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Manpupuner Plateau Helicopter Trip - Urals Russia 1 day

In 2008, the Manpupuner Plateau became one of the "7 Wonders of Russia". Despite the popularity of the plateau, only a few can visit it. The great distance from civilization and its location in a specially protected area of the reserve make it doubly inaccessible.

We offer you to take one day helicopter trip to the Manpupuner Plateau over the weekend.

Available for groups up to 20 people.

Hurry up to participate, seats are sold quickly!

Manpupuner tour from Perm:

The favorable geographical location of the city, the presence of a helicopter landing site in the north of Permsky Krai and a good transport interchange made it possible to arrange affordable helicopter trips to the plateau of Manpupuner from Perm.

It is easy to get to Perm in a couple of hours by plane from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Samara, Rostov on Don, Sochi, Kazan, Syktyvkar, Yekaterinburg and other cities. From other regions you can get there by train, bus or private car.

Why choose this tour?

Helicopter flight to Manpupuner is a chance to visit a truly unique and inaccessible place without tents and sleeping bags, without a heavy backpack and a multi-day hike.

1. Helicopter flight

Prebooked groups of tourists make exclusive helicopter tours more accessible. The flight passes above taiga untouched over a century, from a bird's-eye view you will see the Ural Mountains, the blue belts of mountain rivers, the reindeer herds, the Dyatlov Pass, the Otorten Mountain.

2. Myths and legends

It is hard to imagine that the first Russians appeared here less than 100 years ago. Prior to this, only the shamans of the ancient Mansi tribes climbed the plateau to feed their magical powers, ordinary people were forbidden to visit Manpupuner. By now everyone can feel the energy of this place in his own way.

3. Emotions and impressions

Manpupuner is hard to reach, not everyone is allowed to visit it from the first time. Sometimes it hides from tourists in the clouds, fog, but opening up will not leave anyone indifferent! Emotions go off scale!

P.S. Ladies! Bring your most beautiful dresses! If the weather is good, you will get a gorgeous photo!

Tour Details:

Start - Perm. We meet you at 4:00 am in Perm.

Transfer Perm - the settlement of Nyrob.

From Perm we go to Nyrob by bus, where the northernmost helipad of the Perm region is located. The journey takes about 5 hours (360 km).

At around 9 o'clock we arrive at the helipad in Nyrob. We get a weather report on the plateau and take off.

Helicopter flight Nyrob - Manpupuner.

The flight takes 1 hour and 20 minutes. We will fly over the virgin forests of Komi, the mountain tundra, we will see the blue rivers, the peaks of the Ural Mountains and, if lucky, the herds of reindeers.

* We might also have tourists from Komi, whom we pick up on the way at Yaksh settlement in the Republic of Komi.

Manpupuner – Nyrob (Return trip)

The excursion to the Manpupuner lasts from 1.5 to 4 hours (depending on the weather conditions).

We return by same way and at 22:00 - 24:00 we arrive in Perm.

We recommend our guests to plan an overnight stay in Perm (due to weather conditions, the time of departure to the plateau and, accordingly, the time of returning to Perm can be shifted to later hours).


Throughout the day, water is provided, snacks, sandwiches, fruits. If the weather is favorable and we have free time from the tour, there will be a hot lunch on the plateau.

At request we can stop by a cafe on the way back.


1. Departure from Nyrob is usually planned for 9:00 in the morning (in the hot summer at 8:00 am), but if the weather is not good for flying in the mountains, the flight can be postponed to a later time.

2. Because of non-flying weather in the mountains, departure sometimes takes place the next day. Then we spend the night in a hotel in Nyrob.

To bring with you

For your comfort, do not forget to take the following things:

Wind and waterproof suit to protect yourself from the rain and a strong wind that can overtake you on the Manpupuner Plateau.

Multi-layer clothing. In the mountains it can be both cold and hot. Dress so that you can wrap yourself in cold weather. In the case of warm weather, the entire stock of clothes canbe left in the bus or helicopter.

Comfortable shoes. After 2016 when a gravel track was constructed, the availability of waterproof shoes became irrelevant. Shoes just should be comfortable.

Snacks on the road, tea in a thermos. We take packed foods with us (sweets, cookies, bananas, apples, bread, cheese, water), you can take something else with you to feel comfortable on the road.

Camera, memory card to it. Take also a friend who will assist you make a good picture with pillars of Manpupuner on the background. Our wi-fi on the plateau will help you in your , VK or feeds.

Means of personal hygiene. Toothbrush, paste, soap, napkins and toilet paper - in case there is non-flying weather on the Manpupuner and the flight will be carried on the next day.

In case the flight is delayed due to non-flying weather conditions until the next day, you will be able to stay in a hotel in Nyrob (the cost of the room is from 20 to 70 USD to be paid extra).

Positive attitude and willingness to wait. We are not waiting for flight weather so often, but it is better to be ready for it.

Instructors - from Perm to the plateau of Manpupuner you will be accompanied by the guide. On the plateau Manpupuner we will be met by the state Inspector of the Pechoro-Ilych Reserve, who will lead an excursion to the plateau.

Tour price includes:

·         Helicopter flight (1 hour 20 minutes) by Mi-8 Helicopter

·         Bus (5 hours) Perm - Nyrob - Perm

·         Food - fruits, snacks, sandwiches, water

·         Insurance from a reliable insurance company

·         Guide service from Perm to the Manpupuner

·         Excursion services in the reserve

You do not have to worry about anything, we will make all necessary arrangements!


·         Transportation costs to Perm

·         The paid tour starts at 4:00 am on the day of departure from Perm. By prior arrangement we can meet you at the airport or at the railway station.

·         Accommodation in the hotel in Nyrob

·         Flight transfers on the next day due to non-flying weather are rare, therefore the cost of a hotel in Nyrob is not included in the tour price.

Flight by plane:

During the summer season as alternative to transfer by bus, tourists can take a flight to Nyrob from Perm by the airplane Sesna.


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