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Country: Germany

Trip Request for: Mongolia

About my trip: Looking for a 15/16 day trip through Mongolia in August 2018. Arriving&Departing in Ulan Bator. Travelling with my girlfriend. Would opt for a personal guide rather than a big or even small group. Looking for authenticity and variety - Gobi Desert, wide steppe, mountains - by car, horse, hiking. A blend of everything makes it beautiful. We want to experience the country. In terms of accomodation - we are easy-going people and very open. Speak German/English/Russian. As long as it is clean we are open to anything. Traditional Yurt is not a Problem, if very remote we can stay with locals also. Ideally, again a mix of the before-mentioned with mid-level accomodation and higher-end retreats at selected spots if possible.

Travel month: August 2018

Number of persons: 2

Status: Booked

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Hi.thank you very much.

Bakhitgul about listing 15 Days Mongolia Roundtrip 2 years ago.

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