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Country: Romania

Trip Request for: Mongolia

About my trip: My trip to Mongolia start at 28th of June until 13th of July. Will be 2 persons. We like to follow this route: day 1 Ulaanbataar. day 2 visit the statue of Gingis Han and Terelj National Park. day 3 Baga Gazriin Chulu. day 4 Tsangaan Suvarga. day 5 Yoliin, Dungenee Am, Eagle Gorges. day 6 Gobi Desert, Khongoriin Els or the Singing Sand Dunes. day 7 flaming cliffs. day 8 Ongiin and Khoshuu Monastery. day 9 Karakorum, Erdene Zuu monastery, Turtle Rock and Phallic Rock. day 10 Tsenger Hotwater Springs, Ogii lake, The Khosho Tsaidam Monuments. day 11 Khar Bukh Balgas and Tsogtiin Tsagaan Balgas, Ulaanbataar. day 12 festival Naadam. day 13 festival Naadam. we like a private tour, or to rent a 4X4 car and doing our self. I'm looking forward for your offers!

Travel month: July 2018

Number of persons: 2

Status: Booked

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Muugii & Team

Everything was smoothly. Thanks a lot

Muugii & Team about listing Taylor Made Tour 2 years ago.

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