Olkhon Island: The ice story, 5 days Tour from Irkutsk

The cost of $ 2100 per person, if you go together, the cost will be $ 1250 per person. As the number of people increases, the cost decreases.

Irkutsk-Olkhon island-Irkutsk

Just a few weeks a year from February to March, there is a mysterious transformation of lake Baikal into a smooth, ice desert, bordered by the majestic peaks of mountain ranges. The ice of Baikal is an incredible, fabulous spectacle, a unique picture created by a great artist – Nature. Have you ever heard of ice? How exciting and majestic does it sound? Kilometers of pure and transparent ice under your feet, bizarre patterns of frozen water. Everyone who has visited Baikal at this time leaves with the strongest and most exotic impressions and with a great desire to return to this amazing ice tale, which has no analogues anywhere in the world. 

The tour program Ice story, the island of Olkhon

Day 1: excursion to Cape Burhan (Shamanka rock)

Please let us know your arrival time in advance:

1. We will meet you at the Irkutsk airport or at the railway station 2. We will take you to the hotel – Olkhon island, Khuzhir village. 3. Conduct lunch and will provide the participants an Icy Tale of the island of Olkhon 4. At 17: 00 we will go on the first tour. 19: 00 – dinner

Where to go

O. Olkhon-Cape Burkhan (Shamanka rock)

1.Duration of the tour-1 hour 30 minutes

What is included in the price

2.Bus to Olkhon island

3. Lunch, dinner

4.Services of a guide

What to bring


2. Warm upper and light clothing(jacket, snow-proof pants, mittens, hats, warm socks, thermal underwear)

3.Comfortable warm shoes to walk on deep snow and ice.

4. Sunglasses

5. Cash (the island has no ATMs)

Detailed description

During the walk: the first tour - to Cape Burhan, the famous Shaman rock, one of the nine shrines of Asia. The fantastically curved shaman is not only a kind of business card of Baikal, well-known around the world, without which no film or photo album about Baikal can do. It is, first of all, the sacred place of the island, the sacred center of the entire shaman world. In the near to the shore the rock is through the cave, a revered Khorinsk and Barguzin Buryats, as earlier here there was a shamanistic ceremonies, and after laminarii drilled was an altar of Buddha.

This Holy place really has a powerful energy, it is not recommended to go to children and pregnant women, in order to protect their body from unpredictable consequences.

The program of the first day also includes a visit to the local history Museum of Khuzhir. Its rich collection of ancient objects, reflecting the life and culture of the islanders, shamanistic rites and rituals, is of constant interest to tourists. There is a souvenir shop nearby. After exploring the many attractions - return to the recreation center and dinner.

Day 2: car tour to Cape Hobonode go

1. Island Kharantsy

2.Roar Island

3.Cape Sagan-Khushun

4. Cape Khoboy

5. Travel time 6-7 hours

What is included in the price

1. UAZ on the island

2. Breakfast, lunch (picnic) and dinner

3. Guide service-ekskursovodov to take

What to bring


5. Warm upper and light clothing(jacket, snow-proof pants, mittens, hats, warm socks, thermal underwear)

6. Comfortable warm shoes in which you can walk on deep snow and ice.


8. Water

Detailed description

Today You will go on a road trip on the ice of lake Baikal and drive along the entire island from the village of Khuzhir to its Northern tip – Cape Khoboy, stopping in the most beautiful and remarkable places. The guide will tell you the most interesting myths and legends about the great Siberian sea, the harsh Baikal winds, shamanistic rituals and rituals of worship of local spirits. You will be able to see the stunning bizarre ice shapes on bright red rocks, ice Naples, sakui that reach a height of several meters and pass on the mirror of the Baikal ice. The exceptional transparency of the ice will allow you to look into the blackening mysterious depths of the lake.

First stop is the island kharantsy. In summer, the island is particularly unremarkable, but in winter it becomes one of the most famous places of winter Baikal. The fact that the island has a lot of grottoes, and frozen deposits create in them ice stalactites and stalagmites, which turns these grottoes in the fabulous crystal halls. At dawn or sunset, the sun lights up and tints the ice stalactites in gold color. Crazy and beautiful sight!

