Trans-Mongolia horse trekking tour, 21 Days

Day1 Arrive in Ulaanbaatar

Arrive in Ulaanbaatar where you are welcomed by your English speaking guide translator. Lunch is Downtown after will visit Gandan Monastery Built in 1809, the Gandantegchinlin Monastery - formerly known as the Gandan Monastery - is a Tibetan-style Buddhist monastery located in Ulan Bator. Its name of Tibetan origin can be translated as "Great site full of Joy".Several hundred monks currently reside there. It contains a statue of Megjid-Janraiseg (Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara - called Chenrezig in Tibetan) by 26.5 meters high.The original statue, made of copper, was erected in 1911 and was dismantled in 1937 by Soviet troops (the remains of the statue were subsequently used to make bullets during the siege of Leningrad). Following the fall of communist regimes, it was rebuilt in 1996 with donations of gold from Nepal and Japan. Adorned with gold and nearly 2,286 precious stones, the statue weighs over 20 tons and is covered with nearly 100 kg of silk clothing. Visit of the Mongolian National Museum The National Museum of Mongolian History tells the story of the country, from prehistoric times to today. In this museum there is also an ethnographic section with costumes and jewels from various ethnic groups of countries: Kazakhstan, Buriats, Üzemchins... During this night stay in hotel

Day2 Ulaanbator city – Ugii Lake

After breakfast drive to Ugiilake Lunch is on the route local food place We cross vast expanses of desert and suddenly, like an oasis, a lake appears whose color ranges from silver grey to turquoise blue depending on the time of day. Located 300 km west of Ulan Bator, UgiiNuur Lake is a paradise for nature lovers as it hosts many migratory birds: cranes, different species of swans, ducks, wild geese, raptors and shorebirds... An eco-center will provide all necessary information about this unique ecosystem, which can be enjoyed when hiking around the lake, on horseback (optional at extra cost) or by boat (optional extra). Overnight stay in ger camp and dinner

Day3 Ugii lake – Tsenher hot spring

Breakfast and thango to Hot spring Hot spa of TsenheriinRashaan located 25km southwest Tsenhersoum of Arkhangai province, at 1860 above sea level. This spring is with issuing at a scalding 65-90oC with the stench of hydrogen sulphide. Since early times the springs has been used for medical use and it contains sulfur acid and flint. Good influence for articulation, stomach, anaemia, overfatiesgue, skin diseases and diabetes Overnight ger camp with lunch and dinner.

Day4 Tsenherhot spring - Arkhangai province Nomadic family After breakfast drive to the North to reach the departure point of our horse riding tour in Arkhangai region. We cross the Khangaimountains and arrive at the yurts of the nomads who will guide us during this tour and who breed the horses we will ride. This night, we will sleep in a "guest-yurt" close to our nomad family's yurts. The comfort is more simple than in the yurt camps as there are no showers, but you will experience the real nomadic way of life...

Day5 -11 Arkhangai Province horse riding days

During the next 8 days, we will ride in the Arkhangai region, following a Northwest direction to Lake TerkhiinTsagaanNuur, the "White Lake". This ride is a real horseback adventure as we will reach a different place every day, never coming back to our departure point. Therefore we will enjoy varied landscapes and go closer to Lake Khovsgol, the final step of our Trans-Mongolia ride! Arkhangai - Northern Khangai - is a very wild region covered with forests. Valleys are narrower than in the Orkhon Valley and the steppe gradually gives place to dense larch forest. Rivers and valleys are mainly oriented perpendicular to our direction, so our horseback ride will cross many rivers and mountains. Itinerary of the horse riding tour On the first days, we ride along the banks of the Tamir river, which is very mighty during spring and summertime. The Tamir Valley is very green and wooded. Some of the poplars in the region are older than 300 years. The next days on horseback, we cross densely forested mountain ranges, vitually uninhabited. We immerge in wild Mongolia, very different for the steppes of the Orkhon Valley. The ride goes on with 2 days in more open spaces, offering many opportunities for nice canters. We meet many yurts and herds belonging to nomads.

