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Munkhtuya and Experienced Team

I speak English and Mongolian. I have been running tour business over 10 years. We’ve been providing top quality touring holidays for many years so we know what makes a holiday extraordinary. We will help you explore our rich history, beautiful nature and the traditional hospitality of the nomadic life on one of the most amazing holiday experience you will ever have. A number of interesting adventure tours to the boundless vast steppes of Great Chinggis Khaan; alpine region bordering the forests of Siberia; Crystal watered Lake Huvsgul; Asia’s most beautiful and unspoiled wilderness where the snow-capped Altai Mountains; home of dinosaurs-Gobi desert, the ancient capital of Great Mongol Empire; and customs of nomadic life are waiting for you.

Activities – Different activities like trekking, horse riding, Bactrian camel riding, yak/ox carting, bird and flower watching, wildlife viewing, fishing, rafting, dog sledding are included in our adventure tours, customized due to the clients’ level of fitness, as being the ways of discovering the nature & local areas while recreating.

We are happy to make all the arrangements especially for you, whether you are traveling alone, with a friend or in a group – just let us know what you would like and leave everything to us!

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The tour was absolutely great! Twenty something tourists joined the trip and the entire tour was accomplished by 4 (or 5) tour guides. They were all very nice and could speak very good English. As I didn’t know how to go to the assembly point, the tour company even sent a car to drive me there. What I could say about the tour is everything, including the meals (breakfast, lunch, snack), was very good and I had a very pleasant time with the tour.

Raymond about listing Great Naadam Festival 2020 1 years ago.

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