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 Guiding has lead me to fall in love all over again with my own country and I am  passionate about promoting positive change in many domestic environmental and social issues. Based on my dep and varied experience with international visitors since 2005; my service has been recognized by Lonely Planet Mongolia as well as other international and local travel publications.  

I hire and personally train employees who are similarly passionate and engaged in local policy. My altruism comes across in all of my tours as I encourage tourists to stay with local nomadic families, which provides a rich experience for both parties as well as supporting local communities. We have a long standing, respectful and responsible relationships with the families and drivers that we support. Running my own business also allows me to fund various charity projects, 


My skills, interests, and hobbies: I am in love with my own country and visited everywhere in Mongolia . I love everything about my country but not maybe the politics. I completed a semester abroad in Florida and has travelled extensively in the US, Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia. My favorite continent would be Africa. I'm interested in nature, different culture, Gobi dessert, geology, paleontology, archeology, mostly in science, different ethnic groups, people mostly and helping disabled children and single parents, basically just helping others as much as I can. My tours always involve local families, nomads - you will experience more local culture.

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