Charyn + Kolsay + Kaindy + Altyn Emel + BAL + Almaty|5 days

ULTIMATE SEVEN RIVERS TOUR COVERING: Charyn + Kolsay + Kaindy + Altyn Emel + Big Almaty Lake + Almaty City! Charyn + Kolsay + Kaindy + Altyn Emel + Big Almaty Lake + Almaty City! Yes, that's right! I will take you to all, ALL of these wonder places on this tour! I know, hard to believe it. Just to make it sink in, here we go one more time and in all caps... CHARYN + KOLSAY + KAINDY + ALTYN EMEL+ BIG ALMATY LAKE + ALMATY CITY! Read on!


Charyn Canyon 

Often compared to the Grand Canyon in the US, Charyn Canyon is as stunning in its majestic colorfulness as the Grand is in its enormity. Charyn is still impressively huge though, stretching for more than 150 km along the Sharyn river and reaching 300 m in height. 

Kaindy Lake 

Easily the youngest naturally formed lake on Earth (circa 1911), Kaindy lake is a beauty to behold: the tree trunks jutting out of the crystal clear lake almost resemble the spears of warriors hiding underwater awaiting an order or of masts of sunken ships. 

Kolsay Lakes 

The more the merrier. More so when there is a trio of stunningly picturesque lakes located one after another at altitudes from 1800 to 2700 meters. Known as “The Pearls of the Northern Tien Shan”, Kolsay lakes are quite possibly the most beautiful liquid triplets in existence. 

Altyn Emel 

Altyn Emel is... It is no light task to describe what Altyn Emel is because it is an enormous territory larger than Astana, Hong Kong, Istanbul, London and New York combined packing Mother Nature's most amazing architectural masterpieces like the Singing Dunes, a stand-alone humongous dune stretching for 1,5km and about 150m high that SINGS, Katutau, a uniquely shaped solidified LAVA-MOUNTAIN and Aktau, slopy mountains so colorful that proto-Kazakhs used to camp around them when the dinosours were asleep (yes, a confirmed fact by the remains of dinosours discovered here). Rocks and sand aside, you have a chance to get up close and personal with some of the still surviving reps of local wildlife (you're a bit too late for the dinosours though). 


Experience Central Asia’s most vibrant city with us. Dubbed the birthplace of apples, no less, Almaty enjoys year-round popularity among tourists for her amazing nature, mesmerizing history, world-class night life and unforgettably delicious cuisine. Almaty's stated history dates back to 1000 years ago, but by being in the city you just get the feeling this was a city for far longer. At least as old as apple itself.

Big Almaty Lake

Almaty is an amazing city and Almatinians are a lucky bunch. Few cities can boast being the largest, most productive and important metropolis of a country and have great nature just outside the city outskirts. One such natural darling in Almaty is the Big Almaty Lake (BAL, BAO) located high in the mountains about 25km from the city. Not only is the lake breathtakingly beautiful, it also is literally the source of drinking water for the megapolis's 2 million inhabitants.


  • Asia's most beautiful and isolated canyon
  • The world's largest high-mountain skating rink
  • The oldest tree in Almaty 
  • A 700-year old willow 
  • The youngest naturally formed lake on Earth
  • The northernmost and one of 35 known singing dunes on the Planet
  • Oldest apple trees in the world

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Charyn + Kolsay + Kaindy + BAL + Altyn Emel + Almaty City|5-day tour

 |Charyn + Kolsay + Kaindy + Altyn Emel + BAL + Almaty|Charyn + Kolsay + Kaindy + Altyn Emel + BAL + Almaty| Charyn + Kolsay + Kaindy + BAL + Almaty City|5-day tour highlights

 |Charyn + Kolsay + Kaindy + Altyn Emel + BAL + Almaty|Charyn + Kolsay + Kaindy + Altyn Emel + BAL + Almaty|

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