Naadam Festival Ticket

Naadam Events
Some events tourists and locals may wish to attend in Mongolia during Naadam include:

Attend the largest Naadam festival, the National Naadam, held in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar. There are long introductory ceremonies where you will meet the horses, the jockeys, dancers, singers, and more. This event is especially focused on horseback riding. Also look for the symbolic transfer of Genghis Khan’s “nine horse tails” to the stadium where the National Naadam is held.
Get some “shagai,” which are sheep or goat ankle bones used in numerous Mongolian games played during Naadam. These bones are the “original dice,” and are also used in fortune telling. There are tournaments where shagai games are played, and you will see them being tossed in the air, rolled on a stick, and shot at with arrows.

Ticket : 85 euro per person Set including opening and closing ceremony. 

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