Simple circular trekking route in the foothills of Trans-Ili Alatau mountains with a length of 17 kilometers and duration of one day. Starting point is the tourist base "Almatau" in the gorge Kotyrbulak, from where you can see a magnificent view of the peak on which we will ascend - Bukreev peak.

Season: January - December

Best period: November - January, June - September

Route complexity: circular and not difficult route in the style of easy trekking. It requires good physical fit, as its length is quite large - 17 km. The main goal of this trekking will be Bukreev peak with altitude 3010 meters.

H difference: 1150 meters. Lowest point - 1860 m., tourist base «Almatau», highest point – 3010 m (Bukreev peak).

Route: Kazakhstan, Almaty region,Almaty city – Besagash village – Kotyrbulak village – Beskainar village – tourist base «Almatau» - Bukreev peak – «Hope» point – «Forest» pass – tourist base «Elik-Sai».


Bukreev peak is located in the northern extremity of Small Almaty spur, in the upper reaches of Butakovka gorge and it is the ultimate peak of the spur. It's altitude is 3010 meters. The northern slope refers to Kotyrbulak gorge, the western slopes descend to Butakovka gorge, the eastern slopes - to Left Talgar. Some time ago peak was called "Pioneer Peak", because technically the summit is very simple and even children can climb to the top. This is the reason why in surroundings there are so many kid’s camps located in the gorges of Kotyrbulak and Elik-Sai. It is possible to climb to the summit all year round. In winter and spring, for example, this mountain is popular with fans of off-piste skiing and snowboarding. In 2007, the peak was renamed in honor of the legendary Soviet mountaineer Anatoly Bukreev, and memorable tablets were also made on the top of the peak. Great were the services of Bukreev in the world of local and world mountaineering. He was a mountaineer who climbed 11 of 14 -thousanders without using an oxygen mask. His ability to stand enormous loads and incredible physical endurance are admired by many world climbers and mountaineers even nowadays. Bukreev lived in the village of Gornyi Sadovod (now Kotyrbulak) and trained in the nearest foothills, so the summit was like home spot for him. He often liked to run on it's top straight from home. The mountaineer died in tragic circumstances in December 1997 during the ascent to the summit of Annapurna (8,091 m).

Tour program:

07.30 – departure from Almaty.

After passing Besagash village, we will move further up the road to the Beskainar village. After reaching Kotyrbulak gorge, we will enter the territory of Ile-Alatau National Park, where we will have to pay an environmental fee. Passing the camp "Almatau", we will reach the children's camp "Pioneer", where our route begins. Water can be taken along the road, where we will stop at the spring. Almost on the entire route there will be no water, therefore it will be better to collect more.

08.30 – preparations and exit to the route.

From the cable car, we will move to the left along the path that goes up to the nearest ridge. Further along the ridge through the forest we will stop on a small pass from which panorama to the peak of Bukreev will be opened. It will take about an hour. There we will make a halt, drink some water and have a snack. From this spot we will clearly see the path of our further route - the path line, gradually gaining altitude on the opposite slope. We'll go there. The climb will be not difficult, so within 40 minutes we will reach the next halt. This place will give us a great view of the large rocky peaks and glaciers, view on the highest point of the Trans-Ili Alatau - Talgar peak (5017 m) will be opened. Easy snack, rest. Last effort before reaching the summit. This part of the route will be the most energy-intensive and long, the trail all the time will go up, you will have to sweat on the way. In some places you will have to pass over large stones, here you must be very attentive and focused on ascent, despite the fatigue. A little bit more and we will be at the top.

12.00 – top of Bukreev peak.

Here we will see more snow peaks and eternal glaciers of our region - the mighty peaks of Talgar and Small Almaty gorges. In all its glory we will see Nursultan peak, as well as the peak of the Athlete and Til glacier. We will have about an hour for having the rest, eat and enjoy the views from the top of the summit.

13.00 – descent from the summit.

We will descend by the other ridge, towards the "peak" or "ness" of Hope - a small rocky ledge located at the foot of Bukreev peak.

Then we will go along wide field and start to descend into the forest, a big fallen tree will be our landmark. Passing the forest, we will go to the Forest Pass, from here you can go down to the Butakovka Gorge, if you go to the left, but we will go to the right, towards the Elik-Sai gorge. The final part of the descent will pass along narrow gorge along the creek, from which it will be possible to drink plenty of fresh mountain water. Coming out of the gorge, we will cross the ski slope of the tourist base "Elik-Sai", the so-called "vegetable garden" and reach the finish point of the way - the territory of the tourist base with a large wooden ship that serves as a guest house for tourists and participants of the «Mowgli» children's camp. From here we will go back to the city by car.

17.00 – arrival to Almaty.

Private Tour Price:   

190 USD for one person     
200 USD for group of 2 persons traveling together    
280 USD for group of 3 persons traveling together 

Group Tour Price for October 4, 2019: 75 USD Per Person 


1. Hotel pick-up/drop-off
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3. All admission and environmental fees
4. Lunch (picnic) at nature



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