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Cherepovets - Ustyuzhna - Belozersk - Cherepovets


Price calculated per person joining a scheduled group or per person in a group of min 16 people. Please contact for a quote if you need a private tour or if your group is smaller.

Cherepovets - Ustyuzhna - Belozersk - Cherepovets

Duration: 3 days / 2 nights

Accommodation: Cherepovets

Cherepovets. The city of Cherepovets is associated with the giants of the metallurgical and chemical industries, which brought him wide fame. Meanwhile, Cherepovets, which received the status of the city under the Decree of Catherine the Great in 1777, has its origins since the XIV century, its history is interesting, and its cultural traditions are diverse and distinctive. In Cherepovets you will see The Resurrection Cathedral of the monastery, founded in the middle of the 14th century; the building in the "red brick style", fashionable in the late 19th century; an architectural ensemble in the style of "Stalinist classicism", popular in the middle of the 20th century.

The main street of the old Cherepovets Voskresensky Prospekt (modern Sovietsky Prospekt) is an excellent illustration of a story about the life of Russia in the era of the Silver Age (late 19th - early 20th century). Cherepovets is the city of the first Russian automobile cable-stayed bridge and a unique metallurgical plant built without ore and coal. Cherepovets is a city in which "leaders are born"! Here was born "universally" the famous artist Vasily Vereshchagin; his older brother Nikolai, the author of the recipe for the famous Vologda butter. In the Real School, the future "King of Poets" Igor Severyanin studied. Anna Demidova, a room girl of the family of Nicholas II, who shared a tragic death with the royal family, lived here. In Cherepovets Alexander Bashlachev was born - one of the most outstanding representatives of Russian rock music.

Ustyuzhna. The city of Ustyuzhna is located on the picturesque banks of the Mologa River and its tributary Izhina. In the old days it was called Zheleznopolskaya in honor of local ore-smiths and blacksmiths, forged from iron. The first mention of Ustyuzhna refers to 1252, when the city belonged to the possessions of the Uglich prince Roman. In the XIV century. Under Dmitri Donskoy, Ustyuzhna became part of the Moscow Principality. Ustyuzhnaya is associated with the famous history of Gogol's "Inspector General". Preserved ancient noble mansions, a unique Kazan church - an example of "Stroganov's Baroque".

Belozersk. One of the five oldest cities in Russia. For the first time mentioned in the "Tale of Bygone Years" under 862 as the city of Beloozero, participated in the vocation of the Varangians and became the possession of the legendary Prince Sineus, who came to Russia together with Rurik. Since 1238, Beloozero is the center of an independent principality, as well as a trade and craft center. Around 1389 the city was joined to Moscow. Up to now, a huge 15th century wall has been preserved. This is an outstanding engineering structure - "rublena syp’" - was built by the decree of Ivan III. The unique appearance of the old town is complemented by ancient temples. Near Belozersk, the film "Red Kalina" was shot.

Day 1: Cherepovets - Ustyuzhna - Danilovskoe - Cherepovets - 290 km

Arrival to Cherepovets by train number 126Ya Sheksna Moscow Yar at 8.30. Meeting at the railway station.


Departure to Ustyuzhna. 131 km distance. A guided tour on the road.

Walking tour around the city.

Ustyuzhna – visit to Local museum located in the building of the Nativity of the Virgin Cathedral (XVII c.). Well preserved are its rich interiors - stucco, wall painting, a five-tier iconostasis of the end of the XVII century with 95 icons made by Moscow masters from the workshops of the Armory Chamber. In the collections of the museum the originals of Aivazovsky and Kustodiev, an extensive collection of porcelain, as well as samples of medieval blacksmiths and gunsmiths Ustyuzhna Zheleznopolskaya.

Visit to the acting forge, acquaintance with the history of this craft.

Excursion to the merchant's mansion (district library). Interactive program "In the city of N" ("Ustyuzhna - the city of the Gogol Inspector").


Transfer to Danilovskoye village. Museum of Literature – manor house of Batyushkovs' and Kuprin. Tour around the manor house.

Return to Cherepovets. Hotel accommodation. Free time.

