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My name is Muugii, founder & CEO of travel company based in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. We are proud to be considered as one of the leading specialized inbound land operators in Mongolia. We are the ground handling agent for major travel agencies from USA, Holland, Germany, France, Italy, Hong Kong, Singapore and other parts of the World. Beside ground tours, we offer all kind of incentive and custom tours for business conference and technical visits in Mongolia. With office in Ulaanbaatar, our experienced and dedicated team has extensive knowledge and offer real value and flexibility with first-hand experience. We sincerely hope that you will find out more about us and please feel free to contact us, as we are here to create a memorable program for you and your clients. Our tours are based on individual needs and special interests of customers.  We are looking forward to providing you a great experience. We offer our customers amounts choice of: 

- Cultural tours 

- Natural tours 

- Adventure tours

- Fixed festivals tour

- Hiking and trekking tours

- Riding tours /Camel & horse/

- Nomadic tours 

- Discovery tours

- Short and Day tours

- Photographic tours 

- Family tours 

- Honeymoon and wedding tours


Country: Mongolia

Trip Request for: Mongolia

Role: Registered Tour company

Years of experience: 12

24 open listings

15 received reviews (100% positive, 15/15)


it was a Dream.

Everything was perfect, thanks to Muugii for all the organization, the options and the flexibility that she gave to us, she helped us on the airport to get everything before our trip got started (SIM, travel recommendations, etc.), she took our bicycles's boxes and she took care of them in a storage so we can pick them up to the airport on the departures day.

Thanks to Amra for being patient and for making our wishes reality, we changed the scope a couple of times and he just drove to the places that we wanted to visit, places that we didn't planned to visit before, he helped us with everything from the beginning until the end, we had fun spending time with him too.

At the end we decided to spend one night in Ulanbataar and Muugii helped us with the reservation and all the services that we needed one day before our departure, we want to come back some day, and we will do it for sure with Muugii again!, we are more than happy and we will never forget this travel.

Carlos about listing Confirmation Tour 08.Aug - 22.Aug 2018 2 years ago.
20180822 ultimo dia  muugii

We had a spectacular 2 week tour with Muugii. Our tour guide Chantsaa and husband and wife driving team, Chinba and Zulaa, went out of their way to make sure that we had a wonderful time. Highlights included driving across the Gobi, visiting and staying with nomad families in their gers, and attending Nadaam festivals both big and small. Chantsaa's knowledge, great sense of humor and command of English made the days spent together a joy. My wife and I are in our early 70s and well traveled - over 50 countries. I can say without hesitation that our Mongolia tour was one of the finest travel experiences that we have had. We all became such good friends that tears were shed on all sides when our crew saw us off at the airport. Just exceptional!

James about listing Grand Naadam festival and Gobi desert 2 years ago.
J   m   crew

The trip was fantastic. We were able to do everything we set out to do thanks to quick modifications by Muugii's team. And so enjoyed the people, places and spectacular scenery.

Before departure, we were not aware of the distances involved and found that trecking on foot was impractical in the time we had. Thankfully we were able to arrange for horses on the fly and Muugii's team supported this. A suggestion for future itineraries is to include daily kms and/or estimated daily walking/riding to prevent surprises for others as it is difficult to find good maps.

I commend Muugii's team who ensured great translators all along the way and when weather was inclement Mr T went out of his way to find us with the phugon!

The team was wonderful. They shared so much with us and made Mongolia accessible and put us in touch with the real people. The quark is different in every place but best on Lake Khoton.

Special thanks to Zula, Kumizbyek, Quach, Baibock and Orna. All the best in the future.

Cheers Sarah

Sarah about listing Hiking in Altai Mts with Muugii 2 years ago.

We had searched various sources for our trip to Mongolia. We came across Muugii through Indy Guide Website. Relying on the reviews, we proposed our expectations, dietary requirements, regions to be covered with her. She charted the private tour plans for us. Response rate is fantastic. She was apt and catered for our preferences with a personal touch. With excellent command over English and the experience in tourism sector, we embarked on our 12-day journey with Muugii's team on May 25, 2018 till June 05, 2018.

The tour was well planned, executed with perfection. Our group consisted of 4 adults (one vegetarian) and 1 kid. She ensured the best for us always. We were received at the Chinggis Khaan International Airport by the guide Chantsaa, allotted for our trip. The plan for each day was shared to us in advance and we were never left assuming anything at any point. Food was exceptional, and it was open for feedback to suit our taste buds on the go. Our trip comprised of road trips and flight travels. The guides allotted to us kept a check on flight timings, made arrangements when we were getting late to reach airport. The guides were open to suggestions. For part of our trip to Northern Mongolia, we were allotted a different guide Zaya, but the transition was smooth. Muugii was checking about our travel at all times with the guides and we felt safe while travelling with them.

