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My name is Munkhbat. I was born in 1983, 36 years old. i have family and dad of 3 kids. I was born in an ordinary herder's house, herding animals, growing up in nomadic life and my childhood was passed in the east part of Mongolia.

Before working in tourism sektor i was a teacher at secondary school in a small town for 7 years.  My family moved to Ulaanbaatar in 2011 and i got job in small tour operator as a guide, my boss was unusual and great person. So i follow him and he taught me something good things. I worked there very hard and sincerely for 6 years. Thanks to i worked very hard, i got knowledge and expierence how to make running tour operator, also made professional team.

Since 2018 i started to organize my own tour business. So i already found my vision and passion. Then i realized that creating good tours is most important thing, what is the best way which  expand and make better business and other important things.

I live in Ulaanbaaatar and still working hard and focus on my job very carefully.








My skills, interests, and hobbies: first of all i would like to say that everybody must have positive hobbies and interests. good hobbies always give us wonderfull revenue for our future life. My hobbies are : -learning another language / learning another language is not a skill, it's opening another door and another culture. It's very important. -talk sincerely with others, be sociable, exchange expierences ,share knowledge, talk about our features of tradition, culture, lifestyle, attitude,mind of people and others. -yoga /good for health/ - cook delishous food. Finally i always want to share my skills and knowledge. That's the best hobby.

Country: Mongolia

Trip Request for: Mongolia

Role: Registered Tour company

Years of experience: 9

29 open listings

4 received reviews (100% positive, 4/4)


I spent the two days with Munkhbat (Muuggi) and I'm glad I did. He should me some amazing places and organised for us to stay with a local family. We spent time in a Ger which allowed me to experience what it is like to live as nomad, albeit briefly.

Munkhbat was a great guide and those two days made a great difference to my trip as I was tired and over riding he bike. Prior to finishing the ride, Munkhbat was really helpful in occasionally helping me out of trouble.

I'd absolutely recommend going with him.

David about listing Pick from Hatgal to Ulaanbaatar 8 months ago.

Munkhbat was a great and funny guide! He was able to bring us to the best places in Ulaanbaatar and answered our questions very well with good English. He replies quickly and shows up on time. We also enjoyed eating delicious Mongolian food with him. We would recommend Munkhbat for anyone who wants a trustworthy guide in Mongolia.

Sofia about listing 10:45 am to 17:00 pm UB car tour 8 months ago.

We had a wonderful 10 days travelling from Ulaanbaatar to Ölgii to the Eagle Festival via van. A great driver who looked after us even though the language was limited. Felt very safe and treated very well through out the trip. Would highly recommend for a road trip.

sally about listing Sally Jenkins 10 months ago.
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Good service and funny guide, like we are travel with friend. The program is very flexible, we can park for take a photo and go everywhere we want, even extra from the program without any extra charge. The Ger that we stay in the program is very real and local atmosphere. We are so appreciate. Even sometimes he looks too tired and feels some sleepy during the trip.

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Munkhbat and team
Last seen 4 months ago