Born and raised in South Western Mongolia. Live in Ulaanbaatar. Working in tourism since 2011.

For those of you interested in traveling to Mongolia, the sights are plenty.

In the south is the incredible Gobi desert home to the double humped camels.

In the west are the majestic Altai Mountains, where the Kazakh eagle hunters reside.

In the east lies the steppe of Mongolia with vast untouched rolling hills for miles on end.

Finally, the north is home to the majestic Khuvsgul Lake and the Tsaatan reindeer herders of Mongolia.

The time to visit Mongolia is anytime, but be warned, the winter is fierce and the capital city is intolerable during the winter due to air pollution. The less time you spend in the capital city, the happier you will probably be.

My skills, interests, and hobbies: My skills: organize or guide Horse trip, City tour, long or short trips and cooking. Interests: Photography, History, Travel

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I am really glad that I got a reply from Munkhduulga the last minute while I was looking for a good UB tour within my budget. Had it not been so, I would have not been able to be setup with an awesome 3D2N tour to the places I have mentioned and wanted to go to (and again fitting into my budget!), and I am very much looking forward to it! I had many questions and clarifications since it is my first Indy-Guide booking and he has always promptly and gladly replied back. Now I am all settled and excited to go on my very first trip to Mongolia! See you soon, Munkhduulga!


Munkhduulga is a great guide! We have seen many amazing places and as well he was preparing delicious dishes. We were very lucky to have next to us for 8 days. I can recommend him as the best guide in Mongolia!

Kateryna about listing Gobi Desert Tour, 8 Days 6 months ago.
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We were in mongolia for 13 days and made a 10 day tour though zentral mongolia and the gobi desert. The tour was well orgonized and a Incredible experience for everyone who likes the natur and diffrent animals.

Munkhduulga is a helpfully person and really frienly.


We went on a 7-day trip with Munkhduulga aka Duke to the Gobi dessert. While there were some uncontrolable hickups (bad weather, broken car), he took good care of us. Duke is a happy guy with a lot of experience in the travel business. He cooks for the whole group and organises the contact with the nomadic people you meet during the trip. He was also really helpful during our stay in UB.

Michael about listing Tour of Gobi Desert, Mongolia, 7 Days 6 months ago.

If you are looking for a tour guide for your Mongolia trip, I highly recommend Duke. My husband and I traveled to Khovsgol Lake for 9 days with Duke and Zara, a driver, and they made our trip very special. He is an experienced and excellent tour guide who can arrange your trip according to what you want to do. He is also a very good chef. Our trip couldn't have been better thanks to Duke.


While its always a little scary using an independent service - I say, don't hesitate to use Indy-Guide as it is a professionally run organisation that enables locals to be better paid and us travellers to get much better value!

Our guide Duke has perfect English - a great cultural understanding of the western world - so we can joke around a bit and took care of all the details so our trip ran smoothly and when the inevitable hiccups happen as they do when you are on the road, his first action is to make sure that we are safe and comfortable.

We had lots of spare time so could have packed more in, but it was nice to have a rest after being on the road for a few weeks already - so we were happy with that.

Do you research on where you want to go and let Duke organise to take you there and fill you in on all the details.

Thanks again Duke for a rich and interesting part of our trans-siberian journey.

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We had an amazing time. My friend and I were travelling for four months total, but our week in the Gobi with Duke and Driver was definitely a highlight. They're both a lot of fun, the tour was action-packed and allowed us to be immersed in the culture, and Duke cooks good food.

Rebecca about listing Tour of Gobi Desert, Mongolia, 7 Days 10 months ago.

If you want to visit mongolia, i highly recommend DUKE

he is a young and good person, he speaks fluent English, he is a good chef and he has a great culture of his wonderful country, each day you will visit different places and Duke explains you a lot of things day by day.

he will assist you since the beginning.. we exchanged a lot of messages as we asked a lot of things about the trip, the food, the car, the things to bring with us etc and he always reply promptly and with care.

I chose the Mongolian trip, desert gobi tour 9 days, to celebrate my fiftieth birthday and Duke managed to arrange me a surprise party with cake, lots of candle, birthday’s cap, etc – it has been a great day and Duke has been fantastic

I will always thanks Duke for his surprise

please do not looking for other agency/guide, be sure to book your trip with Duke.

you will be happy of your choice

thanks Duke J

annalisa from Italy

annalisa about listing Gobi Desert tour, Mongolia, 9 Days 11 months ago.

Munkhduulga has been very patient and helpful with my many questions about a trip through Mongolia. After a number of emails (sent promptly) we have agreed on a tour. Looking forward to meeting in May!


This was undoubtedly one of the best trips I've ever taken. As a solo female traveler, I was a little hesitant about this tour. However, Duke turned out to be one of the most down to earth and sociable guys I've met! Also his driver is an extremely sweet, caring man who did an amazing job.

The Gobi Desert is definitely a very special place. It is absolutely stunning in the winter time. It's pretty empty in the winter so it feels like you have the whole desert to yourself. It was awe inspiring. I really can't put it into words. You have to see it to believe it.

In the evenings we stayed with very kind nomadic families who clearly have established a great relationship with Duke and his driver. These nights have some of my fondest memories of the trip. I asked Duke many questions about Mongolian culture and history and he did a fantastic job teaching me countless things.

This trip helped me fall in love with Mongolia.

I'm also leaving the country with a new friend and a stronger understanding of this culture.

Thanks so much to Duke for all his hard work. Even though I was a solo traveler, he really made sure I had the best time, always checking up on me and making sure I was comfortable and happy.

Indy Guide was also a very efficient and useful platform to use - the whole process of organizing the trip was very simple.

Overall I highly recommend Duke's services and the chance to experience the beauty of Mongolian nature and the warmth of Mongolian hospitality.

Niroja about listing Tour of Gobi Desert, Mongolia, 7 Days 1 years ago.

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