Khuisiin Nuur Nuur tour 5 day

Day 1Ulaanbaatar - Sand dash - Arvaikheer city - Uyanga soum - Shurankhuu river - Naiman Nuur Eco camp. 
Morning 06.00 am Ulaanbaatar from Uyanga soum, Uvurkhangai aimag " Khuisiin Naiman Nuur " A trip to the Arvaikheer city of Uvurkhangai aimag was held in the Arvaikheer city of Uvurkhangai province, where the "Mongol Ikh Mongol" Horse's Great Urtuu complex was located near Uvurkhangai aimag and " Red Tsogt" in the Uyanga suburb, and the "Manjul Tolgoi" mouth at the beginning of Shuranga river " Eight Lakes "Eco Camp It is 560 km away.  / day and evening 2 meals /

The " Red Tsogt" of the cube is located on the road of " Khuisiin Naiman Nuur " on the road, with a 28-meter high rock cliff. If this strike is good, there would be an ancient inscription on the front, and if the stones were thrown over the rocks, they would have a lot of livestock. Those who come here are trying to steal the stones from their bricks. You can also browse and watch.

Day 2:  Shuranga - Shiree lake. 
After breakfast, the horses will be dropped and the guards will take their luggage with yaks andmove toShiree NuurTravel way above the sea, more than 3,000 meters high aboveFariaate lunch on the verge of "Gender eight lakes" - the first lake, "Faria lake's north shore," "superstitious Lakescenic great place to spend the night in tents called." It's 15 km away. / 3 meals /


 Day 3:  Shiree lake - Sex lake. 

In the morning, the tour starts at thelakeand goes to the "Lake of the Lakes". Travel pathKhaliut, Baotou, rarely, shovels andsaw 4 lake, called "Sex Laketook lunch to camp on the shore of" Sex and the pedal, the richspend the night camped in tents came late otogtoo saw lakes. It's 15 km away. / 3 meals /

Day 4 

 Lake Sexus - White Azarge Lake - Musk. 
After the morning, the journey begins after the " Naiman Nuur " valley of" Khuisiin Nuur Nuur ", which islocated in thepicturesque "White Serpent " valley, which islocated in the valley of the Boghtin valley, where the carriageway is located. . The horses, the Yak and the guides will come back here. The day is 25 km. / 3 meals /

Day 5

 Bungkong -  Orkhon Falls - Ulaanbaatar. 
After morning tea continue to travel by carwaterfallUlaan Tsutgalan"view" He also wants catch lunch moved to Ulaanbaatar. Travel path of the Orkhon Valley Turkic kingdom of mind, "Camel stony" "cells twist" and the  dunes tip interested in watching the beautiful scenery, such as ayalasaar concludes the tour, arrived in Ulaanbaatar. It is 500 km away. / 2 in the morning and 2 meals /

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