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I am 40 years, I have been working with foreign tourists in 2006, 2006 with the American geologist visited the Gorno-Badakhshan, 2008 traveled with the Portuguese in Kazakstan, has been in different places Kyrgyzstan. Now i am working SOS children village in Cholpon -Ata.

My skills, interests, and hobbies: I know English and Russian, drive a car, I can use a computer, read books, I love sports

Country: Kyrgyzstan

Services in: Kyrgyzstan

Role: Registered Tour company

Years of experience: 12

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I had a rather poor experience with Marsbek, but there were good points too: he was punctual every morning, and he was flexible when our schedule had to change.

I had an eight-day tour with him, which I cut down to 7 days. In fact, the content was so thin it would have fitted easily into 6 days. There was quite a bit waiting around with nothing to do. Marsbek sometimes has a personal agenda which takes precedence. For example, one day was supposed to be a day trip from Karakol to the Jedi Ortuz valley. There’s plenty to fill a day there, it’s beautiful, but Marsbek cut the day short and had us return to Karakol by 1 p.m. His reason? It was a Friday and he wanted to go the mosque. There is nothing whatsoever for tourists to do in Karakol.

He’s rather disorganized and is short on the detail of the programme. For example, the itinerary said that we drive to Altyn Arashan for an overnight stay. To get to Altyn Arashan you need a jeep, and it has to be booked a few days in advance. It turned out that he hadn’t booked one. He did eventually get someone to take us, and the owner of the lodge where we stayed managed to get us a ride back down the next day. But Marsbek didn’t have any cash to pay the jeep driver, so I had to lend him the money (something he 'forgot' about when we settled up at the end.). When we got back down to where Marsbek’s car was parked, there was another problem: he’d given the car keys to someone overnight, and that someone hadn’t returned them. So we were immobile, until the problem was sorted out.

A more minor problem was his excessive phone use. Whether he’s driving, eating lunch or whatever, he’s on his mobile: text messages, phone calls, watching videos etc. This strikes me as unprofessional.

The car too, is not in the best of shape: there's a huge crack in the windscreen, one of the headlamps kept coming loose, and one of the passenger doors can't be opened from the outside.

On the good side, Marsbek was kind and helpful, and in his own way he does his best.

But all in all, a poor experience. I’m sorry to say that I cannot recommend Marsbek at all.

Steven about listing Kyrgyz guide and driver with 4WD jeep 9 months ago.

Contacted us two days before. On the daytrip itself we had a route with a missunderstanding. No problem for us as a couple. But he never got us to a special place. When I asked him „Is here anything special around Lake Issyk?“ He answered „No, nothing“.

As a guide he should have „guided“ and not been just our driver without any emotions or a quite less communication. In the end we had the feeling he was lucky that we left him.

All in all it was an interesting trip we should have done on our own better without „guide“.


It was a really nice vacation; we had an enjoyable, unforgettable and wonderful trip for nine days in Kyrgyzstan. Thank you so much for our tour guide Marsbek who is dependable, easy-going and let us feel comfortable for travelling to unfamiliar places.

Marsbek’s 4WED jeep is in good condition which can overcome mountain roads and unpaved trail of driving as well.

The stunning and beauty of nature in Kyrgyzstan is definitely worth a visit again.

Susan about listing 9 day Kyrgyz trip 1 years ago.
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Our 2-day trip to Song Kol & Karakol with Marsbek was a very good pleasant experience. The car was in a good condition and the style of driving was safe. He knows the areas well and helped to arrange accommodations, food and other activities. His English is also good! I can recommend his service and would surely book him again.

Frank about listing 3-day Trip Bishkek-Song Kol-Karakol 2 years ago.
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We met Marsbek in Bishkek in April 2017. He is experienced, a nice and reliable guy and speaks English.

Ati about listing Kyrgyz guide and driver with 4WD jeep 2 years ago.

Marsbek was very professional and courteous while also being friendly and easygoing. He was prompt with our scheduled meeting time and got us from Bishkek to Burana and Issyk Kul on a long day trip but never made us feel rushed. His vehicle was comfortable and well maintained and the charge for his services was very fair. I would highly recommend Marsbek to anyone needing a driver and guide.

Jim about listing Kyrgyz guide and driver with 4WD jeep 2 years ago.

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