Born and raised in South Western Mongolia. Live in Ulaanbaatar.

For those of you interested in traveling to Mongolia, the sights are plenty.

In the south is the incredible Gobi desert home to the double humped camels.

In the west are the majestic Altai Mountains, where the Kazakh eagle hunters reside.

In the east lies the steppe of Mongolia with vast untouched rolling hills for miles on end.

Finally, the north is home to the majestic Khuvsgul Lake and the Tsaatan reindeer herders of Mongolia.

The time to visit Mongolia is anytime, but be warned, the winter is fierce and the capital city is intolerable during the winter due to air pollution. The less time you spend in the capital city, the happier you will probably be.

My skills, interests, and hobbies: My skills: organize or guide Horse trip, City tour, long or short trips and cooking. Interests: Photography, History, Travel

Country: Mongolia

Services in: Mongolia

Role: Individual/Freelancer

Years of experience: 6

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I had the most fun experience in Mongolia, thanks to Duke and Degi! From planning my trip, to my arrival and up to when I left, everything was smooth sailing and I was given no problems at all. In fact, everything was done to my convenience and them making sure that all my needs for the trip were met. They were all met indeed, and more than what I even expected. I had a UB city tour with Duke and a 3-day countryside tour with Degi. To which I appreciated Duke telling me beforehand as he had a meeting and could not join me. He has however given an equally awesome guide in the person of Degi! Communication was never a problem with them. Both speak English really well, specially Duke who sounded very Western and did not sound Mongolian at all! Plus, Duke has always been readily available to message back if I had any problems or questions regarding my trip when I was preparing to leave. One thing great about the two of them is that they offer additional things that are not even part of the itinerary. I loved how Duke has offered to fetch me at the airport and save me trouble from paying taxi drivers at a higher price. And he even accompanied me go to the 24-hr bank to change my money after the airport! Degi has also made sure I got to the airport okay on my last day, and arranged our driver to pick me up so I won't have trouble with transportation, since my flight was leaving early in the morning.

I also loved how they are very flexible with the schedule and would make sure that I got to see everything within the time we had. We didn't need to wake up too early (which I sooo loved!) and we always took time at each place, not making me hurry. Everything was done within my pace and they just allowed me to see everything that I wanted to. Making unscheduled stops like the Catholic Cathedral and the camels on my city tour, and just stopping on the road for pictures with the beautiful countryside mountains and different cattles passing by. I also like how Degi has put me up to lots of hiking challenges, so that I get to see the wild horses upclose up on top of the mountains, or simply get a good view of Terelj park from the top of The "turtle" rock or giving me the best ever (but not too easy) jump-shot on the desert of semi-gobi (which I think was the hardest but funniest hikes I've had!). It was nice and comfortable having them both as guides since they were very knowledgable about every place we went to. Both have been more like travel buddies, as I got to know them personally as well. It was never boring being with them on my trips and I know I asked a lot of questions but they were always very eager to answer and share what they know. They don't claim to know everything as well and they do tell me if they didn't, which is def a good thing. I have definitely learned so much about Mongolia's history, geography, culture and people and my experience in each place has made my time in Mongolia one of the best I ever had. Not to mention the ever quiet and cuddly driver who was with me for both the city and countryside tours, Mr. Gan (a name I modified since I had trouble pronouncing his real name). He truly knows his way around the road and could even fit in so well in the tinniest alleys and tightest of spaces to park.

Such a meaningful birthday vacation week for me - so happy to find Indy Guide and having the best tour ever! THANK YOU, Duke, Degi and Mr. Gan, from the bottom of my heart, for such a memorable and awesome time in Mongolia!

Mae about listing One Full Day Ulaanbaatar City Tour 10 months ago.
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Everything went as stated in the itinerary, there was a sudden change in the weather the night before though. The journey forward was challenging as we drove through snow drifts.

The scenarios were fantastic and the special arrangement such as the boodog bbq for my birthday celebration.

Mk about listing 6 Days Kharkhorin and hot springs tour 10 months ago.
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Huck Seng

When I back to Ulaanbaatar, my hotel room. I felt like a big slap on my face. Everything is back into the contrast reality. How I wish the dream nomad's adventure continue with this amazing Munkduulga and his driver, Baatraa. Really, the adventure with Munk was like a dream I do not want to wake up. Everyday, I wake up with full of surprises, be it his breakfast or the adventure. I also very impressed with the humble nomad folks i met through out the trip.

I want to say Thank You! Munk and Baataa for a dream comes true! I've left a piece of me in all the different Ger in the different locations that I lived, it was on purpose. I hope to be back one day. I can't you when, someday.

much love, huck

12th March, 2018


I am really glad that I got a reply from Munkhduulga the last minute while I was looking for a good UB tour within my budget. Had it not been so, I would have not been able to be setup with an awesome 3D2N tour to the places I have mentioned and wanted to go to (and again fitting into my budget!), and I am very much looking forward to it! I had many questions and clarifications since it is my first Indy-Guide booking and he has always promptly and gladly replied back. Now I am all settled and excited to go on my very first trip to Mongolia! See you soon, Munkhduulga!


Munkhduulga is a great guide! We have seen many amazing places and as well he was preparing delicious dishes. We were very lucky to have next to us for 8 days. I can recommend him as the best guide in Mongolia!

Kateryna about listing Gobi Desert Tour, 8 Days 1 years ago.
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We were in mongolia for 13 days and made a 10 day tour though zentral mongolia and the gobi desert. The tour was well orgonized and a Incredible experience for everyone who likes the natur and diffrent animals.

Munkhduulga is a helpfully person and really frienly.


We went on a 7-day trip with Munkhduulga aka Duke to the Gobi dessert. While there were some uncontrolable hickups (bad weather, broken car), he took good care of us. Duke is a happy guy with a lot of experience in the travel business. He cooks for the whole group and organises the contact with the nomadic people you meet during the trip. He was also really helpful during our stay in UB.

Michael about listing Tour of Gobi Desert, Mongolia, 7 Days 2 years ago.

If you are looking for a tour guide for your Mongolia trip, I highly recommend Duke. My husband and I traveled to Khovsgol Lake for 9 days with Duke and Zara, a driver, and they made our trip very special. He is an experienced and excellent tour guide who can arrange your trip according to what you want to do. He is also a very good chef. Our trip couldn't have been better thanks to Duke.


While its always a little scary using an independent service - I say, don't hesitate to use Indy-Guide as it is a professionally run organisation that enables locals to be better paid and us travellers to get much better value!

Our guide Duke has perfect English - a great cultural understanding of the western world - so we can joke around a bit and took care of all the details so our trip ran smoothly and when the inevitable hiccups happen as they do when you are on the road, his first action is to make sure that we are safe and comfortable.

We had lots of spare time so could have packed more in, but it was nice to have a rest after being on the road for a few weeks already - so we were happy with that.

Do you research on where you want to go and let Duke organise to take you there and fill you in on all the details.

Thanks again Duke for a rich and interesting part of our trans-siberian journey.

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We had an amazing time. My friend and I were travelling for four months total, but our week in the Gobi with Duke and Driver was definitely a highlight. They're both a lot of fun, the tour was action-packed and allowed us to be immersed in the culture, and Duke cooks good food.

Rebecca about listing Tour of Gobi Desert, Mongolia, 7 Days 2 years ago.

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