Guide in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan

The Pamir highway is undoubtedly one of the most stunning roads in the world, and yet few Westerners have ever traveled its length, as it does in the rarely visited and remote part of Central Asia. It begins, like our land journey, in the ancient city of Osh, at the head of the fertile Fergana valley, and then slowly moves South to the mighty Pamir ridge, which is part of the border between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. For the most part this way we will visit the shadow of the epic peak of in (7134 m) before heading to the High Pamir, from where we will head South through Murgab.

Hiking to the lakes of Zorkul, you can see the majestic Northern wall of Afghanistan Hindikush and the fantastic Kok Jigit lake on the way. The Afghan-Tajik border runs along the Western half of lake Zorkul. The Eastern half of the lake lay in Tajikistan. In 1842, Lieutenant woods of the British Navy of India explored the Panj and Pamir rivers to the origins of the latter in Zor Kul. The length of the Zor-Kul is 20 km - the road runs along its Northern shore.

Wildlife observation will be carried out during the hike. Famous and endangered sheep (ovis ammon poli) the world's largest horned argali sheep, endangered and fully protected species of snow leopard, ibex, marmots and brown bear, Fox, hare - not a complete list of representatives of the wild life of the region. Of birds can be found mountain geese (Ular), pigeons, eagles, vultures, etc.

We continue along the Afghan border along the Wakhan corridor and then head North through Khorog in Dushanbe. You will have plenty of time for Hiking and meeting many people who call these harsh lands their home.

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