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I am Musa from Murghab the Eastern Pamirs of Tajikistan.  I started driving and fixing cars when I was 13 year old.  I have been working as guide and driver in the last 10 years.  I organized and guided more than 50 tours throughout Central Asia. My team and I are specialized in Pamir, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan tours.   We aim to provide safe and memorable Central Asia experience to the guests from all over the world.   

Our services include

- Cultural/hiking/photography/horseback riding tours in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.

- Pamir tour tailored to guest’s interest and need.  

- Car rental. 

- Other car/driver hiring within Central Asia.

My skills, interests, and hobbies: I love driving and fixing cars. I am fluent in Kyrgyz and Russian. I know basic Tajik and English languages. I enjoy traveling and making new friends.

Country: Tajikistan

Trip Request for: Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan

Role: Individual/Freelancer

Years of experience: 10

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19 received reviews (100% positive, 19/19)


We met with Musa's brother (Nourbek). Nourbek managed the entire relationship (From handing over the car to Dushambe until getting it back in Osh).

We self drove and the trip was amazing !

Olfa about listing Car Rental - MITSUBISHI Montero Sport 2001 11 months ago.

It was a wonderful trip with Akjol the driver. We had contacted Musa directly because he had posted a trip offer similar to what we had planned. Simultaneously, we posted our request to all. In contrast to most others he answered right from the beginning in a very specific way. He made some additional suggestions which accidently matched some of our very initial ideas and some destinations that we had not had on our list.

During the trip, Akjol "insisted" in one particular case that we visited some hot springs. Initially, we kind of gave in but eventually we very much appreciated his insistence as we would not have missed those hot springs.

All in all, we very much appreciated the easy communication with Musa, the driving skills and carefulness of Akjol.

Regina about listing Regina-Musa Pamir 24 until 29 September 12 months ago.

I had a fantastic trip with Musa who is friendly, flexible and considerate and a great driver. The Pamir Highway is truly spectacular and I highly recommend Musa to other travellers.

Glyn about listing Dushanbe to Osh via Sultoni Iskashim 1 years ago.

We are 4 good old friends and we booked a 12 Day Pamir Highway Adventure in August 2019 with MUSA and his wife NADYA.

They are really experts in advising and organizing such a tours, answering kindly to all messages and questions in very good English.

I personally did the travel plan but all their proposals and changes were necessary and absolutely correct. We didn't want a driver but they convinced us to have a mechanic, just in case... They were right again.

KUBA, our mechanic, driver most of the time and good companion was a nice guy, experienced, polite, honest, flexible and willing to help in different cases especially with our luggage in and out every day... His English is understandable and he promised to improve it.

Unfortunately we didn't meet Musa and Nadya as business is coming first but we would like to recommend them without any doubt.

Some diarrheas and other mild sicknesses can't change our best opinion for these beautiful, safe Countries - Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan - full of adorable Peoples and immense natural beauties!

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I had a very good time with Musa, travelling for 27 days all-around Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. The highlight was definitely the Pamir Highway from Kalaikhumb to Sary Mogul.

Musa is a very polite and adoptable person. So the many hours we spent together in the car, in homestays, in restaurants, etc. were enjoyable.

At the end of the tour, Musa's wife Nadya joined the trip for several days and it was real fun to travel with them.

Musa is a very experienced driver and tour operator. We changed the itinerary many times and Musa always found a good solution.

I also did tours with other drivers in Kazakhstan.

Musa is simply the BEST!


We had a wonderful trip, everything was organised perfectly! Akjol, our driver, and Begimay, our guide, were lovely people and they gave us an unforgettable experience. Communication with Musa and his wife Nadya went also very well before and during the trip. We can only recommend them!

Wouter about listing Pamir Highway Osh - Dushanbe 12 days 1 years ago.

Our trip with Musa was superb!! We had great great time with him, not as a driver, but as a buddy of travel whom brought us to see the wonder of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. We had spent a total of 12 days with Musa, started from Bishkek to Osh... through Pamir highway and reached Panjikent at end of trip, he had offered us the best recommendation of itinerary, all guest houses and meal choices were good along the journey. Musa is a polite, soft spoken, humorous and fun guide to travel with. We will highly recommend his service to our friends! Thank you for taking good care of us.

wee about listing Custom Tour for Pam 1 years ago.
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Missing Lakshmi

We hired a vehicle for our travel in Tajikistan and Kyrgystan for abput 18 days. Musa has good knowledge about both countries and took us around. He also helped us find budget homestay and interpreted with locals that further helped us.

Musa is a very reliable, friendly and a good person with lot of patience. He also invited us to his home, offered us tea, cookies, chocholates and introduced us to his family too. A great gesture by him! Memories are for lifetime and so was Musa I surely recommend Musa for any of your travels.

Lakshmi, India

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We hand a wonderful time and enjoyed our five trip to Tajikestan last October during which Musa was our guide.

He is a knowledgable local guide and a skilled driver .His choice of hotels and local restaurants is very good.

We had lots of fun .


I hired Musa because of his raving reviews here and was not disappointed. Communication was easy and very efficient before my arrival to Central Asia. Everything went smoothly and safely. Musa is an excellent, experienced driver who knows his way in the Pamirs and is always ready to stop on request and make detours. Besides, his friendliness and sense of humour helped making the long, rough trip very lighthearted and amusing. I was lucky enough to enjoy the company of his wife, Nadya, who is both a guide and English teacher, and their lovely young daughter, Sofiya, for part of our journey. We even visited Musa's household in Murghab and had lunch with his wonderful family. The homestays were well-chosen, all very good and comfy, and the food quite delicious, in spite of the near unavailability of it in the Wakhan corridor. The whole feeling was of a family tour along beautiful landscapes and truly friendly people: definitely the trip of a lifetime!

I cannot recommend Musa and Nadya highly enough and I look forward to go back in the very near future!

Henrique about listing Bishkek to Dushanbe via Pamir Highway 2 years ago.

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