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My wife and I own a business in a rural centre in Mongolia which focusses on providing support to this community, initially by providing permanent full-time employment to as many locals as we can afford to employ.   Currently we employ 19 full time staff, plus an additional 4 or 5 during the busy summer months.  The 19 are employed throughout the year, despite the tourist season only really spanning 5 months.  The business has a guesthouse providing comfortable accommodations, hot showers, free wifi; and a cafe and bakery providing western style menu items and 'proper' espresso style coffee.  Our tourism services cater primarily to independent travellers who are travelling this wild country under their own steam - cycling, or motorcycling, or hitchhiking or driving - not relying on the services of pre-packaged tour companies.

My wife and I are committed to serving this community however we can, ensuring that we provide ethical and sustainable business practises to both our employees, and the many other contract workers that we engage with - drivers, nomadic families, and a other service provides with whom we do business.  

Country: Mongolia

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My stay was wonderful! I had great time going on a horse trek in the area with a local guide. Despite a massive storm and power outage during my stay, the people there made my stay quite comfortable. I would highly recommend this place to anyone who is travelling in Central Mongolia, or anyone who is only in the country for a short time.

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