Bright North - 5 days tour in Northern Russia

A winter activity program in the most northern corner of Russia - Kola Peninsula. The piece of land outside the polar circle attracts more and more adventure seekers.

The incredible  non-freezing Barents Sea flows into the Arctic Ocean, endless tundra and majestic cliffs inspire unforgettable feelings in guests of Teriberka, where the famous movie "The Leviathan" was shot. Also,if we get lucky, and it's possible because miracles happen in Christmas time, we will see the Northern Lights!

We will visit the legendary atomic icebreaker "Lenin" (the first vessel with a nuclear power generator in the world) in the hero city of Murmansk. Than will also stop by the memorial complex "Alyosha" providing a great view of the Kola bay. Then we will see the most northern oceanarium in Europe, where arctic seals live and perform.

In the ethnic village, we will be introduced to the Saami lifestyle: to rise of the Saami flag, to have a lunch in a Saami traditional home with typical dishes, to have a tour around the village, to play traditional Saami games, meeting with animals, feeding reindeer from hands, taking photos with them etc.

In Kirovsk we will go up to the mountain top of 1100 m height to the clouds by a cable-car. And how amazing the snow village is! An incredible piece of art made of snow and ice, you will be under impression for a long time after visiting it!

In our tour loads of emotions and positivity are guaranteed for a long time! Feel the real northern winter…

Tour length: 5 days/4 nights

Number of tourists in a group: 8 to 30 people

Meals: according to the tour program

Time: New Year holidays and January to May

Tour dates:

·         Dec 30 – Jan 03

·         Jan 03 – Jan 07

·         Jan 23 – Jan 27

·         Feb 06 – Feb 10

·         Feb 20 – Feb 24

·         March 06 – March 10

·         March 27 – March 31

·         Apr 17 – Apr 21

·         May 01 – May 05

The tour price includes:

·         Transfer from airport or railway station in Murmansk

·         Tour guide

·         Transfers along the tour route

·         Accommodation in double-rooms in hotels

·         Activities and excursions along the route

·         Meals according to the tour program (breakfast + lunch, extra charge for dinner)

The tour price does not include:

·         Avia and railway tickets

·         Accommodation before and after the tour

·         Meals if indicated “paid extra”

Necessary equipment:

·         Passport, medical insurance

·         Clothing suitable for temperatures from -25C to +5C (coat, hat, gloves, thermal underwear)

Upon booking the tour you will be provided all the information on how to get here, where to stay before the tour starts, if needed the will book a hotel or a guest house for you.

The tour takes place outside the polar circle in Murman region, temperatures this time can vary from -25C to -5C.

The Kola Peninsula is an unpredictable region and the weather can change every 3 hours. We cannot guarantee a 100% storm or Northern Lights, therefore the program can be changed due to the weather conditions.

During the New Year holidays period the order of the tour program and hotels along the route can be changed. We will inform you about all the changes.

Day 1

The city of Murmansk

·         10:00 – 11:00 Meeting of the group in Murmansk airport

·         12:00 Meeting at Murmansk railway station

·         Lunch in a café (included in tour price)

·         Transfer to memorial complex "Alyosha", which has a great view of the Kola bay

·         Visiting the "Lenin" icebreaker

·         Drive to the other cost of the Kola bay, which has a great view of the city in the night

·         Transfer to the "Azimut" or the "Meridian" hotel

·         Dinner in the legendary restaurant of national cuisine "Tundra" (payed extra)

Day 2

The city of Murmansk – the village of Teriberka

·         Breakfast in the hotel (included in tour price)

·         Transfer to the village of Teriberka

·         Accommodation in a hotel (double-rooms, hostel class, amenities in the room )

·         Lunch (included in the tour price)

·         Snowbike ride along the cost (booked in advance, paid additionally)

·         Russian sauna (booked in advance, paid additionally)

·         Return to the hotel

·         Dinner (paid extra)

Day 3: The village of Teriberka – the city of Kirovsk

·         Breakfast (included in tour price)

·         Transfer to the ethnic Saami village (250 km)

·         Activities in the ethnic village

·         Lunch (included in price)

·         Transfer to the city of Kirovsk, which is located between the mountains

·         Accommodation in the hotel "Tirvas" or "Hibiny"

·         Dinner in a café or in the hotel (paid extra)

Day 4: The city of Kirovsk

·         Breakfast (included in tour price)

·         Rising to the top of the mountain 1100 m by cable-car (if the weather is good)

·         Visit to the museum OJSC"Apatit"

·         Lunch in a café (included in tour price)

·         Visit to the "Snow village"

·         Return to the hotel

·         Dinner in a café or in the hotel (paid extra)

Day 5: The city of Kirovsk – the city of Murmansk

·         Breakfast (included in tour price)

·         11:00 – 14:00 Transfer to Murmansk airport or railway station



Number of days: 5
Included services:
Accommodation (Hotel/Guesthouse)
Accommodation (Homestay)
Entrance tickets (e.g. museums, parks etc.)
Beverages (non-alcoholic)
Car (with driver)
Fuel, Petrol
Bus/Train tickets
Domestic flight tickets
Transport: Minivan
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