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I am a guide with 8 years of experience. I have been working for several tour agents and now I have a team of professional local drivers and guides. I can organize tour in Tajikistan, Fann mountains, Pamir Highway and Western/ Eastern Pamirs.

In Kyrgyzstan I organise in most scentic places like: Yssyk kul lake,Son kul lake, Naryn, Osh,Arslanbap,Sary Chelek etc.

Join my team to have an unforgettable holiday throughout Central Asia and enjoy every minute!

My skills, interests, and hobbies: I am interested in business,travelling and nature. I like surfing on the Internet and learn useful skills. My hobby is reading religious and history books.

Country: Tajikistan

Trip Request for: Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan

Role: Certified/licensed Guide

Years of experience: 9

6 open listings

8 received reviews (88% positive, 7/8)


Very flexible on changing a plan to fit your needs.

One driver proposed by Nadya was very talkative and very interesting in conversation, interested to make you feel special but another one more quiet and just following a plan.

Jana about listing Tajikistan, Pamir tour 9 months ago.

Nadya is a great tour guide, she took the time to meet up with me when I made it up to Osh. She also checked in on me throughout my trip. Some of the places she recommended were breathtakingly beautiful and not even known to most locals.

Omar about listing 15/8 - 5-9 Tajikistan/Kyrgyzstan tour 10 months ago.

Nadja was very nice and responsive. However I was driving with her husband who wanted to share a room and even bed with me which is an absolute no-go for solo female travelers. I would not recommend to do a tour with Musa. After half the trip the driver changed to Kuba who is very nice and friendly but his english is not that good. I chose some hotels/guesthoises before doing my trip and send the list to Nadya. I was told that hotels look ok and will be Nadya will help reserving in advance. However, this list was unfortunately ignored and i did most of the time not stay in preferred accommodation.

Musa's response: It was actually not as how she is describing in this message. Only it was that because of lack of separate room in the guest house we had to share one room when we arrived. I just put my bag in her room in the beginning and went out with other drivers. After negotiations with other tourists who were in this guest house, some of them joined and for 3 drivers was given separate room and I didn't stay in her room. May be she misunderstood it and made quick conclusion. I agree with accommodation reservations because her chosen guest houses were full when we arrived. I am really sorry for this feedback

Julia about listing 7 day tour from Osh to Dushanbe 22nd August 10 months ago.

good tour

Daniele about listing Daniel's tour 11 months ago.

1- We are a family of 3 who couldn’t have been luckier to have chosen Nadya and her team for our adventure in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. We had the chance to spend a good amount of time with all 3 (Nadya, Kanibek and Moussa), and they were all professional, super nice, funny and knew the job very well. We felt safe being under their care, because the road isn’t so easy, and sometimes we came across other tour operators who’s cars had broken down and listening to horrific stories of those tourists... BUT Nadya’s team drove very well, it was clear they knew the road. As for the car, it was very nice and comfortable and luxury. We had a lot of room and could easily support the occasional long drives. Nadya stayed with us for a good part of the trip and she was so nice and sweet, always paying attention to our needs, supper attentive, kind and also full of knowledge about the facts of each region. They were also very supportive of our requests to make unplanned stops at any momywe wanted to take pictures, or take a different route if we felt we wanted to do so. As for seeing the country, I feel like we have a good understanding of the 2 countries, it’s nature, it’s people and their way of life, thanks to Nadya, Kanibek and Mousa. They took us to the most beautiful spots, and we were amazed by the nature and the country’s beauty. Thanks to the team, I reached my objective in this trip. And finally, a special thank you to Kanibek, as he was the driver for a big chunk of the trip: thank you for taking care of us, being patient until we find the right accommodation, and the good conversation and laughs we had over every meal and along the way! We are very happy to have chosen Nadya and Mousa’s team.

2- We chose Nadya and her group as our tour guide in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. I have nothing to say but good about Nadya, Moussa and Kanibek. All 3 were professional, flexible and accommodating. They cared about our needs and provided what we wished and what we wanted to do within the trip.

The truck they used was a well maintained Landcruiser and we had no issues with it. The car was always cleaned and properly maintained for the trip. Nadya, Moussa and Kanibek were truly a pleasure to be with and had great sense of humour. We laughed and joked along the way thru difficult paths in both countries and they made our trip worth even more than what we could imagine. A big thank you to all 3. We will keep your memories with us for a long long time.

Azi, Atou and Fabrice

Fabrice about listing Fabrice Kyrgystan Tajikistan 11 months ago.
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Nadya Is great, She organized out tour and helped US in everything. She answered very quikly ti all our questions

virginia about listing Dushanbe to Osh for 8 days. 11 months ago.
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It is very nice to communicate with Nadya. She always takes care of everything on the road even though she is hundreds of miles away. Highly recommend.

Wesley about listing Wesley Tajik Trekking 2 years ago.

Nadya organized us a 7-day tour of the Pamirs. We were given two drivers. The first driver Jomart drove us two days before Khorog. Then we drove to Osh with Kushbai. Both drivers were very friendly, careful in driving on the difficult roads of the Pamirs and tried their best to help along the way. My wife had a birthday on the way and Kushbai made her a very beautiful national gift. It was very touching and pleasant. Nadya was regularly interested in the course of our trip and it was obvious that she was not indifferent to what was happening to us. Thanks to this team, our journey through the Pamirs was magnificent and unforgettable. Many thanks to Nadya, Jomart and Kushbai for their care and professionalism! I recommend Nadya as a reliable tourist manager in this area.

Igor about listing Pamir Tour 25-31 August 2 years ago.
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