Individual tours in Kazakhstan and Central Asia

Jeep tours. Excursions in Kazakhstan and Central Asia


We will be happy to open for you all the diversity and beauty of nature, the history and cultural heritage of Kazakhstan. Our land is truly unique. You can visit the hot sands of Muyunkum in one day. After a few hours, be at the foot of the snow-covered Tien-Shan peaks and enjoy the mountain breeze. Our excursions are not limited to the route, we can change them on the go.


We offer you the following services:


1. Individual jeep tours, excursions, to prepared off-road vehicles all over Kazakhstan and Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan) from one-day routes to large expeditions. Accommodation and meals at the request of tourists in campsites (included in the tour, all necessary equipment is provided) or in hotels for a fee. The cost of the tour includes transfer, transportation, fuel, guide services, both on the roads and on hiking routes, camping equipment, tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, dishes, table, chairs, gas burners, food - (at the discretion of the customers), Creation of coziness and safety.


2. The cost of tours varies depending on the distance, the number of people and the special wishes of customers. The average price, the nearest suburb of one-day tour from 80 dollars. (Big Almaty Lake, Turgen Falls, Issyk Lake, etc.). From $ 100 Charyn canyon, Tambala. Multi-day tours from 100 to 150 dollars a day. Attention, the price is indicated for the car salon, that is for all tourists from one to seven passengers.


3. Accompanying groups of tourists-tourists, led tourists.


4. One-day ascent to the peaks of the Trans-Ili Alatau (the peak of the great Alma-Ata is 3,680 m, the peak of the tourist is 3954 m) and others according to your desire.


5. Hunting, fishing on any routes at will


6. Transfer, delivery, relocation to any suburban hotels to tourist bases, cities and state borders and beyond.


7. Flights on the gyro and gliders.


8. Off-road picnics.


Budget option - the cost of $ 150 per day for the car regardless of the number of people (from one to seven). This price includes: rent of transport, fuel, guide services, equipment for camping. Meals, tickets, accommodation are paid separately.


The all-inclusive service - the cost of $ 200 per day is designed for two people, each additional person plus $ 40. This price includes: car rental, guide services, fuel, meals, tickets, accommodation in guest houses or tents at will.

Included services:
Accommodation (Hotel/Guesthouse)
Accommodation (Homestay)
Entrance tickets (e.g. museums, parks etc.)
Beverages (non-alcoholic)
Car (with driver)
Fuel, Petrol
Bus/Train tickets
Domestic flight tickets
Transport: Minivan