Tour: Osh-Khujand-Dushanbe-Khorog-Murgab-Osh

Day 1  Osh-Kyrgyz-Ata.

At the international airport of Osh you will be met by our driver with a sign of your name. A little eastern-style snack at the Teahouse. Having eaten you go to the national        Park of Kyrgyz-Ata. Kyrgyz-Ata National Park is one of the most beautiful places in southern Kyrgyzstan. Only 55 km from Osh, this small national park is located on the northern slope of the Alay Range. Juniper forests are hallmark of in Kyrgyz-Ata, and are fascinating caves sharing ancestral secrets. In fact, throughout the park are historical and cultural monuments, as well as ancient sites and burial grounds. And that’s just the beginning — it’s also a have for outdoors and ecotourism lovers. 
Spending time at Kyrgyz-Ata National Park offers the chance to trek or ride horses through the gorges. To soak in the pristine nature on any number of cultural or educational tours. And not just for a day — live with nomads at a yurt camp located right in the heart of the park. You’ll see firsthand the daily live of Kyrgyz nomads when you book one of the comfortable yurts, which can sleep a number of people in a hostel-style, or can be booked entirely private.  
From your yurt camp, you can easily hire a local guide for trekking, book a horse trek, and learn the art of archery. And throughout it all, you’ll enjoy locally prepared traditional dishes. Horse lovers will love the chance for either a horse trek in the mountains, or the chance to simply horseback ride in the pastures and fields nearby. Horse treks are available for all skill levels and we offer one- and multi-day options.

Overnight  in the Yurt camp.

Day 2: Kyrgyz-Ata – Khujand

Today  you go to the city of Khujand.Khujand is the second largest city of Tajikistan. It is located on the river Syr - at the mouth Fergana valley. Population it is 149,000 people. Khujand is also the capital the northernmost region Tajikistan, which is today is called Sugd. After You visit the Palace culture in which he was elected the first President of Tajikistan. In the city center is The Central mosque you also visit today. Night will spend in the hotel.

Day 3: Khujand – Alaudin lakes

You will drive to lake Pat Aladdin through Shakhristan pass (3 378 m.) The road will pass through the mountain passes, and you will have many photo-stops. We'll pass about 40 km from the main road in the valley of the Zarafshan to visit  Aladdin lakes. Water in lake so pure that you can see the bottom. Nature and places there are so beautiful  and  wanderful   . After exploring the lakes we will go back towards the family. You will spend the night local family home.

Day 4: Alaudin lakes - Iskanderkul - Dushanbe

Today transfer to mountain lake - Iskanderkul (2 255 m. S. L.), then, in Dushanbe. Iskanderkul located in the famous fan mountains. After arriving at the lake You're going for a walk. We will also make a trip to see the biggest waterfall, known as Niagara of

Fan mountains. Then we we will continue our trip to Dushanbe through Anzob pass and tunnel Long Istiklol. Dushanbe is capital and largest city Tajikistan's. Dushanbe means

"Monday" in Tajik language, and the name reflects that life the fact that the city grew up on the spot the village, which was originally was a popular market in Monday. As of

In 2012, the population  lived   of  the  Dushanbe is 1 000 000 people.Overnight at hotel.

Day 5: Dushanbe - Kalai Khum

Kalai Khum In the morning In the morning we will go to the city Khorog. This is perhaps one of the the smallest cities on world map. All four. it is surrounded by rocky sides mountains. The city was built on the confluence of three rivers, where the river Sandara and Gund flow into the river Panj. On the way to Khorog You meet the inhabitants of the Pamirs. A number of anthropological features features of the Pamir residents from ordinary Tajiks  people High percentage of Pamiris with blonde hair, blond skin and blue eyes. Pamir mountains are the most high mountains in the world, after Himalayas in Tibet, where they live people. Life in the mountains made the traditions of the locals

markedly different from traditions of the Tajik people. You will visit the  Botanical garden

nature (or in the morning, if you do not have time). But - guest house.

Day 6: Khorog - Ishkashim - Langar

Today we are going to a small the village of Ishkashim. It is the capital the Ishkashim district  Badakhshan Autonomous region areas in the South-East of the country. It is located on the Panj river, where the river turns sharply on North. The Panj river is tributary of the Amu river 1 with a length of 125 km, which forms a significant part of the border of Afghanistan and Tajikistan's. The Village Of Ishkashim located opposite the city the same name in Afghanistan, although the name Afghan city usually transliterated as Ishkashim with Persian. Then continue our way along the Wakhan the corridor from Ishkashim to Langar.  On the way visit the fortress Kaahka and Yamchun. During all the

day we will move along  Afghan border - will be interesting to see their houses and small villages, built right in the mountain the other side is located Tajik villages and you will see the way of life they live local resident. Houses built of stones, and the people are very hospitable. You will learn very many interesting facts about life Tajik people. The night goes by in the house of the locals.

 Day 7: Langar-Bulunkul Lake - Murgab

On Amur say: "come here and to see Murgab is like not come." on Pamir at all. - At the end after all, under the "Roof of the world" we we mean Murgab. In the morning we

let's go to this town. Along the way you visit the lakes Bulunkul and Yamchun. Dozens of shackles the absolute height of more than 6 000 meters above sea level are on the plain barren landscape of Murghab. Often visitors to Murgab compare his landscape with lunar surface. Indeed, this comparison suggests a unique feeling stay in Murghab and the uniqueness of this place. High clamat Murgab is similar with Arctic climate. After

air, ear, short,  cool in the summer and almost without snows, the harsh, cold weather that seasons characterizes this area. Overnight  in the guest house.

 Day 8: Murgab - Achyk-Tash (base camp, in peak)

In the morning You will move as Kyrgyz border of Kyzyl RT, which is at height 4 336 m. You will head to the side one of the most beautiful places in Kyrgyzstan, the picturesque Tash valley near base camp of one of the peaks- seven thousand noses in's pic is the third the largest peak in the former The Soviet Union and is considered one of the less dangerous ascents. In this regard, he became one of the most popular picoe in the sea and annually submits to hundreds oltaskitem from around the world. Moreover he is known not only its artifacts of the Soviet epochs at the highest level, co and unpredictable weather arrival you will be free time to  take a stroll in the surrounding area. Spend the Night in tents.

 Day 9: Achyk- Tash -Osh

Today we will go to Osh city. The road goes along the mountains and high pass. On the way you will pass through the pass Taldyk. He 3615 meters in height! You never forget about the enchanting view on mountains and passes. 93% of the territory Kyrgyzstan's

mountains, where people live a nomadic life in the depths of the country. Our the country is a Paradise for lovers of mountains and unusual cultures'. The way lies on

winding roads among gorges.' Prepare watch the beautiful views of massive mountains all over ways gorges .'Overnight at hotel.

Day 10: Osh – Airport

In the morning  transfer to the airport.


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Wakhan valley
Fann mountains
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