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Bartogay Reservoir, Assy Plateau, Turgen Gorge

The cost of the tour for 2 people.

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The surprisingly beautiful Bartogay reservoir is located 186 km from Almaty with the same name in the floodplain of the Chilik river between the Toraigyr and Soget mountains, which was divided by a 60-meter rocky dam with a height of 60 meters and a length of 330 meters with a culvert. The Bartogai reservoir was created to store water in the winter and to feed the fields in the summer along a 160 km long canal. Discharge of water from the dam of the Chilik river from June to September for irrigation.

At this time, the capacity of the catchment is 100 cubic meters per second, because of which the height of the fountain is more than one hundred meters. Flows of water under huge pressure burst into space and, breaking into small particles of spray, form a cloud of rain water sparkling in the sun. Also fishing enthusiasts can fish. And lovers of picnics in the open air can relax in the shade of trees in a small grove, where tables and benches stand especially for these purposes.
In the middle reaches of the river, Chilik changes direction to the meridional one. Here he cuts through the ranges of Toraigyr and Sogetta, and then deviates to the north-west, goes to the foothill plain.
The average water consumption at the outlet of the mountains is 32 cubic meters. per second. Water consumption for months is fairly uniform. The water temperature in the middle reaches 6-8 degrees. Water consumption for months is fairly uniform. The water temperature in the middle reaches 6-8 degrees. Water consumption for months is fairly uniform. The water temperature in the middle reaches 6-8 degrees.

In the national park of Ile-Alatau there is a beautiful corner of nature - Turgen gorge. In the gorge of ShinTurgen you will plunge into the world of pristine and untouched beauty of nature. The path there is not there, roads too, since in 2003 the village senes bridge across the river, so you need to clearly calculate your strength by going there. The sun's rays practically do not fall into the gorge, in places the pockets of permafrost occur, since the Ice Age. Up the gorge to the Kairak waterfall,
falling from almost 60 meters high, you will see unique mossy spruce forests, their uniqueness is that they grow on moss, the thickness of which is about 40 cm. You can get to the waterfall on a dirt road, surrounded by no less picturesque forests, rich flora and fauna. Only 9 km from the fork, it takes about 2 hours to walk on foot with stops for rest.

On the road Chisinau-Turgen gorge, along the same river, you can get to the high plateau of Assi. Gorge goes into the depths of 44 km to the huge plateau of Assy (2560m). Assy is a large intermontane valley, about 40 km in length and in width, in places, up to 10 km and height above sea level of about 2700 meters. The plateau is located between the basins of the rivers Shelek and Turgen. The road to Turgen gorge is not accessible to all transport.

In ancient times, there were caravans from Europe to the east - in China and India. Turgen gorge is famous for waterfalls and relic Chin-Turgen moss spruce trees growing on permafrost. Also coniferous and mixed forests, alpine and subalpine meadows, lakes and springs, medicinal plants and berries. In large numbers in the Turgen gorge there are dry-cheeks: Semenov's maple, wild apricot, Mushketov's mound. If in the Esik gorge spruce covers the slopes entirely from 1350-1400 m, then in the Turgen gorge the spruce belt begins at an altitude of 1,650 m.

Here, there are signs of a person more than 5000 years old, both nomadic and sedentary.

At the top of the plateau, an astrophysical observatory is built, with one of the world's largest telescopes. High-altitude plateau goes to the east, along the river Assy, and on relief importance has great sporting prospects in terms of creating a world-class ski resort.

In addition, all our tourists get acquainted with the national color of the Kazakh house, dishes of the cuisine, traditions and customs of the local population, you can visit the bathhouse.

In the program: travel on off-road equipment through the Sogety valley to the Bartogai reservoir, ascent to the Assy plateau, lunch in the nature, excursion to the inactive observatory, visiting the waterfalls of the Turgen gorge "Medvezhiy and" Kairaksky ", visiting the State Historical and Cultural Reserve Museum" Issyk " "And Sak burial mounds, photos, dishes of national cuisine.

A. Legend of the route by the hour:

1 day

8.30 transfer from the hotel;

11.30 excursion along the shore of the Bartogay reservoir

12.30 entry to the GNPP

13.30 Assy Plateau, lunch, yurt camp

15.00 excursion to the observatory "Assy"

17.00 excursion to the waterfall "Bear"

18.00 accommodation for overnight

19.00 supper

2 day

9.00 Breakfast

10.00 trekking to the waterfall "Kairaksky"

13.00 Lunch at the Falls

15.00 Return to the village of Batan.

16.00 departure to the city

17.00 Museum visit

19.00 Return to the hotel

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