After driving a little more stop near a small island of Roar, in the common people called the lion, because of its similarity with the head of a lion, as if protruding out of the water. In translation from Buryat roar means "to lean out". Here you can walk around the island, listen to the whispers of the ice-bound Baikal. See how the ice shimmers in different colors in the rays of the winter sun, then we go further North.

The next stop - Rock three Brothers (Cape Sagan-Khushun).

Sagan-Khushun - "white Cape" - an extremely picturesque rocky Cape with a length of about 1 km, is composed of marble of light colors, densely covered with red lichen and therefore having a Burgundy color. In winter, it is impossible to drive on the ice past it without noticing it. The winter road, as a rule, passes near rocks. At the foot - a pile of transparent ice floes, rocks to a height of tens of meters are decorated with delicate branched icicles. In a small stone Bay between the rocks, tens of meters up, every year when the lake is frozen, the heavy ice stalactites, similar to the branches of Christmas trees, are formed. Next to the North is an 8-meter grotto, like in the fairy tale about The snow Queen, fantastically decorated with transparent ice icicles, stalagmites, ice crystals and patterns. All this beauty sparkling in the sun is difficult to convey in a video or photo. Especially effective are ice lace grotto at sunset, when for a short time sunlight illuminates the inside of the grotto. Here, after a walk and a tour of the rocks, right on the ice, among the beautiful nature, you will enjoy lunch (ear of omul).

After lunch, we will continue our journey to the end point – Cape Hoboy. This is one of the sacred places, where anciently at the site on the edge of a rocky cliff performed shamanic rituals, talaghani. Hobo-Buryat "Fang". Another name of the Cape is the Virgo rock. Indeed, if you look from the water, the Northern tip of the alder, a huge rock, resembles the shape of a woman in a long dress. On Cape Khoboy, before you will open the fascinating endless expanses of lake Baikal, snow-capped peaks of the Baikal ridge and the mountainous Peninsula — Svyatoy Nos. Many people think that here is the end of the Earth. And perhaps it can be experienced only on the island. In winter, there are the largest ice hummocks. But most striking is not the size of the hummocks (some reach several meters) and not even the purity of the ice, and its color! The ice floes Shine with a magical, amazingly clear blue light. The place is notable for its polyphonic echo, which is reflected from the monolithic rock. In winter, you can explore the grottoes, decorated with ice and transparent icicles. They are at the level of the water's edge, their entrances are oriented to the North. To visit the longest of the grottoes (19 m) need a flashlight.

In the evening-return to the recreation center, dinner. For an additional fee to the participants is organized bath. 

Day 3: Free day Where to go

1.The dog sledding

2. Ice skating on the ice of Baikal

3. Quad Biking


5.Riding on " Cheesecake»

What is included in the price

1.Breakfast, dinner

what To bring


2. Warm upper and light clothing(jacket, snow-proof pants, mittens, hats, warm socks, thermal underwear)

3. Comfortable warm shoes to walk on deep snow and ice.

4. Sunglasses

5. Water

Detailed description

Optional excursions for an additional fee: dog sledding, skating, Quad, "cheesecake", fishing.

Dog sledding

One of the most exciting types of winter entertainment is dog sledding. This winter entertainment is equally suitable for both adults and children.

Dog sledding is a great way to experience the thrill and get a dose of adrenaline.

Ice skating on Baikal ice

Ice skating-what could be more interesting and exciting from the winter fun! A great opportunity to drive on skates on the world's largest skating rink – Baikal ice and recharge the energy of Baikal. You should not worry about the safety of skiing from January to April: the ice on lake Baikal is strong and reaches a thickness of up to 1.5 meters!

Quad Biking

Passion, extreme, speed and enjoyment of the stunning views of the winter Baikal-all this you will feel on a journey on Quad bikes. It is easy to master the technique – this will help you instructors. If you are going to ride a Quad bike, do not forget to dress warmly, grab gloves – and on the way!


Winter fishing season on lake Baikal begins in January, when the bays freeze. Off the coast to catch perch, roach, pike, Dace. With the cooling and thickening of the ice fishermen go from the shore further in search of serious production. In early February, you can already try to catch burbot, grayling or the famous Baikal omul. You will be surprised, but the meter ice of Baikal is relatively easy to drill with a standard ice-drill. The best time for fishing on lake Baikal is March and the beginning of April: the sun warms quite in spring, but the ice is still thick-you can walk without fear. A catch on lake Baikal depends on luck and skill.

