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There are many beautiful regions in the world, and Central Asia is definitely one of them. Born and raised in Tajikistan I had the privilege to travel in the region since my childhood with my Grandfather, who knew a lot about the different cultures and history of Central Asia because of his diverse background. The travel experience and knowledge gained from my grandfather led me to tourism when I grew up. Since 2011 I have worked in different travel companies and have been guiding tourists throughout Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan along the legendary Pamir Highway for the past two years. My passion for travel, knowledge, and love for the people of the region have always motivated me to share it with tourists who come to these mountainous "stans", where they not only see breathtaking sceneries but also experience the authentic hospitality which is rooted deeply in the history of Central Asian culture. 

Now eager to share my knowledge and help for those planning to come to this amazing region, I am at your service if you want your trip to be organized!  

Contact me for any information or request.


My skills, interests, and hobbies: I am a good storyteller and naturalist who knows a lot about the culture, history and the wildlife of Tajikistan. I enjoy helping people to travel and share my knowledge, breaking stereotypes especially those about "Stan" countries. I like to get lost when I travel and therefore I always try new routes and go off the beaten path which in turn always brings me to some surprise.

Country: Tajikistan

Trip Request for: Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan

Role: Individual/Freelancer

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4/5 stars

Amazing trip along the Pamir from Dushanbe to Osh ! Mirzo was very helpful through WhatsApp and email before the trip. Had a lovely time meeting him in person in Dushanbe, he’s passionate about Tadjikistan.

As we were with a driver who did not speak English, we would have loved a daily call/regular follow up on our itinerary with Mirzo to help smooth out the daily plan. This would be the only point of amelioration.

Thanks Mirzo, hope to see you again !

(Itinerary tip : if you go near Yashilkul, try sleeping nearby to go watch the sunrise on the lake - it’s worth it !)

Thibault about listing Mirzo/Thibault tour Tadjiskistan 9 months ago.

Great tour, Mirzo helped a lot also when we had questions about where we were going. Highly recommended!

Chris about listing Parmir highway 11 months ago.

We booked our car and driver (Abdullah) for the Pamir Highway with Mirzo. Even though we did not meet him personally, the communication was great and he gave us good tips on where to go hiking, created a reasonable itinerary and made reservations for some great homestays. We were very happy with Abdullah as well, he is a safe driver and was so nice and patient even when we had to make amends to the itinerary.

Anita about listing Osh - Dushanbe 11 months ago.

We had a great time on a 4-day tour of Tajikistan with Mirzo (and his driver Abdullah). Mirzo (fully fluent in English) was knowledgeable about all aspects of Tajiki culture, as well as wildlife and geography, and shared a lot of insights with us. We ate at local restaurants, hiked lovely mountain trails, and stayed at charming guesthouses and homestays in remote villages. We felt fully comfortable and well taken care of at all times, from the time of planning the tour to arrangements for leaving the country. Mirzo is a superb guide whom we most highly recommend.


Mirzo did an excellent job of organizing a last minute 3 day tour to fann mountains for me. I had Nozim as a guide and Mohammed as a driver since Mirzo himself was already booked. Nozim spoke excellent english, was incredibly friendly & informative and made sure my trip went smoothly from beginning to end. I couldn’t have asked for a better guide. It was absolutely wonderful trip, iskanderkul lake and fann mountains are a must do in my opinion, the blue colours need to be seen to be believed.

Thanks Mirzo, Nozim & Mohammed!!

May about listing 3 day to iskanderkul and 7 lakes 1 years ago.

I visited Iskanderkul and Sarytag with Mirzo for a weekend.

I had a really great time there, we went also in Niagara Falls and Snake lake.

Mirzo is a professional guide with a lot of experience and passion on his work, all the arrangements for the trip were perfect.

He also is a very good English speaker with knowledge of the history and the tradition, so you can learn a lot of things by discussing with him.

he is really cool guy and i definitely would choose him again in the future.


Dimitrios about listing Iskanerkul - Sarytag on 09-10 March 1 years ago.

Hi Mirzo,

How are you?

I just took a few minutes to write a recommendations about Indy Guide / yourselves, as below. Please let me know if you want me to add anything / write anywhere.

Thanks again for your assistance in everything.

I really appreciate working with Indy Guide / Mirzo Nazar who I would qualify as an absolutely necessary intermediary if you want to make a trip like the one we made across the Pamir Highway. We rented a 4x4 with the help of Mirzo. Everything went well. All hiccups were promptly and accurately solved by Mirzo Nazar. A big thank you!!!

Bruno about listing Car rental Dushanbe 2 years ago.

The day was awesome. Bonham and Jon are great guides, and very interesting people. We went to Hissar and then walk around Dushanbe to see main sights. They took me to a very nice restaurant for lunch. Most of it, I enjoyed very much their company, kind, nice and talkative people. I hope to be able to do some tour again with them in the future.

Ana about listing Dusanbe & Hisor trip 3 years ago.

Faultless service and a great, great day. From the initial contact through to the actual day Mirzonazar provided us with help, advice and well informed guidance. He is both knowledgeable and thoroughly nice gentlemen. Can't recommend him highly enough.


Mirzo has been a wondeful guide for us during 3 weeks:

He is always eager to teach about Central Asia culture (his knowledge about central Asia history looks infinite).

Not only he showed us the wonderful scenaries of Tajikistan and the best places of interest. But he also managed to offer us some rich experience with local Tajik / Khirghiz people.

This trip could have been some regular holidays but Mirzo made it some of the best moments of my life...

He works with professional drivers using vehicles in good condition.

Perfect English skill.

Always on a good mood (even if sick lol).

100% reliable.

He takes care of everything even before we need and always fairly retributes the local people.

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Mirzo Nazar
Last seen 1 month ago