Days 9 and 10 are particularly beautiful as we ride along the Chuluut canyon, dug by the river in the lava from Khorgo volcano. The basalt canyon is a hundred miles long and forms a spectacular scenery. Nights in tents.

Day12 Khorgo volcano – White lake last riding day This is the last day of our horse riding tour in Arkhangai region. We ride to Lake TerkhiinTsagaanNuur (White Lake) through ancient lava flows. We climb Khorgo Volcano on the way. Picnic lunch on the route. We arrive at the White Lake on horseback in the afternoon. It is time to say good-bye to our horses and the nomads who shared this adventure with us during 8 days. After 8 days in tents, we appreciate the comfort of the yurt camp close to the lake! Dinner and night at the yurt camp (2 to 4 riders per yurt, with single beds, showers in a separate building).

Day13 White lake – ZuunNuur( East lake) After breakfast we hit the road - or rather the track - to the north. It will take us 2 days to reach Lake Khovsgol with our vehicles. We have to cross several mountain ranges on sometimes difficult tracks before joining the lake. This area is very wild and we will cross passes, valleys and rivers. Picnic on the way. In the evening, we camp close to Lake ZuunNuur.

Day14 ZuunNuur- Khovsgol lake After breakfast we drive to Khovsgol lake Picnic lunch. We cross Khatgal, a touristic village at the southern edge of the lake, and go to the East bank, much wilder and remote. We reach our yurt camp by the lake shore, in a beautiful setting with breathtaking views of the blue lake towered by the mountain ranges of the western shore. Dinner and night at the yurt camp (2 to 4 riders per yurt, with single beds, showers in a separate building).

Day15,16 Khovsgol lake horse riding The next 2 days are devoted to a horse ride in the forests surrounding the Lake Khovsgol. We ride deep into the wild forests that border the eastern shore of Lake Khovsgol with pack horses. This side of the lake has almost no track and is inaccessible to vehicles. We ride in a really wild and pristine environment. We make our way on horseback through the forests and hills, always with blue reflections of the lake in the background. Every night, we camp in the wilderness. In the evening of day 20, we return to the yurt camp where we started the ride. Dinner and night at the yurt camp (2 to 4 riders per yurt, with single beds, showers in a separate building).

Day17 Fly back Ulaanbaator After breakfast we drive to Moron airport for our return flight to Ulan Bator. Lunch according to flight schedule.

Day18,19-Naadam festival days After breakfast, we will head to the Naadam Festival stadium. The national holiday Naadam is not only famous among Mongolians, also in the world. Many tourists, honored guests and journalists come to Mongolia to take part. The Festival starts with a transferring ceremony of the nine white banners from the government house to the Naadam stadium followed by a horse parade. Genghis Khaan used to use the nine banners during festivals and in peaceful times. Next, magnificent opening ceremony takes place. Traditional wrestling, archery and horse race are main highlights of the festival. As well as, you will see anklebone shooting, traditional performances held outside of the stadium and Naadam trade starting from Naadam main dish "Huushuur", souvenirs, traditional clothes and much more. Next morning, drive to the horse racing area, 20 km west of Ulaanbaatar. The horses race on the open steppes by age category (6 ages): from two-year-old horse to full-grown stallions. The racing distance depends on horses’ age. For example: two-year-old horses race 15 km, while the full-grown horses race 30km in the open field. Surrounding areas of the horse race finishing point are full of people who have arrived from every corner of Mongolia with their fastest horses, put up colorful tents and the festival trade. In the afternoon, drive back Ulaanbaatar

Day 20 Chinggis Khan Statue The morning go to Chinggis Khan Statue out of city about 50km Tsonjinboldog, a huge monument complex of Genghis khan. Genghis khan is said to have found a whip in the area while returning after warfare. Recently, a huge monument as high as 12-storey building has just been built. One can go up and reach atop the monument using an elevator in the horse’s mane. It is said that from atop of the monument historically important places related to Genghis khan such as Mount BurkhanKhaldun, DeluunBoldog hill and Khuduu Aral, can be seen. In the evening in hotel

Day21 Departure off Ulaanbaator Breakfast and transfer to airport or train.

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