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Hello everyone, my name is MIRBEK I am from Kyrgyzstan! I love my job very much! I have been working as a guide and driver for over 6 years, with good experience in the fields of culture, equestrian sports and various excursions.

My tourists are always happy! I am for a healthy lifestyle! Always for a good job and a decent vacation! In general, Kyrgyzstan is a beautiful country with beautiful people, beautiful nature, interesting climate, amazing sights, unique cultural, unforgettable history. You must come to all this beauty with your own eyes! You will be surprised! Our magical nature charges me with energy for work !!! I am happy that I live in a unique country!

My skills, interests, and hobbies: The guide values ​​such qualities as sociability, the ability to work, artistry. Each profession has its own difficulties. Therefore, the guide is considered a hardy specialist. And most importantly - I have the best and favorite profession on earth! As they say, make your hobby a profession and you will never have to work. Fortunately, it happened with me. Maybe someone will call it strange, but every day I go with a smile and joy, like guiding to all people, have long been accustomed to work seven days a week, I especially note such a guide’s ability as tolerance, activity, sociability, responsibility, diplomacy, punctuality, endurance. I like to cook delicious national dishes. Tourists meet different: they ask different questions, so the guide should be broad-minded, knowledge of different stories, legends about sightseeing objects.   My tourists are always satisfied! I am for a healthy lifestyle! Always for a good job and a decent vacation!

Country: Kyrgyzstan

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Last seen 15 days ago