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We are the first company in Kazakhstan that provides camping tours to the most interesting places in Kazakhstan with accommodation in equipped off-road campers.

What to see in Kazakhstan? In search of an answer, we have made a lot of independent trips. Now we use our vast experience to organize tailor-made adventure tours for you to discover the amazing land of Kazakhstan.

We invite you to our state national parks and places of untouched nature where you can find secluded relaxation and experience informal excursions, as well as off-road drive and outdoor activities such as enduro motorcycle rides and trips on military based durable off-road vehicles.

About Camping Tours in Off Road Campers
We provide motorhomes in Almaty of various categories depending on the number of passengers, purpose and destination of the trip.
To go outdoors is not about sacrificing comfort. We bring house and home to the place where you want to stay longer.

No need to rush. No need to keep regular hours. No need to follow common routes.
Welcome to the travel project for those who love freedom.

Winter Camping Tours

Winter tourism in the Almaty region is not only the well-known Chimbulak ski resort or the Medeo ice rink. For real nomads, winter is a silent steppe for many kilometers around which has fallen asleep till spring under a snow blanket. Fortunately, there is little snow in this region of Kazakhstan and the weather is not as severe as in the north of the country. That allows you to enjoy a vacation in the countryside even at this time of the year - the more so as there are plenty of sunny winter days in the Almaty region.
The most accessible winter routes: Charyn Canyon, Red Mountains Boguty, Altyn Emel National Park.
Feel the real Kazakh nomad life in winter conditions by making a trip in a motorhome along the steppe routes of the Almaty region.

Summer Camping Tours
In summer, there are so many picturesque places in Almaty and its surroundings that even during the long summer months (and the summer here lasts from May to October) it is difficult to visit all of them. This season is ideal for exploring Kazakhstan.
We can suggest you the best summer camping tour depending on your needs. Or you can plan your own trip choosing the below camping sites in the Almaty region.
Make good use of your summer holiday - recharge your batteries with natural energy for a whole year and surprise your friends becoming a real explorer and connoisseur of our land!

Motorcycle tour

We organize safe and interesting tours on our own motorcycles. We recommend visiting two or more days moto tours with an overnight stay in nature. Overnight accommodation is organized in a fully equipped motorhome. Motorcycles are delivered to the place where off-road travel begins, so tourists do not have to ride off-road enduro motorbikes on an asphalt road that is more safely and convenient. During the tours, our cross-country vehicle will follow the mototourists to provide the necessary support. We know many routes for enduro motorbikes where you can enjoy beautiful views of nature and a diverse landscape. Also we can organize a tours on ATV.

How to Make an Order?

1 We will help you choose a camping route depending on your preferences, your free time, as well as the season and weather.
2 If necessary, we will arrange passenger transfer to the place of departure.
3 All vehicles are provided with a driver and the necessary basic equipment: fuel, drinking and technical water, kitchen equipment, bedding, basic medical kit. You can choose some vehicles for self driving experience.
4 Food is provided by passengers on their own, mini-bar is optional.
5 Motorcycles, bicycles, an inflatable boat, and other equipment are to be ordered separately.


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