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Greetings From Georgia!

Your life in Georgia will become the most interesting version of your life. The place of your dreams never disappoints. Well, we’re here to grant your wish and make your experience unforgettable in Georgia and serve you well, while you’re here.

Travelling, as most know, is one of the most effective way to make your life way more interesting, engaging and marvelous. Well, here’s your chance and you have to not miss it this time, it’s your chance to truly seize the day and shout “Carpe Diem”.

Georgia – This place is sort of like Neverland, hiding somewhere, secretly, in a place that is a dream come true. People who’ve visited Georgia are already in love, and the country loves them back. The experience you get here is truly unforgettable and will last your whole, entire life.

What makes it so special, you ask? The answer is pretty simple, EVERYTHING. Georgia is one of the most aesthetically pleasing country you’ll visit. Let’s start by breathtaking Caucasus mountains, with the highest point of 5,462 meters above sea level. Georgia’s mountains’ beauty will leave you mind-blown, speechless.

The nature of Georgia is something else. The most tranquil lakes, color of the bluest blue will make you calm and cleanse your soul, greenest forests, skies packed with stars. Your lungs will want more and more of that fresh, clean air as you breathe in and breathe out, your eyes will want to see more and more beauty and Georgia has it all.

Bochorna - 2327m and Ushguli - 2200m are Europe’s highest permanently inhabited villages. You will have an opportunity to experience the real, crazy summer on the seaside, spending the most wonderful, colorful days of your life. You can go camping in the most beautiful, majestic places of Georgia.

Did you know that

  • the oldest remains of humans outside of Africa are discovered in Georgia? They’re 1.8 million years old skulls from Dmanisi. (They even have names, Zezva and Mzia.)
  • Georgia has most unique, oldest alphabet and is amongst 14 independent alphabets in the world
  • Georgia is the cradle of wine


You will learn much more about Georgia when you visit it yourself!

So, what are you waiting for?! We’re ready to help you start your incredible adventure in Georgia! 


Svaneti is the most unique place in Georgia!


My skills, interests, and hobbies: Skills:Tour operator, Guide. Hobbies:Traveling, cooking. Interests: Discovering new places in my country

Country: Georgia

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Maka was wonderful organising our travels around Georgia. Communication was fast and she was very flexible to accommodate our requests, even a very early transfer to Tbilisi airport when we departed. Our guide Vano was great and very knowledgeable and safe driver. Highly recommend

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