Historical Almaty city tour

Historical city tour


Duration: 7-8 hours (whole day)

Season: Whole year

Almaty (Alma-Ata), formerly (1855-1921) Verny, the ex-capital of Kazakhstan, is situated in the southeastern part of Kazakhstan at the foot of Zailiski Ala-Tau mountain system at an elevation of 2,300-3,000 feet (700-900 m). Almaty is called a garden city. Almaty city has 80 sq.m. of green plantations for each of its million-odd residents. It was known that 130 years ago all the buildings in Verny city were built from stone, but after the earthquake of 1887 when most of building were destroyed, because of that was ordered to build not higher than 2-storey buildings with a large distance between them.

During this tour you will see the different periods of becoming modern Almaty and feel the spirit of history and modernity which is in the air of it. Also you can visit the mountains which are sometimes called as the second Switzerland. We suppose you will enjoy the tour! 


Tour program

The Verny city period

Almaty City tour will start with visiting of the historical center of Almaty and where architecture from 19th and early 20th is well preserved and mixed with modern architecture.

&O ;   “Voznesenski orthodox cathedral” was built by the architect-engineer Zenkov in 1886.


&O ;  Museum of Kazakh folk instruments (was built in 1910 by architect Zenkov) hosts exhibitions of more than 297 ancient Kazakhstani and ancient Turk instruments


&O ;  Kyzyl-tan trading house was built in 1896 by architectures Zenkov and French architect Paul Gourde, was owned by merchants Gabduvaliyev


&O ;  College-museum named after governor Kolpakovskiy was built in 1890 by French architect P. Gourde


&O ;  French consulate in 19th century used to be trading house of merchant Shahvorostov and was built in 1890 by architect P.Gurde;


The Stalin era (Stalinki period)

After the tour at the historical center of Almaty during the reign of Russian empire, visiting the “Golden Square” of Almaty city center where most of architectural objects belong to the period from 1930 to 1957

&O ;  “Old square” of Almaty is one of the first and oldest Squares in Almaty;


&O ;  Theatre of Opera and Ballet named after poet “Abay” is one of the first Opera houses in Central Asia where the first operas in Kazakh language put on stage were.


&O ;  Residential buildings called Stalinki” were built in period from 1947-1955 during which in architecture were vastly implemented symbols of Social Realism of “Hammer and Sickle” together with Kazakh oriental ornament called Oyu-Ornek


&O ;  The building of Science Academy was built in period from 1948 to 1957, designed by great architect A. Shuseva (three times laureate of Stalin award);


Then it is the street Raiymbek Batyr which was also called Tashkentskaya and where Almaty Railway station which was built in 1939.

On Raiymbek Street tourists will see one of the houses that was built during Chrushev (leader of the USSR communistic party) time from 1958 to 1964 and which are called “Chrushevki”


Cultural City tour

On the next part of the excursion tourists will see architecture of:

&O ;  Metro station named after Kazakh writer M. Auezov;


&O ;  Theatre named after Kazakh writer M. Auezov was built in 1980 by Soviet architects O.Baimursayev, A. Kainarbayev and M.Zhaksylykov.


&O ;  Circus of Almaty which was built in 1972 and designed by Soviet Architects V. Kazev and I. Slonov directly faces theatre of M. Auezov


&O ;  Art museum named after A. Kasteyev was built in 1 and designed by Soviet architect: K. Kuznetsova, O.Naumova B. Novikov. A.Kasteyev is a Soviet Kazakh artist famous for his paintings that portrait life and customs of Kazakh people.


Lunch during tour.

After lunch, Guide will take tourists to Aksai-Zhetisu microdistrict which is located at the outskirts of Almaty and whose construction began in 1980’s just 10 years before the collapse of the USSR.


Avenue of Oligarchs

In the next excursion tourists will see so called elite-class architecture:

&O ;  Golf-resort Zhailau is located at the footnotes of Zaili-Alatau Mountains.

&O ;  Villa dei Fiori Boutiques and Restaurants complex which was designed by French architect Didie Gomez was built in 2012.

&O ;  Esentai park complex which was designed by architecture burro of Skidmore, Owings and Merill (SOM) was built in 2008

&O ;  Nurly-Tau had built from 2006 till 2015. Nurly-Tau which is translated as Holy Mountain was designed by S. Baimagambetov, T. Yeraliyev so that it would imitate the form of behind standing Alatau-mountains.


Ski-Skating resorts city tour

After finishing excursion “Avenue of Oligarchs”, Guide will drive tourists to the last part of tour which is named Ski-Skating resorts city tour, it includes:

Medeo skating ring which is located 1690 meters above sea level at Zaili Alatau Mountains. At the present moment Medeo is the most high-mountain complex for winter kinds of sport with the largest area of artificial ice field — 10.5 thousand m².

From whereas tourists either on funicular or Company’s bus will move to Shymbulak ski resort complex which is 2200 meters above the sea level. Perfect for launching long natural slope with varied terrain, combined with the unique, as it turned out, the snow composition, providing better grip and glide, conquered all. It is popular for its mild climate, large quantity of sunny days and great amount of snow through the winter (from November till May).

Dinner can be served at one of the restaurants on Shymbulak ski resort.


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