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Tour 'Center of Energy', Mongolia, 4 Days

Dornogobi and center of energy

Khamar Monastery was established in the 1820’s by famous 19th century Mongolian educator and literary figure Danzanravjaa. An outspoken critic of the society in which he lived, Danzanravjaa fought against the rigid class and gender distinctions of his day. Under his influence women were especially encouraged to participate in religious activities, Khamar Monastery was unique in 19th century Mongolia as a place where women were accorded greater respect and priviliges than men. Khamar monastery has always been refereed as the energy center. Currently two small ceremonial temples and several religious monuments have been reconstructed, with more than ten lamas now in residence at the monastery.This place is center of world’s energy . If you are interested in Buddhism you have a chance to see high Buddhist priest Danzan Ravjaa ‘s creation . He did a lot of things in Mongolian Buddhismand his magic world receive you. Also you have a chance to travel Mongolian’s vests steppe . You can organize in this excursion between from April tin October . If you , your family and your friends love sports , or you tired from your job this excursion just right for you . you will take energy from here . 

Day 1. Arrival in Ulaanbaatar and check in at the hotel. After the welcome lunch you will make a city tour and visit the wonderful, still in use, Gandan Monastery, the Sukhbaatar Square and the Natural History Museum.

Day 2.  Ulaanbaatar- r- Sainshand 

  • Drive to the tourist camp passing by r and Sainshand

Day 3. Sainshand- Khamriin khiid- Bayanzurkh monastery

  • Khamrin khiid monastery, was established in 1820’s by  famous 19th century Mongolian educator and literary figure Danzanravjaa
  • To worship Meem ovoo /the hill shaped like women’s breasts/
  • Energy center Shambaliin oron /means paradise/, worship Uvgun stupa
  • Mother’s womb, also called 108 caves  for sanctifying one’s heart
  • To see petrified wood
  • Huuhdiin ovoo /Children hill/, some people believe that if you pray for a new child you can have new child or you can pray for your children“Khar uul” /means black mountain/, some people believe that if u believe it can make wishes come true and you can pray for everything

Day 4. Sainshand- r- Ulaanbaatar city

  • Drive back to Ulaanbaatar city
  • End of the tour
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