Osh Kyrgyz Ata (Karagoi) - Abshir Ata - Tash-Batken-Karavshi

Day 1

Meeting at the airport of Osh  city

Checking -in to the hotel.

City tour, showing  the Silk Road Museum, Sulaiman mountain and Osh market.


Day 2

Leave to  Kyrgyz-Ata, allocation in tents.

Park "Kyrgyz-Ata" was founded in 1992. It is considered to be the hallmark of the south of Kyrgyzstan: here the unique juniper forests of particular ecological value and fauna are protected from people. For those who want to organize some types of park trips such as hiking, horseback riding and autotours. Guides lead tourists to the canyon, show forestry, arboretum, right out of the gorge where there are juniper trees, drive along the narrow mountain paths.

Day 3

Leave to Abshir –Ata allocation in tents.

Hiking to the unusual waterfall  and canyoning. Showing local flora and fauna.

Day 4

Horse tour in Abshir Ata Chauvay to pass Kumbel. Showing local nature and petroglyphs.

Night accommodation in a guest house Chauvay, sauna, shower and Batken rice pilaf.



Day 5

Drive to Batken. On the road show reserve/park Aigul Tash. Walk around the park. Accommodation in a guest house in Batken.

The most famous and unique place of Batken region - is, of course, the Mountain Aigul-Tash. It is famous for the fact that there is a unprecedented beauty fiery of red flower Aigul. It blooms only once a year, in April, and the blossoming period lasts about two weeks. Rocky mountain, literally strewn with bright colors, is an amazing view that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. That is why it is worth to come here, from so far away.

Day 6 Drive to the gorge Karavschin. Allocation in tents.

6-8 day walk through the gorge Karavschin.

Gorge Karavshin in Turkestan Range – is a favorite place for fans of walking tours. Here you can see the amazing beauty of green meadows and mountain river with clean water. Opportunities for trekking are accompanied by  climbing. In Karavshin there are several peaks (pyramidal, Asan Usen et al.), which are often climbed. Another jewel of the Turkestan Range – is azure mountain lake Ai-Kul , captivating with its beauty.

Day 9

Return to Batken. Accommodation in guest house.

 Day 10

Check in Khujand Tajikistan. Accommodation at the hotel. A walk through the old town.

Day 11

Check in Zarafshan Valley. Accommodation in guest house. Walk around the lake Iskander Kul, showing the holy places.

 Day 12

Check in Dushanbe. Accommodation.

Day 13 Flight back.

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Car (with driver)
Fuel, Petrol
Bus/train tickets
Domestic flight tickets
Entrance fees (i.e. parks, events)
Accommodation (Homestay)
Accommodation (Hotel)
Transport: SUV 4x4
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