Tajikistan Pilgrimage tour

Day 1. Dushanbe

Visiting Dushanbe central mosque where the highest religious judge of Tajikistan normally preaches the people. We can meet him and his knowledgeable students. Later, we would go to see the Samani square, National Museum, Botanical garden, and Bazaar.

Day 2. Kulab

On the way to Kulab, Nurek Hydroelectric station will be a panoramic place to see. After that, Hulbuk historical fortress will amaze you. Also, Danghara is a good place to see its mosque and its Islamic scholars. Ali Hamdani will be the next thing that we will visit on this day.

Day 3. Darvaz

Shuraabad pass (2200m), after crossing the border of Badakhshan (Pamir) we will drive alongside the Panj river (A branch of Oxus river) which divides Tajikistan and Afghanistan border. On the other side of the river, you will see many villages with almost primitive shapes, made of muds on the body of the mountains. The skyscraping mountains have cuddled these people with a poor way of living bud happily and friendly. High mountains definitely will stun you. In Darvaz we stay in a guest house located next to Khunbab river. Darvaar offers to see the confluence of Khunbaab and Panj rivers as well.

Day 4. Vanj

We continue our journey to Vanj district alongside Panj river. In Vanj we will visit the mausoleum of Sadr and Badr. Sadr and Badr are believed to the relatives of Mohammed (P.B.H). 

Day 5. Darvaz

On the fifth day, we will come back to Darvaaz in the same way alongside Vanj and later Panj rivers. We will stay overnight in the same guest house where we spent a night two days ago. This guesthouse for sure makes your trip memorable with its delicious local foods and its local Tajiki rooms.

Day 6. Dushanbe

From Darvaz to Dushanbe on this day we will come back by another road going through a pass. A Pass called khaburabot over 3000 m above the sea level. On the top of the pass you will see the relics of USSR military station and descending from the pass we will go through several villages towards Dushanbe whose way of living is different from Pamirian way of living.

Day 7. Iskanderkul

Imagining Tajikistan without Iskandarkul is impossible. This is a lake that that people dream to visit it for years. Iskandarkul panorama is unparalleled. There is a very beauteous waterfall situated 3 km. away from Iskandarkul. This waterfall at times called Fan mountains’ Niagara waterfall. Walking towards this waterfall you will experience the joy of wordless conversation with mountains

Day 8. 7 lakes

Just as Iskanderkul so unique and beautiful, the 7 lakes in Fann mountains will give you more that blue, turqoise and green color of the lakes.  Along the road we will have chance to visit some of the most remote villages in Tajikistan.

Day 9. Khujand

Today our starts by seeing a small dry fruit market almost nearby the Shahristan tunnel. After Shahristan tunnel Istaravshan city comes next. The most important place in Istaravshan is Kok Gumbaz and Mogh Tappa. We will visit here also the the mosque of Hazrate Shah which dates back to 13th century. In Istaravshan market we will not miss the line of blacksmiths. This line will throw you deep into the heart of history. Upon the arrival to Khujand we will visit historical museum of Khujand.

10 Dushanbe

Prior to departure towards Dushanbe we will see the historical mosque of Sheikh Moslehiddin and Khujand biggest market. The mosque and mausoleum of Moslehiddin dates back to 12 – 14th centuries.

11. Dushanbe

Free day to spend time on your own, meet with new friends and do some shopping before going back.

Number of days: 11
Covered regions:
Wakhan valley
Fann mountains
Included services:
Accommodation (Hotel/Guesthouse)
Accommodation (Homestay)
Entrance tickets (e.g. museums, parks etc.)
Beverages (non-alcoholic)
Car (with driver)
Fuel, Petrol
Bus/Train tickets
Domestic flight tickets
Not included: Any extra services or personal expences, beverages
What to bring: Hiking shoes, Camera
Transport: SUV 4x4
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