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I'm a qualified tour guide with over 4 years of experience.

If you want to experience Kyrgyzstan through the eyes of a local and travel as a local and not a tourist then you should travel with me. I will help you plan a custom tour to suit your interest, time and needs.
I love to travel especially around my beautiful home country. Every chance I get I pack up my camping gears and off on a road trip into the wilderness.
Which is why I have decided to start doing what I love and become a freelance tour guide full time.
Over the past few years, I have taken travellers around the countryside of Kyrgyzstan and together we shared many adventurous moments experiencing authentic livelyhood of Kyrgyzstan and appreciating beautiful nature and life.

There are so many breath taking places in Kyrgyzstan and I would like to proudly show it to fellow travellers. If you are an adventure seeker like myself and would like for a chance to travel to some of the most secluded and exotic places of Kyrgyzstan, feel free to get in touch.

I like to treat visitors as friend rather than a customer. I am happy to customize your tour based on your interest. I look forward to meeting you and providing you a great expirence.Song Kul Lake 2018

My skills, interests, and hobbies: Tourism, horseback riding, fishing, hunting, history.

Country: Kyrgyzstan

Services in: Kyrgyzstan

Role: Certified/licensed Guide

Years of experience: 4

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Well organised, fair price and willing to think with you in what is possible.

Lennaart about listing Son Kol (3 days) and Tash Rabat tour 9 months ago.

Ala Archa was a beautiful hike. Munik picked me up on time and his friend Botira drove me to the trailhead, dropped me off and waited for me until i returned from hiking and drove me back to Bishkek. I was very satisfied with the experience and recommend Munik.

Luke about listing Ala Archa day hike 9 months ago.

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