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Hogy and our team

Everything went very smoothly! I went on a 6 day tour of the Gobi Desert. She arranged my trip very well, and I would go with Hogy again, for my next Mongolia Trip.

Andy and Friends

Had a great time with Andy. At first we went to Terelj national park, then to Genghis Khan statue, had a lunch at Khan Jims camp and in the evening we even managed to spot Przewalski horses near Hustai. Great guy to be around, fluent in English and Russian. At first I though that it would have been boring to drive around, but he was quite entertaining with wide variety of knowledge in history, politics and pop culture. Thanks for the great time Andy, this was one of the best day tour...


Taskhyn is a very friendly and kind guide. I really appreciated the tour organised for me in Western Mongolia. It has certainly brought me many new experiences. Thank you!

Soko and friends

Soko was a really kind and generous guide. I appreciated the Gobi tour organised for me. It has provided me with many new experiences. Thank you.

Soko and friends

we were having the most amazing time during our 5 days 4 nights gobi trip with mugi, namuul and soko. we were exploring the vast landscapes with our russian van, which was mainly driving off-road and able to stop anywhere for a break, for lunch or for dinner. then, namuul with his experience as a cook, would make us delicious meals and tell us delightful tales about the mongolian animals or the places where we would stop. we had so many highlights, we were taken to beautiful places, had the c...

Muugii & Team

We had searched various sources for our trip to Mongolia. We came across Muugii through Indy Guide Website. Relying on the reviews, we proposed our expectations, dietary requirements, regions to be covered with her. She charted the private tour plans for us. Response rate is fantastic. She was apt and catered for our preferences with a personal touch. With excellent command over English and the experience in tourism sector, we embarked on our 12-day journey with Muugii's team on May 25, 2018 ...

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Mongolia - wow, what an amazing country! We travelled a standard route starting and ending in UB and covering Baga Gazryn Chuluu, Tsagaan Suvraga, Yolyn Am, Khongoryn Els, Ongiin Khiid and Orkhon. Covering over 2000km in 12 days was tiring, however, the Toyota Landcruiser Tamiraa organised was good and made even the off road sections comfortable. Our driver was responsible and safe. I'm surprised there were so few travellers in May, it was ideal for us and we enjoyed good weather. I'd stro...

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Soko and friends

Soko and Mogii (driver ) were really supportive!! They are punctual and precise about the travel schedule. I went to Terelj for BBQ party with friends, but had trouble making fire in a camp site. Mogii even helped make fire and cook meat for us!! I had lots of fun all together in my trip! Thank you so much again for everything!


I had the most fun experience in Mongolia, thanks to Duke and Degi! From planning my trip, to my arrival and up to when I left, everything was smooth sailing and I was given no problems at all. In fact, everything was done to my convenience and them making sure that all my needs for the trip were met. They were all met indeed, and more than what I even expected. I had a UB city tour with Duke and a 3-day countryside tour with Degi. To which I appreciated Duke telling me beforehand as he had a...

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Jess & Team

The entire trip was truly great experience; everything went well and was incredibly interesting from the beginning to the end. I particularly liked that Jess and her team are working closely with local communities of herders in Western Mongolia. This allowed us not only very intimate and rather rare glimps into their daily private lives and business but also we had chance to interact ditectly with them. All this was managed by Jess and her team with great respect and without being too obtrus...


Everything went as stated in the itinerary, there was a sudden change in the weather the night before though. The journey forward was challenging as we drove through snow drifts. The scenarios were fantastic and the special arrangement such as the boodog bbq for my birthday celebration.

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Soko and friends

This trip be filled with good moment , nice friendship and good service. Thank you for your service and kindness. I'm lucky to choose you, Soko.

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The tour was fantastic and everything went ok with the exception of the day we were to visit Kharkhorin ancient capital city and Erdene zuu monastery that was partially closed due to a religious reason. We also had to leave the city early due to quarantine issues, meaning we saw and did very little on this day. It would have been nice if this was known in advance, with a simple phone call, so we did not waste time going there as this was the part of the tour we were looking forward to the m...

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Review of 3 day/2 Night trip Solo trip March 2018 Overall the trip was of a good quality, travelling around 900 km across to the Semi-Gobi area, stopping at Hustai on the way and then the next day back to Terelj National park, also visiting the Chinggis statue complex. Tamir was responsive prior to the trip, and keen to listen to feedback, I didn't really see her guiding skills as the trip was unguided. Bymbaa, my driver, was very kind and professional as well as having a good qualit...

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Hogy and our team

Horol is the best guide ever! My mother and I really enjoyed exploring Mongolia. If we have a chance to go to Mongolia again, we will definitely choose Horol to be our guide every time!

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Soko and friends

Things were a little rough this week and had it’s ups and downs. For the most part, since it was the beginning of the season, it was lots of catching up with the nomadic families and speaking in Mongolian. I felt excluded from the group for a majority of the trip since I don’t speak Mongolian. I would only recommend this tour IF you are traveling with someone else. This will at least give you someone to talk to while Soko and the others catch up and speak Mongolian for most of the trip. Soko ...