Danshig Naadam Festival 2018

Duration:            7 days

Group Size:        2-12

Tour Operator:    Musa International

Activities:            Hiking, horse trekking, wildlife sightseeing, homestays and Danshig Naadam

Destinations:       Terelj National park,  Genghis Khan Statue, Elsen Tasarkhai Sand dunes, Karakorum, White Lake & Danshig festival


Day1: Danshig Naadam Festival - Terelj National Park

In the morning we will head to Hui Doloon Hudag. Here you can see the Mythical Tsam Dance ceremony as well as various buddhist rituals and mini Naadam festival including wrestling, horse riding and archery competitions. 

In the afternoon we will head to Terelj National Park, here we will explore the mountains and rocky terrains of Terelj, including landmarks such as The Turtle Rock and Aryapala Meditation center.

( L / D ) 



Day2: Genghis Khan Statue - Hustai National Park

After breakfast we will go on a horse trekking tour through the Terelj river and head to Genghis Khan Statue. Largest equestrian statue in the world, beneath the statue there are souvenir shops, cafe and Mongolian traditional clothings. We will also go a top of the horse's head to have a good panoramic scenery of the local Mongolian steppe.

In the afternoon we will head to Hustai National Park. Just before the sunset we will hike above the hills and spot Przewalski horses as well as other species of Mongolian wildlife including Mongolian stork, marmots, black ibex, boars, antelopes and deers

In the evening camp at Moltsog Els

( B / L / D ) 



Day3: Else Tasarkhai Sand dunes & Camel herding family

Today we will visit Elsen Tasarkhai sand dunes. 70kms of Sand dunes, one of the sand stretches of Gobi desert in central Mongolia. In the afternoon we will arrive at the sand dunes and visit camel herder Tsogoo and his family. In the evening after sun sets a low we will explore the nearby sand dunes and oasis

After dinner camp with Tsogoo's family

( B / L / D ) 



Day4: Karakorum city and Khorgo Volcano

In the morning after breakfast, we will head to Karakorum city and Erdene Zuu monastery, ancient capital of the Mongolian empire. Here you can explore the ruins of the old city walls as well as visit Erdene Zuu monastery, one of the largest religious centers of Mongolia.

In the afternoon we will head to Khoro Volcano, on the way we will stop by at Tsetserleg town, Taikhar rock and Chuluut River gorge. 

In the evening camp near Khorgo Volcano.

( B / L / D ) 



Day5: White Lake

Today we will explore the Khorgo volcano as well as the local volcanic charcoal terrain including places such as Yellow dog hell caves, one man cave, ice caverns and many more. In the evening we will explore the Tsagaan nuur White lake and have a good swim and go on a horse trekking in the evening.

Camp near White lake

( B / L / D ) 



Day6: Aglag Khiid - Dugan Khad

In the afternoon we will head to Aglag Khiid Complex. Here we will hike and explore the surrounding Mountain range, forests and centuries old buddhist monuments and statues. 

Here among the mountain dops you can have panorama view and vibe that combines both buddhism and Mongolian nature.

In the evening we will head to Dugan Khad rocks.

( B / L / D ) 



Day7: Return to Ulaanbaatar

In the morning we will head off to Ulaanbaatar and our drivers will drop you off at your respected hotels or destinations in Ulaanbaatar.

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Number of days: 7
Covered regions:
Central Mongolia
Gobi Desert
Western Mongolia
Northern Mongolia
Eastern Mongolia
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