Moscow, St. Petersburg, and all other Russia... It is not easy to understand life here when you are stuck in a traffic jam on your way to Kremlin with a coffee in your hand! The concept of this tour is to show you the real Russia with numerous small towns, pristine nature, abandoned churches and the common life of ordinary people. If you have only 1 or 2 days, we recommend you visit Vladimir and Suzdal towns. But if you ready to spend more days and experience what only rare tourist can see - you came to the right place!

Once a month we make the 5-days tour from Moscow to St. Petersburg. This tour does not include Golden Ring towns! Instead, you will see Staritsa town and Novgorod the Great, beautiful places to visit in Russia! They are not a part of the Golden Ring just because they are located to the north-west from Moscow (and Golden Ring is north-east), haha. The itinerary is perfect for those who are going to St. Petersburg. It takes only 4 hours to get there from Novgorod by a cheap local train.

Our Schedule


Day 1

We will drive from Moscow to Staritsa town (about 200 km). Most of the day will be spent road tripping. We will see Moscow suburbs, a lot of small villages, abandoned churches with tumbled down crosses, small countryside towns, and nice nature. Depending on your wishes, we will spend the night at the hostel or camping at the riverbank.

Day 2

This day we will visit the 700-years old Staritsa town with its beautiful old mansions, abandoned churches and a real monastery, truly the place where time stopped! You'll see the real life of a small Russian town on the banks of the Volga river.

In the afternoon, we'll have an ecotour along the Volga River to see its light evergreen forests, limestone cliffs and the crystal waters of numerous small creeks. You will learn a lot about Russian nature and life of the people here.

We will also visit the ramified network of underground quarries where people mined limestone for churches and monuments. Depending upon your adventurism, you can either wander in some easily accessible beautiful quarries or search the road back from remote parts of the most challenging kilometers-long underground network! The Russian bathhouse («banya») will bring the relaxation after the very active day.

Day 3

We will visit an elderly couple living in a traditional Russia village. They have a small farm with several horses, cows and ducks. We will help them with their daily work - plowing the land (not by tractors, but by horses), caring for the livestock and cooking food in a traditional Russian oven… And surely we will taste some real fresh milk and eggs while they will be telling us about their common life, their habits, and the households.

Day 4

We will say goodbye to friendly couple and move to Ostashkov town to have some adventures (4x4, horse riding quad, boat trip, kayak...)We will choose activity all for together one month before the trip.

Day 5

We will drive to Novgorod the Great and walk there. Novgorod is the oldest city in European Russia, famous for its history. It was a people's republic at 9-12 centuries! Oh, good times... The city is known for the variety and age of its medieval monuments. The huge fortress at the city center is even more impressive than the Moscow Kremlin!

After the day in Novgorod we will say farewell to each other at the Novgorod train station where the cheap local train well be waiting for you. Only 4 hours later you will be in St. Petersburg to wonder its architecture wandering all its small streets and river channels.

Experience what others only dream about... Travel real Russia!

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