The duration of the program is 8 hours.

Dinner at extra coast.

Day 2: Cherepovets


City tour "Noble manors of Cherepovets"

Excursion to the Historical and Ethnographic Museum "The Galsky Manor". The uniqueness of the estate is that this is one of the rare examples of preserving in the urban environment not just the landlord's house, but the entire system of farm buildings: stables, human huts, a barn, a manager's house, a butter mill, a round garden, a saddler workshop. The Baroque house in the style of provincial classicism is a monument of wooden architecture of the first third of the 19th century, its long-term restoration was completed in 2009.

Excursion to the Memorial House Museum of the Vereshchagin family. The museum is a city provincial mansion. This is the only museum in the world associated with the name of the world-famous artist Vasily Vereshchagin. His paintings are in the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg, Russian and foreign museums, in private collections. The museum is located in the house where Vereshchagin was born. The exposition presents a high percentage of memorial things. On the territory of the museum there are flower beds and a garden with ornamental and fruit trees and shrubs. The exposition of the museum tells about the life and work of Vereshchagin. The second exposition is dedicated to his brother Nikolai, the founder of the dairy industry of our country, the author of the recipe for the famous "Vologda Butter".

City route "Cherepovets - gate of the Iron Field"

Thematic city tour: Cathedral hill by the walls of the Resurrection Cathedral; a monument to Milyutin, the legendary city head, who made a great contribution to the development of industry and metalworking in Cherepovets; Metallurgists Square and the monument to Metallurgists; "Stalinist Classicism" - an integral architectural ensemble of the 50-60's, a link between the 19th century Cherepovets and a modern city (the streets of the Metallurgists, Stalevarov (Steelmkers), Domenschikov (Blast Furnace Workers), Stroiteley (Builders), Bardeen); "Globe of Cherepovets", 1-st panel house of the USSR.


Excursion to the Museum of Metallurgical Industry (MMI) (1st floor). The museum is located next to Severstal, near the first-born of the Cherepovets metallurgical plant - blast furnace shop. MMI was opened in 2015, on the eve of the celebration of the 60th anniversary of Severstal - a unique enterprise built "without coal and ore." The modern interactive and multimedia museum, on technological equipment has no analogues in the Northwest. The exhibits are created using 3D-projection, "augmented reality", tablet computers, etc. They model the processes that occur in blast furnaces and steelmaking furnaces, in steel mills. Guests learn about the role of iron in human life; try on the virtual armor of the ancient Russian army and modern metallurgists, to see and hear the voices of the heroes of metallurgy of the 20th and 21st centuries. In the unique hall "Metallororium" you can see a three-dimensional image of the Cherepovets metallurgical plant with all the shops and divisions.

The duration of the program is 7.5-8 hours.

Free time.

Dinner at extra cost.

Day 3: Cherepovets - Belozersk - Cherepovets - 232 km

Breakfast. Check out.

Departure to Belozersk. 100 km distance. A guided tour on the road.

Walking tour along Belozersky shaft.

Center for crafts and tourism with a story about the crafts of Belozerye (with demonstration master classes).

Excursion to the Museum of the White Lake (the nature of the region, the history of fishing on the White Lake).

Visiting the Museum of Fishing, where all the variety of boats from the antiquity to the present day is represented, the secrets of boat craftsmanship are revealed and the "wooden" world of the Russian village is shown.


The duration of the program is 9 hours.

Interactive tour to the fishing village of Maheks.

Return to Cherepovets.

Free time. Departure. In the evening Train # 126CH "Sheksna" at 22:50

We reserve the right to change the order of the excursions or to replace some excursions with the equivalent.

The price includes: transportation by bus; guide for the whole day; meals: 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches; excursion service according to the tour program, entrance tickets to museums; accommodation  in hotel – standard double and triple rooms with amenities. The interpreters' services are not included in price and should be agreed in advance, price depends on the language.

At extra cost you can have:

- tasting of dairy products (about 3 USD per person)

- interactive program in the Galsky Manor with the participation of the ensemble "Cherepovets" (about 160 USD from the group)

- dinner (4-5 USD per person)

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