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Hello everybody! We are couple who are glad to help you on your trip. We have good skills of English and Turkish,Russian languages. We know Almaty region and Kazakhstan very well. We use new cars for transportation our passengers like Toyota Prado and Toyota avensis. 2012 -2013 year.

We have probably the most modern and comfortable fleet of tour cars in Almaty!

My skills, interests, and hobbies: My interests - travelling, psyhology, instagram, books, meeting I know english and russian. My husband knows kazakh, english, turkish, kyrgyz languages.

Country: Kazakhstan

Services in: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan

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Sorry to write a bad review on Talgat, because it followed the planned route. But when a driver threatens clients by saying he wants to fight for no reason (no one has ever said he would not be paid) it means that he totally lost control. So I do not think I'll use Indy Guide again, in my opinion the risk of encountering dangerous drivers is too high. I'm a journalist and I came to Kazakhstan to write an article on Expo and the country in general, not to fight with a driver. Thank you.

Talgat's response: "We made endless kilometers. Carlo wanted to change the itinerary during the trip to far away places. I explained to him that the price is based on the discussed places. I never told I want to fight, in contrary, I asked if he wants to fight because I had that feeling when he told me that he is not paying at all. I am a peaceful person. He told me that he rented me and can go whereever he wants to.

I even included Tamgaly Tas for free for them."


We had a great trip to Bishkek with Talgat. He's a very good driver and made sure that we got both beers and food along the way :-) I can really recommend Talgat if you need a driver and a guide.

Martin about listing Car driver from Almaty to Bishkek 11 months ago.

Everything went amazing and great!! Talgat has been the best tour leader ive had :)))). He was very proffesional and honest. I will definitely meet with him again !!!

Sam about listing Organized tours around Almaty, Kazakhstan 1 years ago.

We met Madina and Talgat in Almaty in March 2016. They're a nice and reliable couple. We can recommend their services to tourists in Kazakhstan.

Ati about listing Personal guide in Almaty, Kazakhstan 2 years ago.

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