City tour “Astana is the symbiosis of past and future in pre

Astana never stops its development, it refers to spiritual and material, and the architecture of the city is the index of the fact that not only the capital changes its image, but the country does as well. We would like to invite you to a six-hour tour across the modern capital of Kazakhstan.

Astana is the symbiosis of past and future in present, it is the city where any person has his own vision and opinion on Astana. You may find that the capital is a glass city from future, consisting of unusual buildings tailored by the foreign architects – it is the Pyramid, as well as “Khan Shatyr”, which author is Sir Norman Foster; it is the heritage of the EXPO exhibition, conducted from 10th of June till 10 of September 2017, the theme was “Future Energy”.

But once you leave the left embankment and walk through the right, you will feel the spirit of past – pre-revolutionary spirit, the spirit of workers of the Virgin Land Campaign, conducted in 1954 till 1965. The left embankment of Astana is the platform where all significant events happened, it was here where Astana was claimed to be the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 1997. In spite of the fact that the right embankment is said to be an old part of the city, it has a new direction, which embodies white marble radiance and spirit of the bird Samruk which presents the symbol of people’s identity modernization. The bird Samruk seems to protect the “Independence Square”; sitting on the top of “Kazakh Yeli” Monument, it guards peace and independence and if you just let yourselves day-dream, you could imagine that the bird is flying over the “Palace of Peace and Reconciliation” and taking a rest at the pond in the President’s Park. The “Independence Square” and “Nurzhol” Boulevard are connected by the bridges over the Yesil (Ishim) River, they prolong the “Millennium Axis” in which conventional centre the main monument of the country “Bayterek” is located. The monument is an observation platform, from which the view embraces almost the whole panorama of the city.

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