Our trip was concentrated mainly on photography. The drivers allotted, and guides were extremely supportive, when we requested them to stop in between for photography during our road trip. The guides never rushed us to complete sightseeing at any point. We had ample time at all places and it was a relaxing trip in and out.

One member forgot her mobile phone in domestic flight. Our Guide Zaya was fast enough to contact the air traffic manager in Murun Airport and helped to retrieve the phone in no time. The 4WD car and Russian van were allotted for our journey and water was given to us at the start of the day. The guides were never offended by any questions that we had about the culture, history of Mongolia and were knowledgeable. Guides helped us with currency exchange, mobile connection etc without hesitation.

Our stays were arranged in ger camps, all of them were fantastic, which also had excellent hot water shower/WC facilities. All guides had good command over English.

Recommendations for Muugii - It would be great to check with the tourists on the number of bags that would be carried. The 4WD vehicle (Delica by Baagi) was congested with the number of bags we had (almost 8 bags were there with us). We had to get part of it packed in the overhead carrier, else we would have been cramped. Baagi was extremely supportive, however, at some point he was also helpless due to space constraints. Russian Van was very spacious throughout and it would be great if you can increase the count in your basket. It would be exceptional of you could check on the policies for drones and any other regulations that the tourists must know in advance. We had few policy issues with drones and professional cameras while visiting few places. The local hotel in Murun can be changed if you have a chance! In one word, Kudos to the good Work!

A piece of advice to the travelers - it is best to pinpoint your expectations to help Muuggi prepare the best for you. Don’t leave them to assume your requirements. This will help both parties in creating a better itinerary. Do check with her on any questions you may have in the process. She knows the best for you. She would not skip any and wouldn't try to give unrealistic expectations at a fancy cost! Mongolians treat with lots of food :-). We had tough time to finish and avoid wastage :-), but that’s part of the culture, embrace it with a smile :-). Never keep your guides at dark. They are all time ready to help you out and make your journey a pleasant one. Muugii and her team are exceptional and we would recommend them and would travel again with Travel To Nomads Team.

Mongolia   2018 06 04 20 37 11

We really had a great trip! Everything went smoothly and according to what we had agreed with Muugii.

The only thing I would have changed is the stay in Mandalgovi to break the return trip in two days. The hotel was not good (neither the room nor the restaurant) so it would have been better to return directly to Ulaan Bataar, even if it meant a long day in the car.

That's a minor detail after all the good time we had in the desert!

Jasmin about listing Family tour to Gobi desert, 5 Days 3 years ago.

We had an awesome time! Muugii was easy to communicate with and she tailored a 3 night trip to our needs. Her guide Chess and driver Vanchig were very professional and everything ran smoothly! Moreover Chess and Vanchig are super nice guys, we enjoyed their company and they really went out of their way to make things absolutely perfect for us. We would definately recommend Muugii, Chess and Vanchig as tour operators, their service is faultless.

Stephanie about listing Stephanie Gobi tour 3 years ago.

The trip organised by Muugii was absolutely amazing. Before the tour, all queries were promptly answered. During the trip she did everything in order to suit our requirements - accommodation and transportation were excellent, local guide was very knowledgeable, kind, helpful and could speak English and Polish! His great enthusiasm and passion made the trip truly memorable. In short, our trip was hassle free with all services at top level. The food was delicious and even included dishes for vegetarians! We will definitely use Muugii's services again.

Urszula about listing Grand Naadam festival & Gobi desert 3 years ago.

Our bike trip through Mongolia was great! We enjoyed the landscape a lot and biking was a lot of fun. We had an excellent driver who was very reliable and helpful with everything! Very recommendable!


Muugii did a great job organizing my trip on short notice. Very friendly and replied fast to my questions. I would recommend her to anyone traveling to Mongolia.


I've requested online a 10 days Tour in North and South Mongolia. I've got 10-12 offers through Indy Guide, very diferend regarding prices and descriptions. From far away, Muugii's one seems to be the most professional one, the most complete one, even if it was not the cheapest one. I'm happy and proud to have had a good flair. The Tour was a great one from the first moment up to the last second. Everything went smoothly and perfect. Good and comfortable car & driver, lovely, professional and perfect English speaking guide (Shinee), good itinerary, air tickets, the best ger camps (iurtes) , very good food and permanent care for my comfort and well feeling . I've got detailed information about any issue I was interested from Shinee and Muugii (she was my guide the last day in Ulaan Bataar), so I had a fantastic adventure, a perfect experience. Many, many thanks Muugii for your service. Mongolia is the 97-th country I've visited, your Tour was so far the best one! Go on, go on! You are doing a perfect job! We, travelers need you! Do I need to say that I recommend heartily Muugii's Tours to all real travelers? The picture : Dining with Muugii in Ulaan Bataar

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