Riding on " cheesecake»

Tubing - riding on an inflatable sled (originally called-tube (tube) or snowtube, and in Russian are better known as "cheesecakes"). Tube or inflatable "cheesecake" is a car camera placed in a special durable cover with handles. Riding on "cheesecake" - an amazing opportunity for adults and children to have fun while riding with the wind on the ice. This winter fun will give everyone a storm of positive emotions.

Day 4: car tour of the South side of the island Where to go

1. Island Zamogoi

2. Oltrek Island

3. Ogoy Island

4. Cape Mare's head

5. Travel time 6-7 hours

What is included in the price

1.UAZ on the island

2. Breakfast, lunch (picnic) and dinner

3.Services of a guide What to take with you

4. Camera

5. Warm upper and light clothing(jacket, snow-proof pants, mittens, hats, warm socks, thermal underwear)

6. Comfortable warm shoes in which you can walk on deep snow and ice.

7. Sunglasses

8. Water

Detailed description

After Breakfast, the tour begins to the South of the island.

The first stop at the island Zamogoi, around the island you can see the blue ridges and the snow is bright blue in color. The Union of Mountains, the Wind, Water and Frost creates around unusual pieces of ice and stepped waterfalls. The rocks and boulders on the shore are covered with icy icing, the frozen layers create bizarre shapes, as if the breath of cold stopped time here. Near the shore you can see huge blocks of blue ice, playing in the sun like diamonds. The next stop is another island - Oltrek, a small uninhabited island in the Small sea. Its shores are rocky and quite steep, and the upper point rises above the water by 30 meters. From the shore the island is perfectly visible, and for the elongated shape, resembling a reptile floating on the water, the locals also call it – Crocodile. Although translated from the Evenk "oltrek" means-bird island. The island of Oltrek is easy to climb. When you climb to the land of the Islands, it covers some sacred, high sense of peace and tranquility. You feel the power of nature. Oltrek from afar looks like 2 Islands: white and brown, Yin and Yang, United in one gust. The ice of the Small Sea is amazing. It is impossible to break away from the cracks, washouts that reflect the kaleidoscope of the generous Sun of Siberia. After a walk you will have to wait for a delicious ear of fresh omul, local cakes and hot tea. Lunch in such a beautiful place, on the shore of lake Baikal, seems extremely tasty.

After a walk in the winter Oltrek and lunch, we go to the largest island of the small sea – Ogoy. This is one of the sacred places on lake Baikal - a place of power, where there is a protected sacred stupa of Enlightenment, in which Buddhist relics are embedded. It is believed that such stupas are created to dissolve all the negative obstacles in the world.

A short walk around the island and our way lies further on the ice of lake Baikal in the Gulf of Hul, where you will walk to the amazing Cape Kobylya golova. It is a picturesque Cape of the southern extremity of the island. It is believed that it looks like the profile of the horse's head and is a geomorphological monument of nature.

The most extreme rock (Cape Horin-Irgi) is separated from the Mare's Peninsula By a vertical cleft about 4 m wide and by walls up to 10 m high to the surface of the water and resembles a horse's head from a distance. The rocks of the Cape attracted the attention of sokuyi-napisami ice formed on the rocks during the freezing of the island. With a strong Gale on the windward side of the cliff can be covered naplekova ice up to 10-20 m in height. The cleft picturesquely cluttered with fancy ice decorations.

According to the abundance, beauty and constancy of the formation every winter of ice decorations on the coastal rocks on the Small sea, only two similar places – the head of the Mare and the rocks of the Cape Sagan-Khushun in the Northern part of Olkhon. This popular and certainly interesting tour will not leave anyone indifferent! After returning to the recreation center you will have dinner and rest.

Day 5: return to Irkutsk

We have Breakfast and go to the Central market in Irkutsk. The length of the route is 300 km, the road time is 5-6 hours. Food in the way you pay for yourself.

If you want, you can pay for additional stay on Olkhon.

We reserve the right to change the order of excursions on days depending on weather conditions, but their number and content remain unchanged.

To book a tour

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