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Tour Southern Central part of Mongolia, 14 Days

Gobi Desert, flaming cliffs, Khongor Sand dune, beautiful canyon with ice, Ongi temple, Orkhon water fall, Karakorum, Erdene zuu moanstery, visit with camel breeding family, opportunity to ride a horse and camel, much more!

The itinerary:

1. Arrival in Ulaanbaatar, your local guide meets you and welcomes to your hotel transfer.

2. Drive to Bagagazariin Chuluu, place of huge granite stony formations with picturesque view, a really tranquilizing area in middle Gobi. Visit old stone with rock carvings and an old monastery ruin. In the evenings you can see wild sheep and other small mammals like foxes, steppe foxes. Enjoy natural scenery stay at a Ger camp. You will mostly drive by paved road and arrive at the camp by lunch time./245km/ (L,D,B)

3. From Bagagazariin Chuluu drive directly to Tsagaan Suvraga, a bottom of the ancient sea that consists of different color of clay deposits that look whitish from afar. And it is vertical, rows of column-looking limestone formations which are unique natural site in middle Gobi. You are treated with lunch in box taken from the previous camp. On the way visit KHukh Burd, small old temple surrounded by water. A nice meditating area good for a short stop. Along your driving you enjoy the fantastic Gobi nature with sky line all around. Be at the camp in the afternoon. Visit the Tsagaan Suvraga after getting your Ger at the camp. /300km/(LB, D,B)

4. Driving through the real Gobi semi desert today we will be at the camp "Gobi-Discovery-Yol". Transfer to the Gers and have lunch. Then after lunch drive to visit Yol valley, where the lammergeyers nest and enjoy watching wild sheep and goats too. Yol valley is in the Gobi Gurvan Saikhan NP area with high rocky and steep mountains partly covered with dark green juniper. The valley is in fact a part of the tail of famous Altai maountain range in Mongolia. In Yol valley there is a small steam that runs between the mountains and cools you pleasantly. It is really stunning view of real mountainous area in Gobi among desert contrasting with the Gobi desert zone. It is about 11 km long if you decide to walk along the narrow gorge between rocky mountains from one end to another end. Drive back to your camp./240km/ (L, D, B)5.Today we will drive to Khongor Sand Dunes, stretching for 185 kms. You will drive through a vast space with a small hills, red ground area then through brown hills till the Golden Sand Dune appears in front of you with topping high mountains behind and running water in front/ specially in rainy summer/ Khongor Sand is the longest stretching sandy hills in Mongolia forming fantastic scenery with peacefully grazing camels. Arriving at the ger camp near sand dunes you get your Ger and enjoy your lunch. After some rest drive to Duut Mankhan, the highest point of the Sand Dunes. From the top enjoy the unique natural scenery and listen to the singing sand, actually movement of the sand. It is really fabulous to observe the setting sun and take photo of it. Stay at ager camp. /190 km/ ( L, D,B)

6. Drive to Bayan zag, a famous place for its dinosaur fossils, a number of dinosaur fossils including the whole dinosaur skeleton were found from the place and around. Besides this place is famous with the Zaisan Saxaul , Gobi tree grove and Flaming Cliffs. After lunch you are invited to visit a camel breeding family and ride camels to a nearby Saxaul grove or another mud and sand formations left from the ancient sea bottom. Better visit the Flaming Cliff before sunset to observe another fantastic sunset in Gobi and take pictures. And stay overnight there at the camp./165km/ ( L,D,B)

7. After breakfast drive to Ongi monastery in Middle Gobi province. And the Ongi river runs on 450kms and passes the Ongi monastery. Ongi monatery was built in 18th century and had about 1000 Buddhist monks but the temples were destroyed during the time of Stalin repression. Today at Ongi monastery you can enjoy some ruins and partly restored temples, the old well from that time etc. On the way to there you cross the famous Ongi steppe in middle Gobi stretching over 80 kms. It is a nice calm place to trek around. Be there by lunch time and stay in Gers./180km/ (L, D, B)

8. After breakfast drive to Khugnu khan mountains via Sangiin Dalai lake. Today you will enjoy more plant and other mountains and yaks and water birds at Sangiin Dalai lake. The landscape will be changing from less grassy naked ground to green grassed land with taller hills and the mountains appear when you are near to Khugnu Khan mountain area. Be there by lunch time. Have lunch transfer to your Gers. Then trek or drive to Erdenekhamba, a monastery from 17th century and enjoy having view of the Mongol Sand Dune in the crossing point area of three regions, steppe, high mountainous-Khangai and Gobi zone. /270km/ (L,D,B)

9. Today after breakfast you drive to Kharkhorin village next to the site of old Khar Khorum ancient capital site and visit Erdenezuu, the oldest and historical monastery of Mongolia which has 108 stupas around on walls built in rectangular 400x 400 meter distances. And the three main temples kept and renovated and serving as a museum but at the same time there are working temples restored and monks read sutras in there where over 100000 ancient Buddhist books are kept till today. You will be in the spirit of the old times and be at Ovoos where Chinggis khan and his sons left their foot prints! Have lunch at Kharkhorin village then drive to Orkhon valley. Stay at a Ger camp on the bank of Orkhon river./220/

10. Early in the morning starts driving to Tuvkhun khiid, a temple built on a 2600 meter high forestry mountain top in 1648 for the fame of Zanabazar, the first Bogd Gegeen of Mongolia. It takes long to walk to the monastery as driving to the monastery is prohibited. You will have a stunning view of the surroundings except exploring the temples with original relics and a cave named mother's womb and many other structures that are the original ones still intact. Have lunch taken in box then drive to the 86 degree healing hot spa, Tsenkher. Walk to the beginning of the hot spa in the deep forest with singing of forest birds. Stay at Tsenkher enjoy swimming in the small pool with pumped water from the hot spa. /110+90 km/( D,B)

11. Today you drive to Khorgo, Terkhiin tsagaan lake, a fresh water blue lake via Tsetserleg, the center of Arkhangai province. In Tsetserleg visit the Zaya Gegeen , a Buddhist monastery on a mountain then " Taikhar" a 25 meter high granite rock put to kill a multi-headed snake by a strong wrestler from the local place according to a legend. But the rock is interesting with inscriptions on it. Say, an inscription was written in Turkic age, in the 6th century. After having lunch at a camp you continue your journey to the lake Terkhiin Tsagaan. Be at Khorgo in the afternoon. After getting your Gers you drive or walk to the extinct volcano Khorgo with a deep cones shaped crater, then drive to the lake Terkhiin Tsagaan. The lake was formed from the rivers that were blocked by the lava from the volcano in ancient times. Lake Terkhiin Tsagaan is 16 km wide, 4-10 meters deep with its deepest point at 28 meters and over 20 kilometers in length. The fresh water lake feeds bike and many other types of fish. Rare water birds are found here in warm season. /214km/(L,D,B)

12. Today you leave Terkhiin tsagaan lake after driving for some time along the lake shore then pass an adventurous high pass of a mountain and be in Khuvsgul province entering into the area of Jargalant soum. Enjoying high mountains and small rivers on the way you arrive at Zuun nuur camp by lunch time. Have some trek around to the mountains and a lake nearby you stay there at a Ger camp. /180km/(L,D,B)

13. Today back to UB. Overnight in Hustai national park. /l b d/ 

14. Back UB


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