Arshan village tours

Arshan is the name of the village with medical springs resort in Tunka valley. The name of the village is translated as “healing water” from the Buryat language. The word derived from Sanscrit “rashiani” which means “nectar, the drink of the gods”. Such a name was given to mineral or warm healing springs. In the past the Buddhists attributed arshan properties to some freshwater springs, therefore all springs with cold, fresh, clean water were called arshans obtaining healing meaning.


The regular tour duration is 2 days / 1 night. The route runs by the highway along the Trans-Siberian railway through Kultuk village – the most southern point of lake Baikal. Kultuk is the first russian settlement on the shores of Baikal and was founded in 1647.


In Arshan group members can sample mineral springs and visit the Buddhist datsan/church, make an excursion up along Kyngyrga river to the first waterfall or to hike farther to Sayan mountains. Meals during the tour are of traditional Buryat cuisine and served at the road cafes operating all along the highway. Tunka valley is considered to be one of the natural pearls of Buryatia Republic. It continues the Baikal rift and has the size greater than Belgium.

If more than 1 person price its less expensive, contact us for more infos.

Italian and German Guide available upon request.